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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2005 12:33 am 
[21:17] <Celz-GM> And so the Motley Crew leaves Brigandy bay in the cover of night, redhead on board and begins to make its way off.
[21:18] * Hak gronks lightly as he controls the tiller.
[21:18] * Elaira arches an eyebrow at Hak.
[21:20] * Barinthus soaks/snoozes in a bath tub-like container.
[21:23] <Celz-GM> Over the couse of the night and ensuing day the skiff swings around the southern horn of the bay and follows the west coast of the Brigandy bay island
[21:23] * Hak hums a sea shanty while piloting the ship.
[21:24] * Elaira sits at the prow of the ship and watches the water.
[21:24] <Celz-GM> The day passes and evening comes around.
[21:25] <Elaira> "Have you ever noticed that being at sea is nothing like the books say?"
[21:25] <Hak> "Books?"
[21:25] * Hak tugs at his eyebrows.
[21:25] <Hak> "Do books taste good?"
[21:25] <Elaira> "Books, you know, paper. Lots of it. With words on it."
[21:26] * Hak stares blankly at Elaira.
[21:26] <Elaira> "You read them. You don't eat them."
[21:26] <Hak> "Read?"
[21:26] * Elaira sighs. "Never mind."
[21:27] * Alek finally looks up, slightly distracted. "You must read different sorts of books than I do."
[21:27] <Celz-GM> Miguel passes time humming sea shanties.
[21:27] <Celz-GM> Night passes as you begin to draw away from the brigandy bay island.
[21:28] <Hak> "Hrm hrm hrm forgot the song hrm hrm hum."
[21:28] <Elaira> "Different world. I don't read much here because it takes me a long time to read your language.
[21:29] <Elaira> "The books I read at home were always about daring high seas adventures. My father used to bring them home when I was a child. Used to tell me that it was very special that I could read."
[21:30] <Alek> "I guess your people must romanticize the sea."
[21:30] <Alek> "As we saw the sea swallow our lands, we must have a different perspective."
[21:31] <Alek> "It isn't a vast opportunity for fortune and adventure, but a necessity."
[21:31] <Alek> "No large landmasses, you see."
[21:31] * Hak watches the till move about.
[21:31] * Alek returns to scribbling in the log book.
[21:31] * Elaira nods. "Makes sense I suppose. We are at love with the unknown frontier."
[21:32] <Celz-GM> Miguel shouts from the stern pointing at a flock of flying critters moving towards the ship, "Razorwings!"
[21:32] * Hak looks under his arms.
[21:33] <Hak> "Hak don't have wings."
[21:33] * Elaira snaps her head up and searches the sky, quickly pulling her gun out.
[21:34] <Celz-GM> Low and behold a swarm of flying creatures are making towards the ship, they are about the size of seagulls but with boney razor like projections comming out of their wings and nasty claws and sharp beaks.
[21:34] * Barinthus runs up on deck, hearing a yell.
[21:35] <Celz-GM> "Anyone have a blunderbus?"
[21:35] <Hak> "Hak not blundering!"
[21:35] * Hak gronks.
[21:36] <Celz-GM> They are at 300 feet and closing in.
[21:36] <Elaira> "Nope. Damned musket's going to be useless here, I think." Elaira sets her musket on the deck next to her and pulls out her knife.
[21:37] * Hak yawns and looks up.
[21:37] * Hak stops mid-yawn and blinks.
[21:37] <Celz-GM> 200 feet
[21:37] <Hak> "Hak see sharp birds!"
[21:37] * Hak grabs his battle ball and starts twirling it.
[21:38] <Celz-GM> 100 feet
[21:38] <Celz-GM> 50 feet
[21:38] * Hak stops twirling the battle ball and pauses to catch his breath.
[21:38] * Hak resumes twirling it again.
[21:39] * Barinthus starts preparing shots of magical fire.
[21:39] <Celz-GM> 25
[21:39] * Elaira crouches.
[21:40] <Celz-GM> The flocks of razorwings move towards the ship
[21:41] <Celz-GM> They cover 22 feet
[21:41] * Hak gronks in defiance.
[21:41] * Alek carefully closes the book in it's case.
