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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 12:12 am 
[21:10] <Celz-gm> Only a few days pass before you are contacted agian, it is mid morning when T-bolt chimes up on the comms, "DUUUDES!"
[21:11] * Builder was busy in target practice to get his mind off things. This intruption acctually succeeds.
[21:11] * Harold grimaces at his commlink.
[21:12] * Mouse jerks and checks the comm "Heylo"
[21:12] <Builder> "What's up. T-bolt?"
[21:12] <Celz-gm> "BIIIIIIIIIG news something real big going down!"
[21:13] <Harold> "And?"
[21:13] <Celz-gm> "So like I"m marking these woods over here on yer comms and stuff right. The Doc wantsya there in three hours, be packed for a rough run."
[21:13] <Mouse> "How rough Tbolt?"
[21:14] <Mouse> "Give us a clue here"
[21:15] <Celz-gm> "Dunno for sure babe, but like it's gonna be a BIIIG mission and like uhhhhhh no bathroom breaks once it starts so like do whatcha have to do before. Somethin' 'bout a satellite and the war to end all wars 'er somethin' like that."
[21:15] * Dark has joined #Omega
[21:15] <Mouse> "Damn..."
[21:15] <Harold> "This really isn't an appropriate time..."
[21:15] * Dark is now known as ash
[21:15] <Mouse> "Alright we'll get ready"
[21:15] * ash is now known as Ash
[21:16] * Builder joins the others.
[21:16] <Harold> "What? Okay, okay."
[21:16] <Celz-gm> The site marked is on the mainland, on an M'buna it'd take a half hour to get down.
[21:16] <Builder> "Going in blind. Joy. At least the senery should be interesting."
[21:16] * Ash reports in full gear, and secures the Browning in the center of the M'Buna before strapping himself in.
[21:17] <Harold> "Hey, uh, T-Bolt, I need some information on a person."
[21:18] <Harold> "I'm asking, I'm just not as rude as you are about it."
[21:18] * Builder wears his usual armor, his lab overcoat, and an upgraded nailgun.
[21:18] <Celz-gm> T-bolt has already hung up
[21:18] * Ash checks that the M2 has clear fields of fire out the M'buna troop doors.
[21:19] <Harold> "Well, damn. I tried."
[21:19] <Harold> "That's a real bad idea."
[21:19] * Mouse gets plenty of ammo and debates takign some grenades
[21:20] * Harold grabs his own gear and a suit of armor as well.
[21:22] * Harold lights up a cigarette before heading into the mbuna.
[21:24] * Mouse puts on the durweave and her costume, then heads to the M'buna
[21:25] * Ash does some research while waiting for the pilot.
[21:26] <Harold> "Really, don't do anything stupid. Destruction isn't someone you want to irritate unless you're the Champion. And he's dead."
[21:26] * Harold straps into the co-pilot's seat and starts the pre-flight check.
[21:27] * Mouse gets into the pilot seat and prepares for lift off once everyone is onboard
[21:27] * Builder straps in.
[21:28] <Celz-gm> After an uneventful flight you find yourself passing over some woods before finding the site, Dr. Destruction's personal transport is there and numerous henchmen are hard at work converting it into a makeshift base of operations.
[21:28] * Ash directs Mouse to land so that one of the troop doors open out away from the site, allowing for the M2 to provide covering fire in case it's needed.
[21:28] <Harold> "Oh damn, he's here in person?"
[21:28] <Celz-gm> Dr. Destruction is on sight, discussing something with soething on his wrist.
[21:29] <Celz-gm> He turns his helmet to the Motley Crew, "At least ONE team knows how to be on time."
[21:29] * Ash dismounts and approaches Dr. D when the ship has landed.
[21:30] * Harold steps out of the mbuna and looks around.
[21:30] * Harold nods politely at Doctor Destruction as he approaches.
[21:30] * Mouse secures the M'buna before exiting herself and walks out warily towards Dr. Destruction.
[21:30] <Celz-gm> Dr. Aden is with Dr. Destruction.
[21:30] * Ash salutes Dr. D and nods at Dr. Aden politely.
[21:30] * Builder gives a partual bow to the pair.
[21:30] <Ash> "Your orders, sir?"
[21:31] * Mouse looks to Dr. Aden, "Good to see you again"
[21:31] <Celz-gm> "It's time we show the V'sori the meaning of Destruction."
[21:31] <Mouse> "damn that was corny"
[21:31] <Harold> "No, this is a /really/ bad time. I'll ask later."
[21:31] <Builder> "..."
[21:31] <Celz-gm> "With the help of Dr. Aden we have unconvered a critical weakness in the V'sori's system of drone control that we are going to exploit."
[21:32] <Celz-gm> "How would you guys like to disable every single drone on the planet all at once?"
[21:32] * Ash waits patiently with his feet shoulder length apart, hands behind his back.
[21:32] * Builder whistles.
[21:32] <Harold> "That sounds like a big step toward saving the world."
[21:33] <Builder> "Almost as much as I want to cap this 'Overmind' fellow in the head and end this war."
[21:33] <Mouse> "Whose overmind?"
[21:33] * Harold begins to smile, then winces.
[21:34] <Celz-gm> "Once we get the main bulk of their army out of the omegans can wash over the remains of their army and show them how we villians deal with irritants."
[21:34] <Celz-gm> Dr. Destruction whaps his fist into his hand on that remark.
[21:34] <Mouse> "What do we have to do?" Mouse asks with a sigh
[21:35] <Builder> "The V'sori leader, from what we've heard. I thought you were with us when we picked up that little tidbit..."
[21:35] <Celz-gm> An aid walks up to Dr. Destruction, "Sir, team Devastation has arrived they shall be landing shortly."
[21:35] * Builder listens to the Doc.
[21:35] <Harold> "Ah, Doctor Destruction, sir, before we continue, I have a request from Saber..."
[21:35] <Celz-gm> "Excellent! Make sure a landing site is prepared for them."
[21:35] <Celz-gm> He turns to Harold as a V'sori Shuttle shows up and begins landing under the guidence of some of the henchmen, "What is it?"
[21:36] <Harold> "She needs information on a vampire who was last seen in Hoboken..."
[21:36] * Harold produces a folded piece of paper and presents it to Destruction.
[21:36] <Celz-gm> Doctor Destruction mutters something along the lines of, "Only a vampire would hang in Hoboken..."
[21:36] * Mouse leans on Builder and frowns, "I wish Skaterboy was here"
[21:37] <Harold> "She drew a picture of him, and would appreciate your assistance in helping her locate him."
[21:37] * Builder sighs. "Yah."
[21:37] <Celz-gm> "I do not know much about vampirism in Hoboken outside of the fact that it is up."
[21:37] * Harold grins sheepishly.
[21:38] <Mouse> "And mennoc"
[21:38] <Harold> "I'm just just conveying her de, er, request."
[21:38] * Ash looks thoughtful, and comments to Mouse "We seem to be approaching a state in the war that Mennoc would particularly enjoy, and be useful in."
