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 Post subject: Nightstar...
PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2003 10:42 pm 
[21:27] -Nightstar- Attention everyone: the Nightstar staff has officially lost it. Thank you.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2003 10:44 pm 
It took this long to finally figure that out? ;)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2003 9:56 am 
Some of my favorite quotes from last night in the Bar...

[21:00] * JeremiahSmith starts making out with the parking lot.

[21:01] * ^^DeAmOn^_is_a_lamer is now known as WhoreServ
[21:01] * ^^DeAmOn^ sets mode: +o WhoreServ
[21:02] <JeremiahSmith> /whoreserv sendwhore #nightstar_bar JeremiahSmith
[21:02] <WhoreServ> JeremiahSmith: Please pay $50,000... in cash, up front
[21:02] * WhoreServ sends a skanky ho to JeremiahSmith
[21:03] * WhoreServ has quit IRC (Killed *edited out rest of this part*)
[21:03] <^^DeAmOn^> it seems - is not an allowed nick

[21:05] <Magamo> Damn, so a this AnnaOnTheMoon person has stuck its tongue down Pinky's throat, made out and fondled my girlfriend, and just offered cheap sex to the entire channel.

[21:05] * PinkFreud is now known as WhoreServ
[21:06] * WhoreServ sends ^^DeAmOn^ to JeremiahSmith for the $50k he paid
[21:07] <kreely> So who's the whore in here?
[21:07] <WhoreServ> kreely: ^^DeAmOn^
[21:07] <^^DeAmOn^> I GIVE UP! kreely is the new official whore.
[21:07] * kreely blinks
[21:07] <kreely> Really?
[21:07] <^^DeAmOn^> yea
[21:07] <WhoreServ> Jenn: want to work for me as a whore?
[21:07] <kreely> You love me that much????
[21:08] <^^DeAmOn^> LET'S ALL WHORE OUT!
[21:08] <WhoreServ> ^^DeAmOn^: I already tried to whore you out. You weren't accepted

[21:13] <Consul> Boy, did this go down the gutter really quick.