[21:42] * Elaira moves behind Hak.
[21:43] * Alek gestures and moves towards the far side of the ship.
[21:43] * Celz-GM replaces all mentions of feet with yards.
[21:44] * Alek doesn't do that then, and is still closing the book. >.>
[21:45] * Barinthus fires off a bolt of fire, hoping to pick off one of the creatures.
[21:48] <Celz-GM> Barinthus's bolt tears through the flock slaying several birds outright but doesn't seem to do enough damage to be worthwhile.
[21:49] * Alek gestures and moves towards the far side of the ship.
[21:52] <Celz-GM> Half the birds begin flying about in more chaotic patterns seemingly too distracted from the ship.
[21:53] * Hak lumbers forward and tries to sweep some of the birds out of the sky.
[21:54] <Celz-GM> The ball goes flying backwards out of Hak's hand and goes *WHUMP* into the mast, leaving a small dent.
[21:55] * Hak looks around.
[21:55] <Hak> "Where Hak's ball go?"
[21:57] <Elaira> "Jesus wept!"
[21:59] * Barinthus frowns, and fires three shots instead.
[22:00] <Celz-GM> Barinthus fails to get the spell off properly
[22:00] * Hak lumbers over to pick up his battle ball.
[22:01] * Barinthus watchs the shots go wide. ...on each side of the swarm.
[22:01] <Celz-GM> A swarm of birds moves over the ship.
[22:03] * Barinthus jawdrops.
[22:03] * Alek swats at them. "Blimey!"
[22:08] <Celz-GM> "Madre De Dios!"
[22:09] <Elaira> "Mother of God!"
[22:10] <Celz-GM> Miguel fumbles for something in his pack.
[22:10] <Celz-GM> Which was left near the door to the deck, he whips out a gun with a wide trumpet like barrel.
[22:15] * Alek gestures and mumbles what first appears to be curses as he backs clear of Miguel's line of fire.
[22:16] * Elaira crawls toward the hatch, trying to get belowdecks where she can bleed in peace.
[22:17] * Elaira dives in and yanks the hatch shut.
[22:19] * Barinthus , standing near the hatch, blink at the closing hatch, considering that he was going to hop in after being mauled by the damned bird-like things.
[22:19] <Celz-GM> The hatch is not locked.
[22:23] <Celz-GM> The birds begin to get sluggish and confused as Miguel's blunderbus blast tears through them, the spikey birds begin to rain from the heavens.
[22:24] * Elaira continues bleeding in peace belowdecks.
[22:25] * Hak gronks and swats at the razorwings pecking him.
[22:26] * Alek mutters "Bloody sodding..." as he fails to avoid the flock.
[22:27] <Celz-GM> Barinthus collapses.
[22:28] <Celz-GM> He doubles over, immobilized with pain.
[22:28] <Alek> "Going to need to get ahold of painkillers..."
[22:30] * Hak shakes his head clear.
[22:31] * Hak still sees starts.
[22:32] * Alek ignores the pain and continues to drain his internal reserves.
[22:33] * Alek moves next to the hatch as he goes.
[22:33] <Celz-GM> The birds disregard his spell.
[22:35] <Alek> "These things want food! Feed them!"
[22:35] * Alek grabs Barinthus and drags him down through the hatch with him, closing it again on the way.
[22:36] * Alek notes that everyone but Hak is inside. "If we hide, they may leave soon."
[22:36] <Alek> "Or maybe our rations...hmm..."
[22:36] <Celz-GM> Hak and miguel shrug off the pecking claws and slashing wings.
[22:37] * Hak pops open the door to belowdecks and lumbers in.
[22:37] <Hak> "Why you all leave?"
[22:37] * Hak leaves the door open.
[22:37] <Alek> "CLOSE THE DOOR."
[22:38] <Celz-GM> Miguel gets down below as well, closing the door behind him.
[22:38] <Celz-GM> You hear the numerous frantic pecking of the birds on the hull.
[22:38] <Alek> "They will do away if we just wait down here, and they can't get in."
[22:38] * Hak falls into sitting position and rubs his wounds.