[21:38] <Celz-gm> Just on cue the Shuttle door opens, what looks like a rather butch barber with his sleeves ripped off and his scissors modified into vibroblades strides out.
[21:38] * Ash regards the landing shuttle.
[21:38] <Harold> "I'm willing to waive my portion of payment in exchange for any information you can find."
[21:39] <Celz-gm> "Damn it!" grumbles the barber, "I won't put up with any more of these @$@$^@#$@# missions. This is glorified grand theft auto, Barry the Barber demands jobs of greater calibre!"
[21:39] * Harold takes a few steps away from Destruction and wipes his brows.
[21:39] <Harold> "There, happy?"
[21:40] <Celz-gm> The Doctor turns towards the barber, "Stop yoru grumbling! You are lucky I am overlooking your tardiness for now! This is of the utmost importance."
[21:40] * Mouse nods in agreement to Ash, "I miss him trying to throw us at the enemies"
[21:40] <Mouse> "Or yelling meatbags..."
[21:40] * Ash regards Mouse.
[21:40] <Mouse> "And Kaioso popping around"
[21:41] <Mouse> "Wierd how our team has changed"
[21:41] <Ash> "A mage could prove most useful. We still require mission specifics, however."
[21:41] <Celz-gm> "Calm down." Says a dark grating voice from the shuttle, a man in a dark cloak decorated with skulls steps out, the only bit of his face visible are two green eyes that seem to ooze energy. "I WILL enslave this world and subjegate everyone under my will! But in the mean-time, I shall follow Dr. Destruction."
[21:41] * Mouse shivers and slips behind Builder a bit more, "He scares me"
[21:41] * Starcat5 has joined #Omega
[21:42] * Builder has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[21:42] * Starcat5 is now known as Builder
[21:42] <Mouse> "So that the Necromancer..damn we're in the big leagues now.."
[21:43] <Celz-gm> "Besides" Continues the man in black cloaks, "I do apologise for our late arrival we were waylaid."
[21:43] <Mouse> "Uhh Doc.. you sure you need my team? Looks like you have this pretty well in hand..."
[21:44] <Celz-gm> "Oye mates! I wish'e'ed stop ramblin' about them damn vampire conspiracy." Complains what could be best described as a stereotypical aussie with really big guns.
[21:44] * Harold warily eyes the other team.
[21:45] <Celz-gm> "There's wisdom in his words." responds the Necromancer.
[21:45] * Ash examines the Australian's guns.
[21:45] <Celz-gm> The knight you rescued a few missions earlier staggers out of the shuttle, walks to a tree and promptly vomits.
[21:45] <Celz-gm> Dr. Destruction shakes his head and sighs.
[21:45] <Builder> "...on the other hand, sane people on this mission isn't a bad thing..."
[21:45] * Harold raises both eyebrows.
[21:45] <Harold> "Never heard you use that word to describe someone before."
[21:46] * Harold nods apologetically at the Necromancer.
[21:46] * Mouse walks over and checks on the Knight
[21:46] <Celz-gm> "Here's what we are going to do." Explains the Doctor.
[21:47] <Mouse> "You okey?"
[21:47] <Celz-gm> "Dr. Aden is going to pilot this stolen V'sori shuttle and you are going with him."
[21:47] * Harold takes a few pictures.
[21:47] <Celz-gm> "infernal contraptions," Grumbles the knight, "if god meant for man to fly he would have given us wings."
[21:48] * Mouse smiles and pats the Knight's back, "Cmon... we're getting debreifed.."
[21:48] <Harold> "Better pay attention, Belle."
[21:48] <Celz-gm> Dr. D "He's going to take you to shuttle 15 under the pretense that you guys are captives being transported to a Man'o'war."
[21:49] <Celz-gm> "My mistake, Satellite 15."
[21:49] <Celz-gm> "Satellite 15 is the central processing and broadcast center for all of the drone data."
[21:49] <Celz-gm> "From there, with Dr. Aden's help, you should be able to issue a universal shutdown command on all the drones."
[21:50] <Celz-gm> "Once that command is issued I have supplied special explosives designed to make the core of this satellite go critical. It should be sufficient to destroy it."
[21:50] <Celz-gm> "This strike should cripple the V'sori communication network by destroying it's backbone. At the same time we deprive them of the bulk of their army, drones and warspheres."
[21:51] <Celz-gm> "Once that happens, I shall start the counterstrike to crush these insects once and for all!"
[21:51] <Celz-gm> "Is there any questions?"
[21:52] * Mouse raises her hand timidly
[21:52] <Celz-gm> He turns towards mouse, "What is it?"
[21:52] <Harold> "That's not relavent."
[21:52] * Harold blinks and looks at Mouse. "Not you."
[21:53] <Ash> "Do we have a layout of the Satalite, force compositions, and what is the plan for extraction?"
[21:53] <Mouse> "After we have accomplished this goal, what does our team do? Return to the fray below?"
[21:53] <Mouse> "what meetup point do we go to?"
[21:53] <Mouse> "Or are we not expected back?"
[21:54] <Celz-gm> "Dr. Aden will pilot you back to the drop off. You'll be assisting me directly with the war efforts as one of my best units."
[21:54] <Ash> "Will the explosives be time based, or remote detonated?"
[21:54] <Celz-gm> "The satellite is largely a hollow ring, defenses SHOULD be light due to the fact that earth has yet to launch any sort of space combat campaign."
[21:55] <Celz-gm> "We can not afford to attempt this twice though, this is why I'm sending you, there is no room for error."
[21:55] <Celz-gm> "The explosives can be remotely detonated."
[21:56] * Mouse nods absently
[21:56] <Celz-gm> A couple of V'sori appear from a tent in the clearing and meet up with the Doctors.
[21:56] <Celz-gm> "These atlanteans disguised as V'sori will help keep your facade up."
[21:56] * Harold eyes the V'sori.
[21:56] <Celz-gm> "Keep Dr. Aden alive at all costs, he will be most useful in getting the computer to override and destroy the drones."
[21:56] <Harold> "Could hardly tell."
[21:56] <Mouse> "Understood sir"
[21:57] * Builder nods to the newcomers.
[21:57] <Celz-gm> "There are some doctored disabled nullifier shackles on the transport. You should be able to easily remove them when the need for action arises."
[21:57] <Celz-gm> "Now get in that shuttle and show those V'sori hell."
[21:58] <Ash> "Yessir."
[21:58] * Harold salutes.
[21:58] <Harold> "Roger that."
[21:58] * Ash heads to the shuttle.
[21:58] * Harold heads for the shuttle.
[21:59] <Celz-gm> Dr. Aden and the two disguised Atlanteans board the shuttle.
[21:59] * Mouse offers the Doctor her hand "Hope we see you after this Doc"
[21:59] * Harold takes a few more pictures before strapping in.
[21:59] * Builder goes on board.
[21:59] <Celz-gm> "Good luck."
[21:59] <Mouse> "But if not...blow some up for us"
[21:59] * Mouse gets on board with the rest of her team
[21:59] * Builder tries not to have flashbacks to his last bit of space travel.