 Post subject: Alt F4 *really long*
PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2003 10:00 am 
21:21] <nneJ> Jenn: if you want me to sex0r you up, you need to stay put.
[21:21] <kreely> frem?
[21:21] <^^DeAmOn^> jeff whats wrong with your computer???
[21:22] <AnnaOnTheMoon> why am i being pointed at?
[21:22] <Jenn> gettin hacked i think
[21:22] <^^DeAmOn^> jeff == jenn
[21:22] <JeremiahSmith> You're two letters off.
[21:22] <^^DeAmOn^> jenn: no shit?
[21:22] * Jenn was kicked by ^^DeAmOn^ (go away)
[21:22] * kreely LOLS
[21:22] <^^DeAmOn^> ops
[21:22] <AnnaOnTheMoon> lmao
[21:22] <nneJ> bwahahah
[21:22] <kreely> Careful there, Deamon...might hurt your foot
[21:22] * Jenn has joined #nightstar_bar
[21:22] <Magamo> AnnaOnTheMoon: You stole Resonance_Key's Shade scale... She doesn't stay happy if you're stealinf stuff from her. :)
[21:22] * JeremiahSmith adds another chalk mark under ^^DeAmOn^'s name.
[21:22] <AnnaOnTheMoon> whatever. it's mine.
[21:22] -> *@#Nightstar_Bar* I get next one
[21:22] <^^DeAmOn^> jenn: Need help?
[21:22] <Jenn> HaX0r5 causin me big trooooble
[21:23] <Resonance_Key> iiiiiiiiii don't think so.
[21:23] * Resonance_Key rins.
[21:23] <Jenn> help me get rid of hacking peeple
[21:23] <nneJ> Jenn: I hax0red your system!
[21:23] <Jenn> wtf stop
[21:23] <JeremiahSmith> I would suggest that the problem is between your chair and your keyboard.
[21:23] * Jenn was kicked by kreely (Deamon loves me, this I know, for your lameness told me so!)
[21:23] * Resonance_Key grins even.. grr...
[21:23] <^^DeAmOn^> Jenn: Hit ALT and F4 together QUICKLY! if this program closes, mean you had hackers in your computer!
[21:23] <^^DeAmOn^> damnit
[21:23] <kreely> sorry
[21:23] <JeremiahSmith> Heh.
[21:23] <AnnaOnTheMoon> hahaha
[21:23] <nneJ> Jenn: j00 h4v3 b33n r00t3d!
[21:23] <JeremiahSmith> You can try again when she comes back.
[21:23] <kreely> yeah
[21:23] * Jenn has joined #nightstar_bar
[21:23] <^^DeAmOn^> Jenn: Hit ALT and F4 together QUICKLY! if this program closes, mean you had hackers in your computer!
[21:23] <nneJ> Jenn: j00 h4v3 b33n r00t3d!
[21:23] <Jenn> stop it
[21:23] <Jenn> wtf
[21:23] <Jenn> im scareeed
[21:23] <AnnaOnTheMoon> OH yeah! alt-f4 workd
[21:23] <^^DeAmOn^> HURRY!
[21:23] <^^DeAmOn^> DO TI
[21:23] <AnnaOnTheMoon> works even
[21:23] <JeremiahSmith> Quick!
[21:23] <AnnaOnTheMoon> trust me!
[21:24] <nneJ> *** <--- if you see 3 *, you have been haxx0r3d
[21:24] <Vornicus> ...
[21:24] <AnnaOnTheMoon> it will get the hackers off!
[21:24] <JeremiahSmith> You'll give us your hackers and we'll get hacked too!
[21:24] <Jenn> gonna get me crediot carrd details if get haxxord
[21:24] <^^DeAmOn^> FUCK THEY ARE AFTER ME!
[21:24] <JeremiahSmith> Unless you do that!
[21:24] * ^^DeAmOn^ was kicked by ^^DeAmOn^ (go away)
[21:24] <kreely> Wtf?
[21:24] <Jenn> stop its not me fault
[21:24] * ^^DeAmOn^ has joined #nightstar_Bar
[21:24] * ChanServ sets mode: +o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:24] <^^DeAmOn^> OMG!
[21:24] <nneJ> bwahahaha
[21:24] <^^DeAmOn^> ALT F4!
[21:24] <^^DeAmOn^> ALT F4!
[21:24] <^^DeAmOn^> SHIT
[21:24] <AnnaOnTheMoon> better hit alt-f4!!!
[21:24] <AnnaOnTheMoon> Jenn...HURRY!!!
[21:24] <ShadesFox> quick!
[21:24] <^^DeAmOn^> if $hacker isin $puter ALTF4
[21:24] <nneJ> ^^DeAmOn^: quickly! The haxx0rs are disabling ALT-F4 as we speak!
[21:25] <AnnaOnTheMoon> if they get to alt-f4 before you, you're whole machine will crash!
[21:25] * ^^DeAmOn^ was kicked by ^^DeAmOn^ (countdown for the death of the internet)
[21:25] <Jenn> #exit
[21:25] * ^^DeAmOn^ has joined #nightstar_Bar
[21:25] * ChanServ sets mode: +o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:25] <ShadesFox> all your base are belong to us!
[21:25] * Magamo R00TS DNS Root A
[21:25] <Jenn> thts wot maneal says
[21:25] * Resonance_Key is getting scared here...
[21:25] <kreely> fdisk, damnit!
[21:25] <^^DeAmOn^> JENN HELP ME!
[21:25] <^^DeAmOn^> JENN HELP ME!
[21:25] <^^DeAmOn^> JENN HELP ME!
[21:25] <AnnaOnTheMoon> no, it's alt-f4!
[21:25] * nneJ sets mode: +b *!*@210.242.96.*
[21:25] * ^^DeAmOn^ is now known as ME
[21:25] <ME> SHIT
[21:25] * Jenn was kicked by nneJ (ok, enough of this lame bullshit)