[22:38] <Alek> "Of course, if they /can/ get in..."
[22:38] <Celz-GM> "Si Senior, we should be safe up here."
[22:38] <Celz-GM> "Down here."
[22:39] * Alek locates one of the barrels of extra water, and begins tending to wounds.
[22:39] <Celz-GM> "Back on earth birds are content to circle around our sails."
[22:39] * Hak stares at the door.
[22:39] <Celz-GM> Miguel hak and alek have numerous minor nicks and scratches, nothing serious.
[22:39] * Alek glances at their passenger. "We're competant, really."
[22:39] * Alek tends to the squid.
[22:39] <Hak> "Hak thinks birds maybe tastey."
[22:40] <Celz-GM> elaira has and Barinthus have taking some really serious wounds.
[22:40] <Celz-GM> She shudders, "I hate those things...."
[22:40] * Elaira snorts from where she bleeds against a barrel. "Sure we are."
[22:41] * Alek tends to Elaira. "You guys are cut all over..."
[22:41] <Barinthus> "...fowl little beasts..."
[22:41] * Hak flops onto his back and begins to snore.
[22:42] <Elaira> "Bastards."
[22:42] <Celz-GM> Alek manages to stitch up some of the nastier looking wounds on Elaira.
[22:42] * Alek moves on to Hak.
[22:42] * Barinthus has redefined pain.
[22:42] * Elaira eyes Alek and mutters, "Thanks."
[22:43] <Alek> "You're welcome. Just doing my job."
[22:43] <Celz-GM> Hak gets some stitches too.
[22:43] * Hak smacks his lips and swats at the doctor's stinging hands as he sleeps.
[22:44] <Elaira> "Doesn't mean I have to be ungrateful." Elaira smirks a bit and winces.
[22:44] <Hak> "Bad birds... hrm... cook you good..."
[22:44] * Alek eyes Barinthus, quickly calculates their water reserves, and feeds Barinthus some water before dousing him with it.
[22:44] <Alek> "True, gratitude controls pain killers..."
[22:44] * Elaira snickers.
[22:45] <Celz-GM> Hours pass before the pecking slows down.
[22:46] <Celz-GM> Eventually the sounds begin to give way.
[22:46] * Hak wakes up and rubs his eyes.
[22:46] <Hak> "Hak have funny dream with many pecking birds."
[22:46] <Celz-GM> It is now evening and a fair amount of travel time has been lost.
[22:47] <Celz-GM> The sails have taken damage from the birds.
[22:47] <Alek> "It's not a dream."
[22:47] * Hak gronks in surprise.
[22:47] * Alek points at his scars.
[22:47] <Hak> "Hak's dreams came true!"
[22:48] * Barinthus remains below deck, since atempts at aided healing have all failed him, and he is now forced to heal on his own and live with the scars.
[22:48] <Alek> "...very good Hak. Remind me to wish you sweet dreams next time."
[22:48] * Elaira follows Barinthus' example.
[22:48] * Hak shuts his eyes for a moment.
[22:48] * Hak opens one eye and looks around.
[22:48] <Hak> "Hak don't see table of roast."
[22:48] <Celz-GM> Miguel sighs and gets to work repairing the sails.
[22:49] * Alek checks over the damage to the ship before assisting Miguel.
[22:49] <Alek> "I can sew flesh but I'm afraid I don't have much practice with canvas..."
[22:50] <Celz-GM> After a few hours Alek and miguel get the sails working.
[22:50] <Elaira> "If you give me some sheet or some of the yards, I can work on repairing them.
[22:51] <Alek> "That's alright, I'm broadening my horizons."
[22:51] <Celz-GM> The ship gets underway agian.
[22:52] * Hak peers out at sea, battle ball at the ready.
[22:52] * Alek makes sure they collect water to make up for what he used earlier, and then purifies it.
[22:52] <Hak> "'Laira can make boat move, Hak keep guard."
[22:54] * Hak blinks and lumbers over to the tiller.
[22:55] <Hak> "Hak make boat move then."
[22:56] <Celz-GM> The boat cuts accross the water.
[22:56] * Barinthus sulks (And soaks) in his room, ocasionally reading a book to pass the time while healing.