[22:00] <Mouse> "Remember the last time we were in one of these together Builder?'
[22:00] <Celz-gm> Dr. Aden is suited up in V'sori war armor looking the part as he gets the shuttle going.
[22:00] <Mouse> "Riding with mennoc and that one wierd old guy?"
[22:00] * Ash carefully hides his weapons from view.
[22:00] <Mouse> "Gah what was his name?"
[22:00] <Celz-gm> Systems go online, "You better buckle up, escape velocity can be a little intense."
[22:00] * Mouse buckles up
[22:00] * Ash straps in with his over gear secured.
[22:01] <Harold> "Takeoff is going to be nothing compared to the switching I have to go through with Belle."
[22:01] <Harold> "I hope."
[22:01] <Mouse> "unity.. thats right"
[22:01] <Celz-gm> The shuttle begins hovering a fair distance over the ground, it repositions itself so it's facing skyward.
[22:01] <Mouse> "you ever see Unity harold?"
[22:01] * Builder is already strapped in, having experenced it once before.
[22:02] <Celz-gm> Engines fire up and the ship trembles suddenly you are all thrust into your seats by a sudden acceleration.
[22:02] <Harold> "Just in photos, thank God."
[22:02] <Harold> "Urp."
[22:02] * Mouse eyes widen as she's shoved back in her seat
[22:02] <Celz-gm> The shuttle trembles violently as the sky grows more and more dark and stars slowly become visible.
[22:02] * Ash stares calmly out the viewscreens.
[22:03] <Celz-gm> Soon the shuttle levels out and slowly rotates as all sensation of weight leaves you.
[22:03] * Harold strains to take a few more pictures of the ascent.
[22:03] * Harold sighs in relief.
[22:03] <Celz-gm> You can see the earth above you as a great blue ball dominating the view.
[22:03] * Harold continues to take pictures.
[22:04] <Harold> "Now this is going to be for my personal collection."
[22:04] <Celz-gm> One of the atlanteans turns to Dr. Aden, "Sir, we have Mantas moving to intercept, they are hailing us."
[22:04] <Celz-gm> "Don't worry, open a channel to them."
[22:05] * Mouse hangs her head trying to look defeated
[22:05] <Celz-gm> The radio crackles out, "SHuttle, identify yourself."
[22:05] * Harold leans back a bit.
[22:06] <Celz-gm> "This is shuttle tiberian, we are currently on course to transport some Superpowered earthlings to Flagship Kra'torin."
[22:06] <Celz-gm> There's a brief pause, "Very well, continue on your course."
[22:07] <Celz-gm> The mantas move on and the shuttle continues as Dr. Aden exchanges a few odd glances with one of the atlanteans.
[22:07] <Celz-gm> "What's this Star Wars and why does it make this amusing?"
[22:08] * Builder has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[22:08] <Celz-gm> He makes a few adjustments to his course, soon a big ring, slowly rotating grows into visibility.
[22:08] * Builder has joined #Omega
[22:08] <Celz-gm> "Shuttle, please identify yourself and your purpose."
[22:08] <Harold> "Almost seems wrong that I couldn't fake a ship in distress while approaching a prison, but they get to fly toward a warship with minimal hassle."
[22:09] <Celz-gm> "This is shuttle tiberian, we are transporting prisoners but we are experiencing engine trouble, requesting permission to dock."
[22:09] * Builder mentally compairs this with Prof. Ch`thadra's designs, stops himself, and goes back to trying to not remember what the ****ing bastard did.
[22:10] <Celz-gm> "This is Satellite 15, you have been granted docking clearance, please procede to bay 5."
[22:10] * Harold gapes at the pilots.
[22:11] * Ash checks his gear again.
[22:11] <Celz-gm> The shuttle goes through docking procedure without a hitch, one of the atlanteans gets the dummy shackles, "here, get these on."
[22:12] * Ash puts the shackles on and examines the release catch.
[22:12] <Ash> "What is teh plan?"
[22:12] <Ash> "Are we to be escorted out before initiating the attack?"
[22:13] * Builder rigs the nailgun into a concealed quickdraw position, then puts on the fake shakles.
[22:13] * Harold relocates the cross to his hand before putting on the shackles.
[22:13] * Mouse puts her shackles on
[22:13] <Celz-gm> Dr. Aden "I'll try to bullshit you as far into the base as I can get you, if we get compromised I presume you know what to do."
[22:13] * Ash gestures at his assault rifle. "Should I leave this on the ship?"
[22:13] <Harold> "Think that'll help the illusion of being prisoners."
[22:14] <Celz-gm> One of the fake V'sori Grab it, "We can take your gear."
[22:14] * Mouse nods "Thank you"
[22:14] * Ash nods, and hands over the vibroswod slung accross his back as well.
[22:14] * Harold hands his uzi and pistol over to the fake V'sori.
[22:14] * Ash checks his pistols are concealed.
[22:14] <Celz-gm> The Fake V'sori and Dr. Aden all take some of your gear.
[22:16] <Mouse> "Careful with my gun and my grapple.."
[22:17] * Harold falls in line with the others.
[22:17] <Celz-gm> He leads you out, shackled, a technician meets you at the door with a pair of warspheres just hovering nearby, "Great to see SOMEBODY up here. A little target practice on a few failed experiments and they move you to the butt end of solar space."
[22:18] * Ash eyes the tech.
[22:18] * Ash resumes the meek prisoner routine.
[22:18] * Mouse looks down shyly without glancing up, finding the floor very interesting
[22:18] <Celz-gm> "you may as well stretch your legs it's going to be a while." he says to one of the fake V'sori, get that damn scum outta here while we work, I don't want prisoners in the way."
[22:19] * Harold nervously rubs the cross between his fingers.
[22:19] <Celz-gm> "Just head down that hallway and you'll hit the lobby, help yourself to the Krutash, it's really good, just keep those damn earthlings out of it."
[22:20] <Celz-gm> The station is a hollow rotating ring, this grants it a synthetic gravity roughly equal to earths.
[22:21] <Celz-gm> The fake V'sori team start leading down the hallway.
[22:21] * Ash follows.
[22:22] <Celz-gm> A couple more technicians eye the arriving team, "Whew, you just doubled the population here it seems. If you don't count the warsphers, not that they are conversationlistic."
[22:22] * Harold glances up at the warspheres.
[22:22] <Celz-gm> there's a pair in the room hovering at ready.
[22:23] <Celz-gm> Aden, "Keep transferring people out of the space posts eh?" "Don't you know it? I mean it's not like anyone attacks these places ever, so it's just wasted manpower. I'm still glad we got those modified K'tharen none the less."
[22:24] <Celz-gm> "Modified?" "Details are classified."
[22:24] <Builder> @_@
[22:24] * Builder regains his downtrodden look.
[22:25] <Celz-gm> Aden looks down the other hallway, "Computer systems are down there?" "What's it to you?" "oh nothing...." "Yeah but you shouldn't be down there."
[22:25] * Ash glances up to check for alarm panels, and the number of enemy technicians.
[22:26] <Celz-gm> Aden looks at the Atlanteans and glances at builder.