[21:25] * ME sets mode: -b *!*@210.242.96.*
[21:25] *JeremiahSmith:@#nightstar_bar* We're becoming lamer by the minute.
[21:25] * nneJ sets mode: +b *!*@210.242.96.*
[21:25] <AnnaOnTheMoon> lol
[21:25] <JeremiahSmith> Yeah.
[21:25] -> *@#Nightstar_Bar* but it sooooo beautiful!
[21:25] <nneJ> we've gone overboard for one troll ;)
[21:25] <Consul> That was worthy of the message board, I think.
[21:25] <kreely> no shit
[21:25] <JeremiahSmith> Yes.
[21:25] <kreely> I love it =)
[21:25] * nneJ is now known as PinkFreud
[21:25] * ME is now known as ^^DeamOn^
[21:26] <PinkFreud> lol
[21:26] * ^^DeamOn^ is now known as ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * kreely claps
[21:26] <AnnaOnTheMoon> lol
[21:26] * PinkFreud was kicked by ^^DeAmOn^ (go away)
[21:26] <JeremiahSmith> How could we let one lamer... turn us into lame?
[21:26] <kreely> Excellent job, gents
[21:26] * PinkFreud has joined #Nightstar_Bar
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +o PinkFreud
[21:26] <AnnaOnTheMoon> hhahaha
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: -o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: -o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: -o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: -o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: -o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: -o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * ChanServ has joined #Nightstar_Bar
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +o ChanServ
[21:26] <Resonance_Key> In all my 22 years.. I never felt so damned.. mature... :P
[21:26] * ChanServ was kicked by ^^DeAmOn^ (go away)
[21:26] * ChanServ has joined #nightstar_Bar
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +o ChanServ
[21:26] <kreely> damn, can't deop or kick him
[21:26] <JeremiahSmith> WTF?
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * ChanServ was kicked by ^^DeAmOn^ (GET OUT OF HERE!)
[21:26] * ChanServ has joined #nightstar_Bar
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +o ChanServ
[21:26] * ChanServ has left #Nightstar_Bar
[21:26] <^^DeAmOn^> finally
[21:26] <ShadesFox> SOME ONE SET US UP THE BOMB!
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: -o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: -o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: -o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:26] * ChanServ sets mode: -o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:27] <Vornicus> ....
[21:27] <Resonance_Key> all your base are belong to us!!!!
[21:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +o ^^DeAmOn^
[21:27] <Magamo> You have no chance to survive, make your time!
[21:27] * kreely dies laughing
[21:27] <^^DeAmOn^> DIE!
[21:27] <kreely> Zig!
[21:27] <kreely> Take off every zig!
[21:27] <ShadesFox> LAUNCH ALL ZIG
[21:27] * Resonance_Key dances "All your base base base...
[21:27] <Magamo> For great justice, baby!
[21:27] <ShadesFox> MOVE ZIG MOVE
[21:27] * AnnaOnTheMoon shakes her head
[21:27] * kreely does the macarena
[21:27] <AnnaOnTheMoon> hahahaah
[21:27] * Resonance_Key shoots kreely
[21:27] * MaroonJung has joined #nightstar_bar
[21:27] * Dark_Tiger has joined #nightstar_bar
[21:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Dark_Tiger
[21:28] * kreely dies once more
[21:28] <MaroonJung> that anouncement presumes hte nighstar staff eevr had it
[21:28] <kreely> We lost it
[21:28] <kreely> Kill him!!!!!!!!!!
[21:28] <AnnaOnTheMoon> lol
[21:28] <^^DeAmOn^> DIE !
[21:28] <PinkFreud> MaroonJung has discovered our secret!
[21:28] <Dark_Tiger> O.o
[21:28] <ShadesFox> READ MY SHIRT!
[21:28] <PinkFreud> he must be killed.
[21:28] * kreely hides cause she lost it and it'll never come back
[21:28] * Datawalke has joined #Nightstar_bar
[21:28] * kreely slaps PinkFreud around with a bit of uneaten kreely.
[21:28] * AnnaOnTheMoon finds it
[21:28] <kreely> hey data
[21:28] <MaroonJung> op me and Ill never tell anyone . . . :)
[21:28] <PinkFreud> kreely: woohoo!
[21:28] * Resonance_Key feels very corrupted.
[21:28] * kreely slaps Dark_Tiger around with a bit of existential kreeliness
[21:28] * JeremiahSmith has left #nightstar_bar
[21:28] * kreely feels very...feminine