[22:56] <Alek> "There is a lot of squid in the water."
[22:56] <Alek> "They're edible. Anyone up to hunting?"
[22:56] <Elaira> "Sorry Hak. I am still not feeling well"
[22:56] <Celz-GM> "Anyone like sqquid?"
[22:56] * Hak hefts his harpoon and peers into the water.
[22:57] <Hak> "Not as big as whales."
[22:57] <Elaira> "I'd eat anything that isn't hard tack right now."
[22:57] <Alek> "It'll be a nice change from rations."
[22:57] * Hak lumbers back to the tiller.
[22:58] <Celz-GM> Miguel gets out some netting and gets to the task of netting some squid.
[23:00] <Celz-GM> After a while he manages to net a ton of squid and gets them properly prepared and stored with the rest of the food rations.
[23:00] <Alek> "Amazing...very good work."
[23:00] <Alek> "Very well done indeed."
[23:00] <Elaira> "Bravo."
[23:01] * Hak gronks respectfully at Miguel.
[23:01] <Celz-GM> "De Nada."
[23:01] <Celz-GM> he bows.
[23:02] <Celz-GM> Another day passes.
[23:05] * Alek continues keeping a proper ship's log.
[23:06] * Hak begins to hum another sea shanty.
[23:06] <Celz-GM> The day passes quietly.
[23:06] * Elaira watches the sun set.
[23:06] <Hak> "Hrum hmmm hm hrum hrum still can't remember words hum de hum..."
[23:06] <Elaira> "Have you paper, Doctor?"
[23:07] * Hak picks at an old scab and peeks underneath it.
[23:08] <Hak> "Hak healed!"
[23:08] * Elaira grimaces at Hak.
[23:09] * Elaira traces a finger along a large gash in her forearm. "This one will scar nicely."
[23:09] * Barinthus doesn't appear to be making headway on the whole 'Healing from rest' thing.
[23:11] * Elaira gingerly walks up to the doctor. "Do you have any paper? I'd like to try charting the stars of t his world."
[23:11] * Alek ponders Barinthus. "You're a sickly one, aren't you?"
[23:11] <Celz-GM> You make good progress towards the baltimus, the day passes relatively uneventfully.
[23:12] <Barinthus> "...I spent all my time learning the ways of magic and the spirit. I never really got around to working on the body that much..."
[23:12] <Alek> "We have one amongst our charts and things. As it is, what you see me writing in is the Ship's Log."
[23:13] <Elaira> "I see. Well, then I must study it. I've been here long enough that I need to start learning such things.
[23:13] <Alek> "A useful skill, I'm sure."
[23:14] <Alek> "Oh come now, bodily health is important. Regular excercise an a healthy diet are keys to a long life."
[23:14] <Hak> "Eating important too."
[23:15] * Elaira goes back to the prow and stands peering out over the sea in thought.
[23:15] * Hak tilts his head at Alek for a moment.
[23:16] <Hak> "Alek strange, telling Barin dying good for health."
[23:16] <Barinthus> ", not die, Hak..."
[23:16] <Hak> ""What it die?"
[23:16] <Barinthus> "One more letter."
[23:17] <Barinthus> "..."
[23:17] * Hak scratches his head.
[23:17] * Hak lightbulbs.
[23:17] <Hak> "'Dye it'? Alek and Barin make clothes?"
[23:17] * Elaira rolls her eyes heavenward with a small smile.
[23:18] <Alek> "A diet, d-i-e-t, is defined as 'The usual food and drink of a person or animal.', Hak."
[23:18] * Barinthus opens his mouth to say something, looks to Alek, looks back to Hak, and then just gives up.
[23:18] * Elaira 's mouth twitches with mirth.
[23:19] * Hak counts his fingers.
[23:19] <Celz-GM> "Hablas espanol Senorita?"
[23:19] <Hak> "Hak only hear two words in 'dye it', not four."
[23:19] * Elaira gives up and bends over, holding her stomach as she laughs her arse off.
[23:19] <Alek> "Four?"
[23:20] <Celz-GM> Miguel chuckles.