[22:26] * Builder readies himself.
[22:26] <Celz-gm> One of the technicians suddenly draws his gun and blows the brains out of his partner.
[22:26] <Harold> "I'd kill for a smoke right about now."
[22:27] * Harold blinks in surprise.
[22:27] * Builder ditchs the shakles and rearms.
[22:27] <Celz-gm> The warsphers suddenly whir to life and open fire on the technician.
[22:27] <Builder> "So would he, apparently."
[22:27] * Ash drops his shackles, draws and opens fire on the warspheres.
[22:27] <Celz-gm> before you know it both technicians are now dead on the ground.
[22:28] <Celz-gm> The Warsphers turn on the people who just drew weaponry.
[22:32] * Mouse strikes a few poses getting her hands out of the shackles
[22:33] <Celz-gm> A warsphere suddenly turns and fires on the mouse.
[22:34] <Celz-gm> Another one opens fire on Ash.
[22:36] <Celz-gm> Mouse's concentration is broken by a shot that her duraweave suit just BARELY catches.
[22:37] <Celz-gm> Ash is jolted by a blast.
[22:38] * Builder shoots the two warspheres, giving special care to the one that shot Mouse.
[22:39] * Harold whips out his camera and begins taking pictures of the firefight in action.
[22:40] <Celz-gm> Builder thoroughly reams out the two warspheres, causing them to crash to the ground with a wet splut as their contents spill out.
[22:41] * Builder moves to mouse.
[22:41] <Builder> "You ok?"
[22:41] * Harold removes his shackles and tosses them aside.
[22:41] * Ash shifts his attention to the armed techs.
[22:42] <Celz-gm> Aden "I'm sorry I didn't have any fair means of warning you without ruining the oppertunity."
[22:42] * Ash reholsters his pistols and quickly re-equips himself.
[22:42] <Mouse> "im fine.."
[22:43] <Celz-gm> "Hopefully that didn't trip the silent alarm, but lets move fast."
[22:43] * Mouse rubs her arms where the shackles once were
[22:43] * Harold rearms himself, uzi in one hand, camera in the other.
[22:43] * Ash checks over the techs for keycards or anything like that.
[22:43] * Mouse holds her gun at ready "Let's move"
[22:44] * Ash takes point and heads into the computer access hallway.
[22:44] <Celz-gm> Ash finds some blaster pistols, with only one clip each and some rather light armor, these guys really aren't armed for real combat, there's no real keycards.
[22:44] * Ash ignores the gear.
[22:44] <Celz-gm> Aden rushes you down the hallway as 4 warspheres move to intercept, "No unauthorized access!"
[22:47] * Ash opens fire, working down the line.
[22:51] <Celz-gm> Three warspheres drop to the ground.
[22:52] * Mouse takes a bead with her gun and fires
[22:54] <Celz-gm> Mouse has the warsphere under control.
[22:55] <Celz-gm> Mouse finds that a lobotomized brain in a bucket with a lot of alien sensors and hard metal weaponry is a rather alien place to be.
[22:55] <Celz-gm> The two fake V'sori open fire on the last warsphere.
[22:55] <Mouse> "crap that was mine"
[22:55] * Harold grins as he continues to take pictures.
[22:56] <Celz-gm> And like that, the warsphere is put out of it's misery.
[22:56] <Mouse> "Gah its almost impossible to control anyway"
[22:56] <Mouse> "thats too disorientating"
[22:56] * Mouse rubs her temples
[22:56] <Harold> "In the entire time I've been with you guys this is probably the second time I've actually had an opportunity to take decent pictures."
[22:56] <Celz-gm> At the very least, it doesn't feel pain or fear.
[22:57] <Builder> "Try telling the newbies that you've tagged an enemy next time, Mouse."
[22:57] <Ash> "And you should be holding a weapon and covering the rear instead."
[22:57] <Mouse> "sorry I dont liek to announce Im holding someones mind ransom"
[22:57] * Ash continues down the hallway.
[22:57] <Mouse> "It kinda ruins the flare"
[22:57] * Mouse walks after Ash rubbing her temples
[22:58] * Builder shudders suddenly.
[22:58] <Celz-gm> Three fins spill out of a doorway on the side with a clattering of metal and 2 warspheres, "What's that racket?!"
[22:58] * Harold takes another picture before lowering his camera.
[22:58] <Builder> "More targets. Whee..."
[22:58] <Harold> "Oh crap."
[22:59] <Ash> "Take the spheres, fins on me."
[23:00] <Builder> "Rodger."
[23:01] <Mouse> "Hello.. we were hoping for a tour..."
[23:01] <Celz-gm> One fin moves impossibly fast, closing the gap in on Ash and swinging his claws with intense speed.
[23:01] <Mouse> "Of your internal organs"
[23:02] <Celz-gm> Ash barely evades the lightning fast claw strikes.
[23:03] <Celz-gm> A second Fin steps back, as the area around him bursts into a firely aura, he unleashing a ball of fire that detonates amongst the group.
[23:05] <Builder> "...ok, that's just wrong."
[23:12] <Celz-gm> The third fin makes a gesture at mouse who's suddenly lifted from the air with her arms bound to her sides by some unseen force.
[23:12] <Mouse> "GRah! Lemme go!"
[23:13] <Celz-gm> He fails to further damage the sizzled mouse but keeps her immobile.
[23:13] <Builder> "...damnit!"
[23:14] <Mouse> "Let me down! Dammit I get picked up enough on my own!"
[23:14] <Celz-gm> The two warspheres open fire on the fake V'sori
[23:14] <Celz-gm> They both crumple.
[23:14] <Mouse> "nooo!"
[23:15] * Ash steps back then opens fire
[23:16] * Builder is seeing red.
[23:16] <Celz-gm> The V'sori misses his parting stroke.
[23:16] * Mouse struggles in mid air "Im going to carve a hole through your chest and make a little hom in there"
[23:19] <Celz-gm> After a couple bursts to the face the fires go out and the flame thrower falls to the ground.
[23:25] <Celz-gm> The two spheres drop from the air, a shot rockets towards the force controller but he raises his hand and it stops in mid air and clatters to the ground.
[23:26] <Builder> "Damn! That is just wrong!"
[23:28] * Harold slips the cross off his hand and folds in on himself as he is replaced by Saber, who immediately speeds down the hallway toward her targets...
[23:28] * Harold is now known as Saber
[23:29] * Saber slashes twice at the leading fin before suddenly stopping in front of the force-wielding fin and stabbing at his face. "Not. Fast. Enough."
[23:29] * Mouse hangs in mid air "Alright fish face what is the point of holding me up here like this?"
[23:32] * Saber is now known as Harold
[23:32] * Harold is now known as Saber
[23:33] <Celz-gm> The claw fin rebounds back with a gash accross his chest, in invisible forcefield almost repells Saber's final stroke as it slowly cuts through in an impressive light show, manages to vaguely nail the the fin however, koncking him back and dropping mouse roughly on the ground.
[23:36] <Mouse> "ow.."