 Post subject: What started it off...
PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2003 10:03 am 
[20:32] <Jenn> got me some HOT action YEAH
[20:33] <Jenn> you guys make me laugh
[20:34] <Jenn> whos your father
[20:35] <Jenn> DUDE has my computer stoipped workin?
[20:35] * kreely blinks
[20:35] <kreely> Jenn, you worry me
[20:35] <Jenn> YO blinker!
[20:35] <kreely> the name is kreely, not blinker, ty
[20:35] <Jenn> wot why worry lifes too short YEAH
[20:35] <Jenn> kreely thats cool name like it yeah
[20:35] <Jenn> gonn call my kid kreely now
[20:36] <kreely> so how many bowls of wheaties did you have today, cause man, you're hyper
[20:36] -> *@#Nightstar_Bar* umm
[20:36] * gwalla is completely lost here
[20:36] <Jenn> wheaties? whats that some food or sommit? I eat meat yeah and vegitabiles
[20:36] * kreely nods and looks for some spackle
[20:37] <Jenn> and CANDY candy rocks
[20:37] *Dark_Tiger:@#nightstar_bar* I think it's a troll mocking our internet lifestyle...
[20:37] -> *@#Nightstar_Bar* good to see I'm not the only one that thinks that
[20:37] <Jenn> spackle wtf
[20:37] * kreely hands jenn a bottle of spackle and a brush
[20:37] * Dark_Tiger asks outright.
[20:37] <Dark_Tiger> Are you a troll here to mock our internet lifestyle?
[20:38] <Jenn> hey spackle brush that ROx0r5
[20:38] * kreely shudders...evil leet speak...must refrain from pain
[20:38] <Jenn> wot is goin on. like it yEaH dark_tiger is good name too YEAH
[20:39] <Jenn> saw that roxors thing on TV had to try it YEAH itrs kewl
[20:39] <Jenn> gonna make me some new freinds today
[20:40] <Jenn> not much RAD chattin goin on here
[20:40] <Jenn> GET IT ON
[20:40] <Dark_Tiger> I believe I have an answer of "yes" then.
[20:40] <kreely> only if you stop shouting
[20:40] <Jenn> ok
[20:40] * kreely nods atta DT
[20:40] <kreely> besides, I've had a rough day...
[20:41] <kreely> need to liven it up somehow
[20:41] * kreely goes back to hand knitting
[20:41] <kreely> dangit...out of hands to knit with.
[20:41] <Jenn> set the irC thing to RANDOM and whoa here i am yeah. So who r you DUDES
[20:42] <kreely> [20:19] <^^DeAmOn^> Jenn: This is a woman-only network. Their are no Dudes here, only dudettes.
[20:42] <kreely> We don't like guys
[20:42] <kreely> guys are mean
[20:42] <kreely> this is a women only bar
[20:42] <Jenn> im WOMAN yeah thru n thru
[20:42] <Jenn> dont like men too
[20:42] <kreely> okay, so you're a female, yet you call us dudes?
[20:42] -> *@#Nightstar_Bar* definitely mocking
[20:42] <Jenn> gonna get me girl lovin
[20:42] * kreely shakes her head
[20:42] <Jenn> why not dudes thats kewl yeah
[20:43] <kreely> Dudes is just too masculine
[20:43] <Jenn> ok no more dudes then i ll kall u GRRLS
[20:43] <Jenn> red
[20:43] <Jenn> i mean rad
[20:43] * kreely chuckles
[20:43] <kreely> So, whatcha looking for tonight?
[20:44] <Jenn> BMX?
[20:44] <kreely> Nah, no bikes here
[20:44] <Jenn> bikes?
[20:44] <kreely> BMX is a type of 2 wheeled bicycle
[20:44] <Jenn> BMX is rockin folk groop