[23:20] <Hak> "Dee, aye, ee, tee. Four words."
[23:20] <Celz-GM> "Careful senorita you don't want to pull a wound."
[23:20] <Celz-GM> He shakes his head and smirks.
[23:21] <Elaira> "I know, senor."
[23:21] <Alek> "Very good, Hak. Can you read?"
[23:21] <Hak> "Hak can eat."
[23:21] <Alek> "That's a good ability."
[23:22] * Hak nods.
[23:22] <Hak> "Eating good."
[23:22] <Alek> "You ever wonder what we're doing with books and things?"
[23:22] * Hak scratches his head.
[23:22] <Celz-GM> "He said something about eating them senor."
[23:23] <Alek> "...right."
[23:23] * Alek glances around.
[23:23] <Hak> "Look like Alek smelling book."
[23:23] <Alek> "I understand we're short on entertainment, but shouldn't someone be guiding the ship?"
[23:24] * Hak moves the tiller around wildly.
[23:24] * Alek begins scribbling on the ship's log again.
[23:24] <Hak> "Hak move ship!"
[23:24] <Elaira> "Excellent point, doctor. I'll take a turn of it...HAK!"
[23:24] <Celz-GM> Annie comes topside and quirks a brow at the conversation.
[23:24] * Alek gives Annie a nod. "Hello, and how are you today?"
[23:25] * Hak gronks and lumbers away from the controls to let Elaira have her turn.
[23:26] * Alek checks over Annie's face. "I see the bruise is starting to clear up, excellent. No trouble with the eye? Slight blurriness, distortions, pain?"
[23:26] <Celz-GM> "A lot better, thank you doctor."
[23:26] * Elaira yanks the tiller straight. "Lord in Heaven, HAK!"
[23:26] <Celz-GM> She nods, "Thank you you've been rather kind."
[23:26] <Celz-GM> "I'm glad to be out of that hell hole."
[23:26] * Hak blinks.
[23:26] <Hak> "'Laira call Hak?"
[23:26] * Alek looks slightly embarassed. "Err, yes, you're welcome."
[23:26] <Elaira> "No Hak."
[23:27] <Celz-GM> Annie calls to Elaira in english, "You speak english?"
[23:27] * Hak gronks curiously and lumbers to the middle of the deck.
[23:27] <Elaira> "Aye. I do."
[23:27] * Alek mumbles an excuse and wanders off to keep an eye on Barinthus. "Keep in mind you did say you were to pay us for this, so you can't exactly say we're just being nice..."
[23:27] * Hak lays down for a nap.
[23:28] <Celz-GM> English: "great, nice to know who you can comment candidly too."
[23:28] <Celz-GM> She smiles.
[23:28] <Elaira> "What do you mean, exactly?"
[23:28] <Celz-GM> Her accent is slightly british.
[23:29] <Elaira> Elaira's is more than slightly british.
[23:29] <Celz-GM> E: "You know, speak right behind the masaquani's back when they are being the entertainment."
[23:30] <Elaira> "Mmm. Such is not generally polite. And it does not help my fluency in masaquani to constantly revert to my own tongue."
[23:30] <Celz-GM> Miguel stares blankly at the english speaking and shrugs and gets back to whatever random task he waso n.
[23:30] <Celz-GM> She chuckles.
[23:30] <Elaira> E: "Still, you are correct at times."
[23:30] <Celz-GM> Miguel laughs.
[23:30] * Hak sits up suddenly.
[23:31] <Hak> "Hak hear witchy words!"
[23:31] * Hak looks around.
[23:33] <Elaira> E "Is there a problem Hak?"
[23:33] * Hak peers at Elaira.
[23:33] <Hak> "'Laira say witchy things!"
[23:33] <Celz-GM> Miguel pilots the boat westward on day 7
[23:35] <Elaira> "NEver mind Hak. It is merely another language."
[23:37] <Celz-GM> "Hak! Take the wheel."
[23:37] <Elaira> "Fish. Senor! Drop your nets!"
[23:37] <Hak> "Hak see land!"
[23:37] * Hak lumbers over to the wheel.
[23:37] <Celz-GM> Miguel gets to some fishing.