[23:36] <Mouse> "Thanks Saber"
[23:37] <Saber> "Oh, were you in trouble? I had not noticed."
[23:38] <Saber> "Leave that one for me, I like its style."
[23:38] * Saber points her sword at the claw fin.
[23:38] <Mouse> "Yah.. the whole suspended in mid air thing wasn't my doing"
[23:39] * Ash sidesteps to clear Saber from his line of fire and sends a large amount of bullets at the force using fin.
[23:40] <Builder> "...wait, CAN you turn a Fin? Or am I missing your meaning?"
[23:40] <Celz-gm> Without his forcefield protecting him, the fin attracts a lot of bullets and falls with a face full of lead.
[23:41] <Mouse> "I could if I wasn't bound by mental powers"
[23:42] * Saber gives Builder a semi-disgusted look.
[23:42] <Mouse> "which.. im not now.."
[23:42] <Builder> I was asking Saber, since she said not to kill him.
[23:42] <Mouse> "Oh... yah that... sorry"
[23:42] <Mouse> "Gah my leg"
[23:42] <Mouse> "gah my arm"
[23:42] <Saber> "No, I meant I wanted to kill it."
[23:43] <Builder> "Feel free."
[23:43] * Saber twirls around and steps next to the fin.
[23:43] <Saber> "It was fun."
[23:48] * Saber slashes away at the claw fin and finishes with a curtsey.
[23:48] <Celz-gm> Saber cuts the fin into kibble.
[23:48] * Ash mutters on the comm, "I'm out, reloading." and swaps clips.
[23:49] * Builder checks on his countrymen.
[23:49] * Ash checks over the condition of their fallen comrades.
[23:49] * Saber looks around.
[23:49] * Ash stands guard and glances at Mouse. "Medic?"
[23:50] * Mouse gets to her feet and cradles her arm
[23:50] * Builder checks for a pulse.
[23:50] <Celz-gm> Dr. Aden goes to see about the fallen Atlanteans.
[23:50] <Mouse> "Lets keep pushing forward"
[23:50] <Saber> "So this is what the heavens look like? I am rather disappointed."
[23:50] <Mouse> "we should get htem back to the ship"
[23:50] * Mouse jerks her head at the atlanteans
[23:51] <Ash> "There's enemies between us and the ship."
[23:51] <Celz-gm> "no turning back now, we need to finish this....."
[23:51] * Mouse nods
[23:51] <Mouse> "I am sorry about the atlanteans builder"
[23:51] * Saber idly saunters down the hallway.
[23:51] <Mouse> "We will get their bodies on teh way back"
[23:51] <Celz-gm> He gets the atlanteans back on their feet, one is more or less superficially injured the other is in rough shape.
[23:51] <Mouse> "Alright?"
[23:51] <Celz-gm> He tends to mouse next.
[23:51] <Mouse> "Oh they are alright"
[23:52] <Mouse> "I wish I could do that"
[23:52] * Mouse smiles
[23:52] * Ash checks over the two. "Keep out of combat, guard our rear."
[23:52] * Mouse nods "Thank you sir"
[23:52] * Mouse continues cradling her arm but her limp is gone
[23:52] * Ash waits for the healing to be done then continues onwards.
[23:52] * Mouse follows Ash in her normal position behind him
[23:53] <Celz-gm> He patches up builder as good as new.
[23:53] <Builder> "Thanks."
[23:53] * Saber flips into the air and begins walking on the ceiling.
[23:53] <Celz-gm> The atlantean is still able to walk with his injuries.
[23:54] <Celz-gm> "Let's go!"
[23:54] <Celz-gm> The Dr leads the team into a computer room, complicated consoles surround a holograph display in the center of the room.
[23:54] <Celz-gm> "Builder, come here. I got a good idea of what I need to do, but I'm going to require your technical expertise."
[23:55] * Builder ponders gathering info on this Overmind fellow.
[23:55] <Builder> "Sure. What do you need?"
[23:55] <Celz-gm> He starts directing builder on how to rewire the control interface.
[23:55] * Saber sits above the room's doorway.
[23:55] * Ash checks for exits to the room.
[23:56] <Saber> "Harold, wake up."
[23:56] <Celz-gm> "No... this isn't quite right.... come on, we need to hurry!"
[23:56] * Builder grits his teeth.
[23:56] <Saber> "Haaaaarold."
[23:56] * Builder tries again.
[23:56] * Saber sighs and watches Builder and Doctor Aden do their thing.
[23:57] <Mouse> "why are you bothering harold saber?"
[23:57] <Saber> "I wanted to know what those two were doing."
[23:57] * Ash hides the explosives in the far end of the room (in multiple places if possible) then takes up a defensive position, focused on the door.
[23:57] <Celz-gm> The holograms flicker
[23:57] <Builder> "...of all the... I'
[23:57] <Builder> m better than this..."
[23:58] <Celz-gm> Suddenly on all consoles a single message appears.
[23:58] <Celz-gm> "Drones disabled, Champion Ultimatum enabled."
[23:58] * Builder blinks.
[23:58] <Celz-gm> They all go out.
[23:58] * Saber applauds.
[23:58] <Celz-gm> All but the auxillery lighting goes out in the control room.
[23:58] <Builder> "...'Champion Ultimatum'?"
[23:58] <Saber> "Do that again."
[23:59] * Ash arms the explosives.
[23:59] <Celz-gm> "We got to get to the core for that, lets go!"
[23:59] <Builder> "Damn, and I wanted to find out more on that Overmind fellow."
[23:59] <Saber> "Was that all?"
[23:59] <Mouse> "Champion... what"
Session Time: Mon Jul 18 00:00:00 2005
[00:00] * Mouse glances around, "This feels really bad"
[00:00] * Ash blinks, disarms and takes away the explosives.
[00:00] <Builder> "...why do I get the feeling that we just screwed something up?"
[00:00] <Saber> "I find the ambient light rather charming."
[00:00] <Celz-gm> Aden leads you up a tube, as you climb the gravity grows less and less.
[00:01] * Ash notes the reduced gravity and adjusts his aim slightly to compensate.
[00:01] <Celz-gm> Soon you are weightless in a large room with a pulsing ball of power contained in a conduit, the power core of the ship.
[00:01] <Celz-gm> "Rig the explosives all around this core."
[00:02] * Saber 'sits' in the air next to the tube they just came from.
[00:02] * Ash proceeds to do so.
[00:02] * Ash keeps an eye out for enemies.
[00:03] * Builder lets the demolitions guy handle this.
[00:03] <Celz-gm> The explosives get rigged and the team gets back down.
[00:03] <Celz-gm> As you get to the ship, you run accross the two warspheres at the dock, both laying inert on the ground.
[00:03] * Mouse checks on the wounded Atlantean, "You doing alright?"
[00:04] * Ash ignores the warspheres and checks that the ship is clear.
[00:04] <Celz-gm> "I can manage, but thanks."
[00:04] * Mouse nods
[00:04] * Builder grits his teeth.
[00:04] <Celz-gm> The ship is clear for takeoff as the atlanteans and Dr. Aden strap themselves in.