[20:44] <kreely> used most commonly for racing
[20:44] <Jenn> only jokin I kno what they ares
[20:45] <kreely> Ahh, if it's folk music you want, try great big sea or stan rogers
[20:45] <Jenn> my bro uses his most commonly for shoppin
[20:45] * Sweet^Bab has joined #nightstar_bar
[20:45] <Jenn> gonna get me some meat! YEAH and vegitaibles
[20:45] <kreely> mine used his to get more stiches in his head
[20:45] <kreely> hey bab
[20:45] <Jenn> its spelr stitches
[20:45] <Jenn> spelt
[20:46] <kreely> spelled
[20:46] <Jenn> HEY BAB ROCK ON. yeah
[20:46] <Jenn> like it
[20:46] *JeremiahSmith:@#nightstar_bar* HAHAHAH
[20:46] -> *@#Nightstar_Bar* *mutters*
[20:46] -> *@#Nightstar_Bar* you ladies care to help out here?
[20:46] *Dark_Tiger:@#nightstar_bar* This calls for a lame intervention?
[20:46] <Jenn> my hand is SWEATIN cos im diggin this so much
[20:46] * kreely lols
[20:46] <kreely> get it out of your pants then?
[20:46] <JeremiahSmith> Eh?
[20:46] -Tora-Chan- yawn
[20:46] -> *@#Nightstar_Bar* we need to fight lame with lame
[20:47] <Jenn> diggin this room YEAH IT ROCKS
[20:47] <JeremiahSmith> YEAH! WHOOO!
[20:47] <JeremiahSmith> It ROCKS YA!
[20:47] <Jenn> jerimaaah r u man
[20:47] <Jenn> YEAH
[20:47] <kreely> Miah is my son
[20:47] * kreely has his pedigree papers to prove it
[20:47] *Dark_Tiger:@#nightstar_bar* cover me, I'm going in.
[20:48] -> *@#Nightstar_Bar* I've got your back!
[20:48] <Jenn> DUDE this is GRRLS only but since hes yr sonn its OK
[20:48] <JeremiahSmith> Yeah.
[20:48] <Jenn> YEAH
[20:48] <AnnaOnTheMoon> wtf?
[20:48] <Dark_Tiger> Jenn, you may not be aware of this, but we think your antics are childish and annoying.
[20:48] <kreely> Jenn's on wheaties and caffeine
[20:48] <Jenn> dont worry anna its SORTED now
[20:48] <Jenn> DT wtf
[20:49] <Jenn> DT is MAN. get out unless u r someones son

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2003 10:23 am 
Energizer Bunny
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Joined: Wed May 22, 2002 12:24 am
Posts: 1634
The scary thing about that "oh noes I'm being hacked" spiel is that I was sitting there working on rooting out a zombie fserv on my computer the whole time.

::throws another barrel at the heathen monkeys who did it.:: Die, already!

Fortunately it was a pretty lame hack, and it wasn't too far ingrained. Overwrit netstat, set up an identd. Not sure where the identd is, I need a tool that locates the pid associated with packets/listening sockets (Netstat.XP does that, but does not work with Win2k). If that's possible. Maybe I should just start killing services and watching Netstat...

Speaking of which, thanks to Pi for the clean copy of netstat, and for pointing out that a DCC chat does not change one's user name (and letting me know that I had been hacked)


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2003 11:31 am 
I agree...kudos to Pi for all of his help with the Hack Attack.

*hugs* Good to have our Vorn back =)

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