[23:38] <Celz-GM> "I was getting tired of squid"
[23:38] <Celz-GM> After the day passes miguel cleans and guts a fair amount of fish and adds it to the ships stores.
[23:39] <Celz-GM> Miguel points to the south, "Bristo is about a day's journey south of here at the rate we are going."
[23:39] <Celz-GM> "If we continue at this rate and route we should make baltimus in 2 days."
[23:40] * Hak looks around.
[23:40] <Elaira> "Do we have any reason to change our heading, senor?"
[23:40] <Hak> "Miguel make Baltimus in only two days?"
[23:40] <Celz-GM> he shrugs.
[23:41] <Celz-GM> "Either of them works for me. Bristo is a farming community, it is 'run' by an american man called Thomas Crane."
[23:41] <Celz-GM> "Baltimus is a huge trade center."
[23:42] * Hak scratches his head.
[23:42] <Celz-GM> "It is pretty much the capital of the area."
[23:42] <Hak> "And Miguel make it in only two days?"
[23:42] * Elaira glances at the rest of the crew. "Unless Crane has something he needs shipped, then our best bet to make our fortune is to head toward Baltimus."
[23:42] <Celz-GM> "yes."
[23:42] <Hak> "What Miguel make it out of?"
[23:43] <Celz-GM> "Hmmm?"
[23:43] <Alek> "You said 'we should make Baltimus in 2 days', you see."
[23:44] <Alek> "I suspect we're not much for hauling freight...currently our occupation appears to be 'adventurer'."
[23:44] <Celz-GM> "Yeah barring any bad situations or weather."
[23:44] <Alek> "No no, I mean that's what Hak is referring to."
[23:44] <Celz-GM> "We could probably fit 400 silvers worth of food in our hold."
[23:45] <Celz-GM> "It'd take 3 to 4 days to move it to baltimus."
[23:45] <Elaira> "Regardless, there is more opportunity in Baltimus."
[23:45] * Hak continues to scratch his head.
[23:45] <Alek> " would be cheaper at a farming community."
[23:45] <Celz-GM> "It'd then cost 1200 silvers there to sell it."
[23:45] <Celz-GM> "Of course we'd have to pay taxes senor."
[23:45] <Alek> "Cost, or make?"
[23:45] <Celz-GM> "We'd make 1200"
[23:45] <Celz-GM> "that's a profit of 800."
[23:45] <Alek> "So if we scrape together 400 silver, we can make nearly 800 silver profit. How long would this take?"
[23:46] <Celz-GM> "One day to go to bristo."
[23:46] * Elaira shrugs. "Do we even have 400?"
[23:46] <Celz-GM> "four days to go to Baltimus."
[23:47] <Celz-GM> "Food is sold in units of 100 there."
[23:47] <Celz-GM> "And it is purchasedi n units of 300 in baltimus."
[23:48] <Celz-GM> "It is soley up to you people."
[23:48] <Alek> "I have the 20 gold from the village, which is 160 silver. I have another two hundred or so silver myself. I believe the simple way to do this would be to merely triple whatever investment the crew, that is, you or I, are willing to make, return that directly, and place the extras into the ship's fund for later division."
[23:48] <Celz-GM> "I do not have much money on me."
[23:50] <Alek> "Well, just the ship's fund itself will split into 80 amongst us all if we do this..."
[23:51] <Alek> "Actually, rather than our own investments, if our passenger is willing to pay part of her fee up front, we can afford to purchase the cargo."
[23:51] <Celz-GM> The lady has paid 300 silver.
[23:51] * Alek counts up all the booty then.
[23:51] <Alek> "We have 460 silver worth...we can easily purchase food, if we are willing to invest the time."
[23:51] * Elaira snorts. "We'd better hope we don't get ambushed en route."
[23:52] <Alek> "It would give our mage more time to try and recover, in any case..."
[23:52] <Celz-GM> "I misestimated senor, my apologies, with the current reserves we could probably squeeze in 300 silver worth."
[23:53] * Hak looks between the land and the wheel.
[23:53] <Hak> "Where we go?"
[23:53] <Elaira> "Then we have that much. Let's make some money."