[00:04] <Mouse> "I think the real fighting is about to start.."
[00:04] * Mouse gets strapped in
[00:04] * Ash gets strapped in as well, and secures the ship once everyone is in.
[00:04] <Ash> "We are clear to go, go."
[00:04] * Saber stops next to her seat.
[00:05] <Celz-gm> The ship disengages from the dock and heads back towards earth.
[00:05] <Builder> ", Dr. Aden... While we have the time, what do you know about this "Overmind' person?"
[00:05] * Saber suddenly folds in on herself.
[00:05] * Saber is now known as Harold
[00:05] * Ash waits until we are clear of the blast radius, then holds up the detonator. "Who would like to do the honors?"
[00:05] <Celz-gm> "He rules the V'sori, that is all I know."
[00:05] * Harold holds his mouth and pulls out his camera to take pictures of Satellite 15 in its final moments.
[00:05] <Celz-gm> "We should be clear to detonate now."
[00:06] * Ash shrugs and activates it.
[00:06] * Harold turns several shades of green as he continues to snap away with his camera.
[00:06] <Celz-gm> The satellite explodes in a spectacular blue blast with one of those mandatory rings flying out of the blast field.
[00:06] <Celz-gm> Earth surges larger and larger.
[00:06] <Mouse> "Where are we going Doc?"
[00:07] * Harold straps in and slumps in his seat.
[00:07] <Celz-gm> "Star city to meet up with Dr. Destruction and his assault team, they should be in position by now."
[00:07] <Celz-gm> The ship shimmies in shakes in reentry as fire wreathes it.
[00:07] * Ash flicks a message to Dr. D from his comm quickly - "Satalite Destroyed - Mission accomplished."
[00:08] <Celz-gm> One of the Atlanteans fidgets with a console and a TV console tunes into a news station.
[00:08] * Builder looks at the explosion, then at earth, then grits his teeth. If he ever hopes to end this war, he needed to know more about the V'sori's leader.
[00:08] <Mouse> "Hey is southpark on?"
[00:08] <Celz-gm> It looks like a battlefield as a newscaster begins to speak....
[00:09] <Harold> "Holy crap."
[00:10] <Celz-gm> "This is Sam Ramey of Channel 8 news here in Star City. The long-rumored leader of the human-atlantean resistance, Dr. Destruction has just taken out the V'sori Command outpost in Star City. Once feared by the world, Dr. Destruction is now the earth's greatest champion, some say he--- wait he's about it talk!"
[00:10] <Celz-gm> It cuts to a feed of Dr. Destruction, holding a smoking gun and addressing the Camera.
[00:10] * Ash regards the console calmly.
[00:10] <Mouse> "hey its the boss..."
[00:10] * Builder raises an eyebrow.
[00:11] <Mouse> "You know.."
[00:11] <Mouse> "we need to start talking about what we do after this is over"
[00:11] <Celz-gm> "Greetings fellow liberators. Today is a great day for earth."
[00:11] <Celz-gm> "Thanks to the help of an omegan strike force, drones all over the world have been disabled allowing Omegan cells to strike back."
[00:12] * Harold leans over to take a picture of the television and the faces of those watching it.
[00:12] <Celz-gm> "Other cells are delivering the coup de grace as we speak. Several months ago we discovered the secret of atlantean teleport tubes and attuned them to similar devices in the V'sori fleet."
[00:12] <Celz-gm> "As we speak atlanteans are fighting aboard those vessels and cracking the back of the V'sori Invasion force."
[00:13] <Celz-gm> "This is your day omega, this is earth's day, this is----"
[00:13] <Builder> "...anyone have a bottle of shampane?
[00:13] <Builder> "
[00:13] <Celz-gm> Dr. Destruction is suddenly interrupted by a thundering sound.
[00:13] <Mouse> "Guys... Im gonna leave Omega"
[00:13] <Celz-gm> He turns around as something explodes out of the ground from the base of a building.
[00:13] <Mouse> "crap look out boss!"
[00:13] <Celz-gm> A massive wall of smoke and debris evelopesthe camera.
[00:13] <Builder> " might want to wait on that, Mouse..."
[00:14] <Ash> "An unaccounted for war machine?"
[00:14] <Celz-gm> The screen suddenly fills with colored bars and emits a low whine.
[00:14] <Ash> "Pilot, we should proceed with all due haste."
[00:14] <Mouse> "It seems like it will wait.."
[00:15] <Celz-gm> "Hello? Hello, I'm sorry, we appear to have lost the feed with Dr. Destruction. I assure you if anything further develops Channel 8 news shall keep you informed..."
[00:15] <Celz-gm> the Atlantean shakes his head and turns it off as the ship arrives at the Landing zone.
[00:15] <Celz-gm> A figure is rocketing out of a large cloud of smoke and debris in the air.
[00:15] <Mouse> "Well.. whatevers going on we gotta go help the Doc..."
[00:15] <Mouse> "we owe him"
[00:16] <Harold> "Damn, thought it was over too..."
[00:16] * Builder takes a look at the imcoming.
[00:16] <Mouse> "Who is that?"
[00:16] * Ash sizes up the figure.
[00:16] * Harold grits his teeth and pulls the cross off his wrist.
[00:16] * Harold is now known as Saber
[00:16] <Celz-gm> The smoke is clearing and the Doctor is staring up at the figure, the camera crew a robot moves into position near Dr. Destruction.
[00:17] <Celz-gm> There is no mistaking the powerful red and blue costume the champion that adorns the figure.
[00:17] * Saber looks at the figure as well.
[00:17] <Celz-gm> yet, there's odd wires and pusating tubes that cover the being.
[00:17] <Ash> "Is he not supposed to be dead?"
[00:17] <Celz-gm> The ship comes to landing position just as the figure rockets earthward and *BOOM*
[00:17] <Saber> "I... do not look that bad, do I?"
[00:18] * Saber looks around for a reflective surface.
[00:18] <Builder> "...Ch'thadra take it... What have they done to him?"
[00:18] <Celz-gm> There's another explosion and a crater is all that remains of the impact sight, you only see the champion rise from the crater, he's got a glazed look in his eyes.
[00:18] <Mouse> "oh ... we're screwed"
[00:18] <Saber> "Language."
[00:19] <Celz-gm> The ship has landed and the door is open as the Champion tears into a nearby omegan cell ripping them into gorey bits.
[00:19] <Builder> Esperonto.
[00:19] <Builder> ""
[00:19] * Ash slaps the quick release on his rig and sets up the M2 Browning.
[00:19] <Builder> "Well, this is bad..."
[00:19] <Celz-gm> "Bloddy hell! you getting this!" screams a newscaster to a camera man.
[00:19] <Saber> "My, he certainly is powerful."
[00:19] <Builder> "Mouse, try to get in his head. See how much of 'Him' is in there."
[00:19] * Saber steps out of the ship and draws her swords.
[00:20] <Ash> *comm, all channels* "Champion is alive, V'sori - be advised. Radiation based weapons necessary."
