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Alcohol and computers don't mix
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Author:  kreely [ Sat Mar 08, 2003 11:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Alcohol and computers don't mix

<Curly> JeremiahSmith I agree with you on that score.
<ShadesFox> Vornicus: actually you can get precompled binaries for Open Office
<kreely> I thought that the bar was for sex...not compiling OS
<Vornicus> You may need to tweak the code to make it work at all.
<ShadesFox> but it really requires two installs, one to put it on the machine and one to set it up for the user
<JeremiahSmith> Sex?
<JeremiahSmith> What do we know about sex?
<Vornicus> The point of an operating system, or any piece of software, is to assist the user to do what he wants to do USING the software -- not make the usage of the software the important part.
<JeremiahSmith> We're discussing OSes, for Chrissake.
* kreely croons ~locate me, grep me, mount me, fsck me all night long"
* ShadesFox does so
<ShadesFox> mount kreely ShadesFox
<kreely> umount, mount, umount, mount
* JeremiahSmith would, if he were less shy in sexual situations.
<kreely> woldn't that be mount shadesfox kreely because it's mounting the device name on top of the variable?
<kreely> unless you prefer the bottom
* ShadesFox giggles
<ShadesFox> i just established how that works in the fstab ;p
* kreely is happy that ummm....her admin can't see this
* Curly changes directory permissions.
<Vornicus> And the Linux community has missed that for a very simple reason: they're a bunch of programmers. to them, it's not the result of the program, it's the program itself.
<kreely> I guess you could add fstab me between mount me and fsck me
* ShadesFox giggles and makes and lick program and executes
<Vornicus> </rant>
<AnnaOnTheMoon> LMAO
<ShadesFox> another one to use, 'trip kreely';p
<ShadesFox> strip ratheer
<kreely> not slocate?
<Curly> Vornicus I agree with you on that because I have been hacking on both sides of the coin. I have been hacking with Windows and started with MS-DOS years ago and am now hacking with Linux and Microsoft. I see both sides of the issue here.
<kreely> of course, if you have two ex-cutes, I guess you'd do a diff

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