[23:54] <Alek> "Regardless, it's somewhat along the way...we might as well..."
[23:54] <Alek> "It'd be nice to take in a fresh meal at their community anyways, wouldn't it?"
[23:55] <Elaira> "I am curious about this American, Thomas Crane, in any case."
[23:55] <Celz-GM> "It is interesting place, he has his american democratic ideals working there."
[23:56] * Elaira offers Alek her leather satchel for the cash silently. "Really?"
[23:56] <Celz-GM> "Pirates won't touch the place, everyone in that town's been in the militia, they can fight'em off."
[23:56] <Alek> "It would be a safe place to stay..."
[23:56] <Elaira> "Safe from everyone but the establishment."
[23:57] * Alek takes the satchel.
[23:57] <Celz-GM> "It will cost 10% of what we buy to get it stamped officially, thankfully we have a super to vouch for the goods."
[23:57] <Alek> "Thank you...we'll store our Ship's Funds in here until we can get ahold of a chest. ... My, we are a poor ship, aren't we?"
[23:57] * Hak hums loudly to himself.
[23:57] <Celz-GM> "So total costs should come up to 330."
[23:58] <Alek> "We can easily cover 570 profit, then..."
[23:58] <Alek> "Still, so long as it's along the there may be mail or other items they may want shipped."
[23:58] <Elaira> "indeed."
[23:59] <Alek> "Onwards then, to the farm."
[23:59] * Hak rolls the ship in the direction of Bristo.
[23:59] <Celz-GM> Night passes and morning comes with the ship heading south.
[00:01] * Elaira shades her eyes. "Ship ahoy!"
[00:02] * Alek narrows his eyes as he looks out.
[00:02] <Hak> "Hak see ship!"
[00:02] <Alek> "Very large, bright crimson, black trim, white sails."
[00:02] <Alek> "Well done, Hak."
[00:02] <Elaira> "Aye."
[00:02] <Alek> "Admiral Duckworth's HMS Justice."
[00:03] * Alek blinks, and looks up their mast.
[00:03] * Elaira blinks. "DUckworth?"
[00:03] <Hak> "Ducks?"
[00:03] * Hak loops up.
[00:03] <Elaira> "The pirate hater?"
[00:03] <Celz-GM> Ships flying the colors of the East india trading company and its moving towards The Motley Crew.
[00:04] <Elaira> "Hell."
[00:05] <Alek> "Yes. The famous Admiral Duckworth. We've all heard of him."
[00:05] <Hak> "Ducks?"
[00:05] <Celz-GM> The HMS Justice closes in on the Motley Crew.
[00:05] * Hak looks at Alek.
[00:06] <Elaira> "Yes, Hak. Ducks."
[00:06] <Alek> "You make ANY snide remarks about his name."
[00:06] <Hak> "Hak see ship, not ducks."
[00:06] <Alek> "And you are in serious trouble."
[00:07] <Alek> "He's very sensitive. If any of you make him angry, I wash my hands of it."
[00:08] <Elaira> "I'd rather not end up swinging from his topmast."
[00:08] <Celz-GM> When the ship gets close enough someone hails you, "This is the HMS Justice, please hold, we are sending over some men to inspect your cargo."
[00:08] * Alek lowers their sails.
[00:08] * Elaira mutters. "What cargo."
[00:08] * Hak tugs at his eyebrows.
[00:08] * Alek calls out "We don't actually have any cargo...we're heading to Bristo to purchase food."
[00:08] <Celz-GM> Some men in bright red coats and crisp white pants get in a longboat which is lowered down the side of the HMS Justice.
[00:08] <Hak> "Hak can't make ship move with big sails wrapped up."
[00:09] <Alek> "Yes yes, we're being inspected by the navy. That would be the people who horribly outnumber and outgun us."
[00:09] <Alek> "And essentially, who control our fates right now."
[00:09] <Hak> "Guns? Hak fight?"
[00:09] <Elaira> "Stand down, Hak."
[00:09] <Alek> "If you want to die."
[00:09] <Celz-GM> The longboat boards the ship a few marines get on deck, "Ahoy there."