[00:20] <Celz-gm> Fin units and V'sori reinforcements move in, the Omegan forces are having trouble handling the champion from the rear and the V'sori from the front.
[00:20] <Mouse> "I-I... He'll tear me apart!"
[00:20] * Ash opens fire with the vechicular machine gun on Champion.
[00:20] <Builder> "Mentally?"
[00:20] * Mouse gets out of the vehicle and tries to reach out to the Champions mind
[00:21] <Celz-gm> One of the camera crew staggers towards the group, taking on the appearance of Watcher, "@#$@#* we can't atke this guy AND the fins at once, someone's gotta neutralize him!"
[00:22] <Mouse> "Screw it we gotta attack"
[00:22] <Builder> "If Mouse can't mentally Zammy him, we'll need to regroup. None of our heavy hitters can fly."
[00:22] * Mouse keeps moving forward "Can anyone see the boss?!
[00:23] <Ash> "Find and cover Dr. Destruction, I will man the gun here."
[00:23] <Builder> "It's all I ~CAN~ do."
[00:23] * Builder goes in search of the boss.
[00:25] * Saber falls into a defensive stance next to Ash.
[00:26] * Mouse strikes a pose and calls to the Omegans, "Im going to try and get him"
[00:27] <Mouse> "Come on Champion, I know your still in there, stop this please"
[00:27] * Mouse holds her hands about her head tightly
[00:30] <Celz-gm> The champion turns as bullets ricochete of his chest.
[00:30] <Celz-gm> he staggers slightly.
[00:30] <Mouse> "Champion listen to me"
[00:32] <Celz-gm> He fires eye rays at Ash after moving 24 yards in.
[00:34] * Ash eyes the machine gun suspisiously and is thus distracted as he gets blasted.
[00:34] * Saber dashes forward, closing in on the Champion in a heartbeat and unleashing her trademark flurry of slashes at the zombie hero.
[00:34] * Ash grunts.
[00:34] <Mouse> "Ash!"
[00:37] <Celz-gm> Mouse and builder find Dr. Destruction in the crater, half his mask is blown away, in another portion of the crater is a robot trying to prop himself up.
[00:38] <Mouse> "Your joking me..."
[00:38] * Mouse looks over at the Robot, "Mennoc?"
[00:39] * Mennoc has joined #Omega
[00:39] * Builder props the bossman up, then sees who he really is under the mask.
[00:39] <Mouse> "Mennoc?"
[00:39] <Builder> 0_0
[00:39] <Mouse> "Remember me? Meatbag?"
[00:40] <Mennoc> "Irrirated Statement: Clearly the overpowered meatbag won by augmenting itself with superior synthetic parts."
[00:40] * Builder comms the V'sori Docter.
[00:40] <Mouse> "oh thank god...its you"
[00:40] <Mouse> "How badly are you damaged?"
[00:40] <Builder> "Aden, come in."
[00:40] * Mouse gets do her knees beside Dr Destruction and checks his wounds
[00:40] <Mennoc> "Disappointed Statement: Why, yes. It would seem my memory core did not suffer the choice memory loss that I had hoped for."
[00:40] <Celz-gm> The champion staggers backwards with a couple of nasty wounds.
[00:41] <Mouse> "I missed you too buddy"
[00:41] <Celz-gm> He fails to regain footing.
[00:41] <Mouse> "Do you need a Vibroblade?"
[00:41] <Builder> *Not over comm* "My king..."
[00:41] * Saber curtsies at the Champion.
[00:42] <Saber> "A pleasure to meet you, I have heard much."
[00:42] <Celz-gm> Doc's alive but unconscious.
[00:42] <Mouse> "Cmon boss..."
[00:42] <Mennoc> "Irritated Statement: While a vibroblade would be appreciated I would much rather have a functional pair of legs."
[00:42] * Mouse helps prop the Doctor up
[00:43] * Mouse draws her vibroblade and walks over to Mennoc, handing it to him
[00:43] <Builder> *Over comm* "Dr. Aden, are you there?"
[00:43] <Celz-gm> "What is it?"
[00:43] * Mennoc takes the vibroblade and looks down at where his legs used to be.
[00:43] <Mennoc> "Sarcastic Statement: Why, thank you."
[00:43] <Mouse> "Sorry mine wont attach."
[00:44] <Builder> "...the boss is wounded. We need a medic down here."
[00:44] <Celz-gm> The champion suddenly regains his footing and in a flash he slams towards Saber.
[00:44] <Mouse> "Mennoc.. if I can snag you a craft I will.. but your gonna have to hold your own here for now okey?"
[00:45] <Mennoc> "Statement: I will endeavor to cut down as many meatbags as possible, one ankle at a time."
[00:46] <Celz-gm> *WHAMMO* Saber is knocked clear through a storefront of a victoria's secret landing in a tangled pile of bras.
[00:46] <Mouse> "You do me proud, it's not been the same without you to toss Builder around"
[00:46] <Builder> (Off comm) "...Mouse, keep an eye on King Meros for me. I'm going in."
[00:47] * Saber yelps in surprise.
[00:47] * Builder rushs off to fight the good fight.
[00:47] <Mouse> "I will Builder, dont call him that"
[00:47] <Mouse> "HE's the doc!"
[00:48] <Builder> "His mask is broken. See for yourself."
[00:48] * Builder puts some distance between himself and his King, and peppers the fallen hero.
[00:48] <Mouse> "I know but DONT call him that"
[00:51] <Mouse> *Comm* "He's in there but I can't get through to him, We got any other mentalists out there, calling all Omegans"
[00:52] <Mouse> *comm* " we can reach him if we TRY"
[00:53] <Mouse> "Champion! Help me help you! I know your in there, Look at what your doing! Think of all the people you care about"
[00:55] <Celz-gm> Builder's robust shots manage to pierce the champions defenses and he stumbles to the ground spurting blood and then suddenly everything freezes.
[00:55] <Celz-gm> The team can move, but everything else is frozen in time, a fountain of the champion's blood hangs in the air.
[00:55] * Builder non-blinks.
[00:55] * Ash looks around curiously.
[00:55] * Builder blinks, then.
[00:56] * Saber pulls herself from the bras before stopping to consider a few.
[00:56] * Ash quietly regenerates.
[00:56] <Celz-gm> There's a blinding flash, and everything is negative colors.
[00:56] <Celz-gm> There's another blinding flash and everythign changes.
[00:56] <Mouse> "Okey... whats going on?
[00:56] * Saber takes a few that interest her before staggering fromt he sudden change.
[00:56] <Celz-gm> Suddenly you are on what looks like almost the surface of the moon.
[00:56] <Celz-gm> There's air.
[00:57] <Mouse> "Okey...why didn't anyone tell me.. we were dreaming?
[00:57] * Ash carefully hoists the M2 over to the others.
[00:57] * Saber tucks the bras away into her armor.
[00:57] <Celz-gm> Stars hang high above the sky and craters pockmark the landscape, a striking feature of the landscape are the bones of alien creatures
[00:57] * Ash ignores everything until he's met up with the others.
[00:57] <Builder> "Well, THIS is different..."