[00:09] * Hak looks confused at Elaira.
[00:09] * Hak tries to squat and stand.
[00:09] <Elaira> "Don't tell him that, doctor."
[00:09] <Celz-GM> "Whew, looks like this ship has seen better days."
[00:09] * Alek assists with the lowering of rope ladders if need be.
[00:10] <Celz-GM> Miguel, "You can say that agian senor."
[00:10] <Elaira> "Hak, just be quiet and don't move."
[00:10] <Celz-GM> The marine eyes the spaniard.
[00:10] <Alek> "Hello, I'm Doctor Alek Ardin, of Baltimus."
[00:10] * Hak cups his mouth and holds still in his half-squatting, half-standing position.
[00:10] * Elaira smiles grimly.
[00:11] <Celz-GM> "We just gotta check out your cargo, people like to run contraband in skiffs sometimes, easier to evade patrols."
[00:11] <Alek> "This isn't our original ship...we were grounded while shipping timber, and then most of our crew were killed by Redmen."
[00:11] <Celz-GM> A marine goes into your hold.
[00:11] <Celz-GM> "Redmen? You were down in that accursed continent?"
[00:11] <Celz-GM> "You crazy?"
[00:11] <Celz-GM> Miguel, "not by choice senor."
[00:11] * Alek continues talking to the leader. "This was a wreck, other words, it's looked worst."
[00:12] <Alek> "The captain thought it best to ground us, we got attacked by something in the water."
[00:12] <Celz-GM> The marine comes back up topside, "Just food."
[00:12] <Alek> "...and then we got attacked when we landed. See?"
[00:12] * Alek rummages in a pouch and carefully pulls out some necklaces.
[00:12] <Celz-GM> "I've heard of that, giant sharks."
[00:12] <Celz-GM> "Can absolutely devastate full sized ships."
[00:13] <Alek> "I believe that..."
[00:13] <Celz-GM> "Well I seriously doubt you captured this ship illicitly, but when you get to baltimus you should get this ship properly registered."
[00:13] <Celz-GM> "Take care and sail safely."
[00:13] <Alek> "The Adrianne is lost, in any case, should you want to know."
[00:13] <Alek> "Thank you...we'll do that."
[00:14] * Elaira turns her head to eye the HMS Justice.
[00:14] <Celz-GM> The redcoats get back on the longboat and head back to the HMS Justice.
[00:14] * Alek hums to himself and pulls is ladder back.
[00:14] <Alek> "Perhaps we should have warned them about razorwing attacks..."
[00:15] * Hak continues to remain rock-still.
[00:15] <Alek> "...what are you doing, Hak? Come along, we need to get moving again."
[00:15] * Hak turns his eyes toward Elaira.
[00:15] <Celz-GM> The longboat is taken up and the HMS Justice gets back to sailing.
[00:15] * Elaira nods to HAk.
[00:15] <Elaira> "Go ahead, Hak.
[00:16] * Hak exhales and tugs at his eyebrows.
[00:16] <Elaira> "Thank you for handling that, Doctor. I had no wish to introduce them to my accent nor my name unless necessary."
[00:16] <Hak> "Hak move ship now?"
[00:17] <Alek> "That famous, were you?"
[00:17] <Alek> "Yes, Hak."
[00:17] * Hak grabs ahold of the wheel and waits patiently for the sail to unfurl itself.
[00:17] <Elaira> "Known well enough. They'd have heard of me."
[00:18] <Alek> "Hmm...we have to remember to register our ship, as well as a flag of some sort when we get to Baltimus."
[00:19] * Hak gronks and lumbers over to unfurl the sails himself.
[00:20] <Elaira> "Indeed."
[00:21] <Celz-GM> the rest of fthe day passes smoothly enough, before long you find yourself docking at Bristo.
[00:21] <Celz-GM> There aren't many houses close to the beach, most of the housing is a little bit inland.
[00:22] * Hak guides the ship into port.
[00:22] <Celz-GM> The village is a little ramshackle looking with few defined streets
[00:23] <Celz-GM> The center seems to center around a tavern named The Haybarn.
[00:23] <Celz-GM> *end session

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