[00:57] <Celz-gm> The creatures must have been titanic the bones are HUMONGOUS the group is sheltered under a tremendous ribcage that could easily house an aircarft carrier.
[00:58] <Saber> "Where are we...?"
[00:58] <Celz-gm> The group is present along with Dr. Destruction Mennoc is not present. Everyone has their wounds healed and is in tip top shape mysteriously.
[00:58] * Mouse gives Dr. Destruction a once over making sure he's okey
[00:58] <Mouse> "You okey.. King.. Doctor...guy"
[00:58] <Celz-gm> Way off in the horizon you see an impossibly huge bald figure, you immediately recognize it as the Outsider, the mysterious and powerful figure that created the island on which star city resides.
[00:58] * Saber slowly swings her blades around cautiously, checking for invisible walls.
[00:58] <Ash> "King?"
[00:59] * Ash sets up the M2 next to the group.
[00:59] <Mouse> "This is familiar position..."
[00:59] <Celz-gm> Words fail to describe how HUGE the outsider must be.
[00:59] * Ash eyes the Outsider curiously.
[00:59] <Mouse> "This is sort of how you guys look most hte time"
[00:59] * Saber levels the swords at the Outsider.
[00:59] <Celz-gm> He glances towards your position and then to another place aways.
[00:59] <Ash> "We have been shrunk?"
[00:59] <Mouse> "I think so"
[00:59] <Celz-gm> And then he fades from view.
[00:59] <Builder> "no.
[00:59] * Ash follows his line of sight.
[00:59] <Builder> "This guy is just THAT big."
[00:59] <Mouse> "wonder whats over that way"
[01:00] <Saber> "Pleasant."
[01:00] * Ash checks his gear over, then Dr. Destruction. "Sir, are you alright?"
[01:00] <Celz-gm> Dr. Desetruction breathes heavily a few times and regains his composure.
[01:00] <Mouse> "Im glad your okey.."
[01:00] <Celz-gm> *Destruction
[01:01] <Celz-gm> His mask is restored.
[01:01] <Mouse> "You shouldn't hide your face Doctor, you looked better with it off"
[01:01] * Mouse winks
[01:01] <Celz-gm> "So you saw..."
[01:01] <Builder> "...yes."
[01:01] <Mouse> "I saw a handsome old man"
[01:01] * Saber points a sword at Doctor Destruction.
[01:01] <Saber> "What is the meaning of this?"
[01:01] * Mouse says evenly, 'Nothing more"
[01:02] <Mouse> "The Doctor isn't behind this saber.."
[01:02] <Mouse> "He's along for hte ride just like us"
[01:02] * Builder points a gun at Saber. "Put that down. This isn't his doing."
[01:02] <Saber> "If this is our reward for winning this pointless war..."
[01:02] <Mouse> "Builder... dont be over protective"
[01:02] <Mouse> "Saber isn't an enemy"
[01:02] <Celz-gm> "When the V'sori Struck I managed to escape from one of the few working teleportation tubes, but it wasn't attuned anywhere."
[01:02] <Ash> "We have not yet won."
[01:02] * Builder upts his gun up.
[01:02] <Saber> "I cannot be here. There are matters still unsettled back home."
[01:02] <Mouse> "We have not won yet"
[01:03] * Ash keeps his attention, and the heavy machine gun, pointed whereever the Outsider was looking.
[01:03] * Mouse glances at the Doctor, "You dont have to say, we wont tell"
[01:03] * Mouse jerks at Builder
[01:03] <Ash> "What happens when you enter an unattuned teleportation tube?"
[01:03] <Mouse> "we're the only ones"
[01:03] <Celz-gm> "I ended up in the lab of the Hydra, my archnemisis with my elite posidon guard."
[01:03] <Celz-gm> "It was a blind jaunt."
[01:04] <Celz-gm> "He took advantage of my wounded state and took me captive and held me for a great while, that is until he exchanged me to Dr. Destruction."
[01:04] * Mouse shifts a bit uneasily, "I dont like this"
[01:04] <Saber> "Exchanged to? Are you not Destruction?"
[01:04] <Builder> " might want to take off the mask, my King. The others didn't see."
[01:05] <Celz-gm> "He held me captive a while too, but we eventually earned a grudging respect of each other and he let me go free in his lab, together we laid he groundwork for omega."
[01:05] * Mouse crouchs down and hugs her knees.
[01:05] <Ash> "Omega had two leaders?"
[01:05] <Celz-gm> "Then, it happened, Dr. Destruction passed away peacefully in his sleep from a stroke, seems an old blood clot, probably from a fight with the champion got enlodged in his brain."
[01:05] * Saber fumes a bit.
[01:05] <Celz-gm> He removes his helmet revealing an atlantean head.
[01:06] * Saber gasps.
[01:06] * Mouse glances at the Doctor, King Meros a moment and then away.
[01:06] <Saber> "You... you are... an Atlantean!?"
[01:06] <Saber> "I have been taking orders from a fish!?"
[01:06] * Mouse stands up and takes off her mask tucking it away in her backpack again
[01:06] <Mouse> "You should put that back on Sir."
[01:06] <Builder> "Watch it, Saber. THat's my king your badmouthing."
[01:07] <Celz-gm> "I had a choice, I could try to lead villians as a villian or a hero. I knew they wouldn't respect my authority as King Meros, so I had no choice, I had to lead them as a Villian."
[01:07] * Saber sighs and squats to bury her face in a palm.
[01:07] <Celz-gm> He pops the helmet back on.
[01:07] * Ash glances as the King, then keeps his eyes on the horizon, and makes sure he doesn't loose his heading.
[01:07] <Celz-gm> "But now we got to figure out what this trial is."
[01:07] <Ash> "Did the original Dr. Destruction ever lead the Omegans?"
[01:07] <Celz-gm> "Yes, we lead them together."
[01:08] <Mouse> "So, can I ask you candidly, when this is over what are you doing with Omega?"
[01:08] <Celz-gm> "He was the public face, and together we were a think tank."
[01:08] <Celz-gm> "The responsibility has matured a lot of you omegans. You certainly have outgrown your villianous ways."
[01:08] * Ash ponders a moment to mentally reconfigure chains of command, nods, and resumes keeping a lookout.
[01:08] <Celz-gm> "I can only hope new heroes will rise from the ranks."
[01:08] <Celz-gm> "But we got more pressing matters at hand...."
[01:09] <Mouse> "Yes, yes we do."
[01:09] <Celz-gm> "The outsider is involved, and nobody can truly fathom his alien ways."
[01:09] * Saber takes a breath and sighs again.
[01:09] <Celz-gm> "I presume this is some sort of trail of his...."
[01:09] <Mouse> "It seems we have a direction to head..."
[01:09] <Celz-gm> Just then flying on the horizon you see the figure of the champion.
[01:09] <Celz-gm> *End*
presume this is some sort of trail of his...."
[01:09] <Mouse> "It seems we have a direction to head..."
[01:09] <Celz-gm> Just then flying on the horizon you see the figure of the champion.
[01:09] <Celz-gm> *End*

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