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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 12:47 pm 
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01[19:56] <Celizic> The characters have had a time to get settled into a life in the Shadows of Denver, not the easiest thing with a the interplay of shadows only complicated by the presense of a Greater Dragon ruling things.
01[19:58] <Celizic> Morrigan gets a call on her commlink it's Arthur her fixer, "Hey there Morrigan, I got a possible job for you. Mr. Johnson wishes to meet with you to discuss the details at at club named Demin, I'll upload the coordinates."
01[19:58] <Celizic> Nevsangaion's Commlink gets a call seems Tabby's calling.
[19:58] <Morrigan> "Good to hear. I'm a bit short this week. And a bit bored."
01[19:59] <Celizic> "Meeting time is 4:30 pm."
[20:00] <Morrigan> "Copy."
06[20:00] * Nevsangaion interrupts his gaming to take the call, "Yes, Tabby? I'm trashing someone at the moment so uh."
01[20:01] <Celizic> "Hey there Nev!" Nev sees a catfaced girl waving cheerily on his commlink, "I got some work for you! Granted I usually stick with corporate Johnsons, but this guy needs some 'bright faced new runners' for a special job."
[20:01] <Nevsangaion> "That's me. Bright faced."
01[20:02] <Celizic> "The meeting place is a place called Denim, at 4:30, should I tell Mr. Johnson you'll be arriving."
03[20:02] * Bishop is now known as Tsura
[20:02] <Nevsangaion> "Sure."
01[20:02] <Celizic> "Show'em whatcher made of!"
06[20:03] * Morrigan glances at the artillery spread out on her battered kitchen table. "Time to put you gals back together. We've a date tonight." Morrigan quickly and smoothly reassembles her handguns.
06[20:03] * Nevsangaion goes back to his game, hoping to finish up before the alotted time.
01[20:04] <Celizic> Tsura has a call, it's from Mr. Decker.
06[20:04] * Morrigan sorts through ammunition. "Who should we invite to the party, eh?"
06[20:05] * Morrigan selects a rather odd assortment and stows it away.
06[20:06] * Tsura picks up and passes the image feed over to her eye's image link. "Hey, what is it, Decker?"
01[20:06] <Celizic> "Hey there girl, there's a job for you. Mr. Johnson wishes to meet you at 4:30 at some place called Demin I'll give you the coordinates..."
[20:09] <Tsura> "Alright, thanks, I'll be there."
06[20:10] * Nevsangaion runs a data search on Demin in the background while playing.
06[20:10] * Morrigan slides her batons into her pockets and slips her smallest gun into her boot. "So many accessories. No wonder men complain about us women." Morrigan smirks.
06[20:13] * Morrigan runs what she knows about the club through her mind and grunts. "Pueblo territory, gals."
06[20:13] * Morrigan pats the butt of one of her pistols.
01[20:17] <Celizic> After some exertion a spirit of air manifests before Nevsangaion awaiting its orders.
06[20:18] * Morrigan picks up the silver metal briefcase. "C'mon Lucy. You may get to dance later."
06[20:18] * Nevsangaion sets it on standby and gets ready to leave.
06[20:18] * Tsura half-heartedly searches for the location of Denim with her commlink as she looks for an unfinished bottle of synthahol in her bedroom.
01[20:19] <Celizic> Tsura finds that John decker has already uploaded a map to her commlink.
06[20:20] * Nevsangaion yells out before leaving, "I'm going out, Agatha. Stilkin will keep track of your net security while I'm gone."
06[20:21] * Morrigan slips out the fire escape of her building and down the shaky stairs to her bike parked below.
06[20:22] * Tsura raises an eyebrow and a bottle at the coordinates.
[20:22] <Tsura> "Looks like I don't need to do that then."
06[20:22] * Tsura grabs her katana and pistol before heading down to her car.
06[20:24] * Morrigan slides onto the bike, secures the briefcase, and revs the engine. "How I do love a good ride in the afternoon."
06[20:26] * Morrigan zips off through the streets at dangerous speeds toward the club.
01[20:26] <Celizic> The trip into edgewater is a quiet one, the area is largely residential.
01[20:26] <Celizic> This early in the day the parkinglot is largely empty.
01[20:27] <Celizic> The tribal beats that reverberate from within have been turned down from eardrum shattering to merely loud.
06[20:28] * Morrigan wrinkles her nose. "Is it too much to ask for something a little tasteful?"
06[20:29] * Morrigan scans the area looking for snipers and potential problem areas.
06[20:29] * Tsura parks next to the most expensive-looking (or failing that, most dangerous-looking) vehicle on the lot and sits on the roll bars to look over the club.
06[20:29] * Nevsangaion hops off his bike and notes the others arriving before going directly in.
[20:30] <Tsura> "Mou, why does it always have to be /seedy/?"
06[20:30] * Tsura hops off and heads into the club.
06[20:31] * Tsura is an Japanese elven woman standing a couple inches shy of six feet with a lithe build; she has straight black hair reaching down to the small of her back, light green eyes, and a faint scar from her right brow to left cheek. She's dressed in unassuming long-sleeved clothes, but carries a katana on her left hip and an Ares Crusader on her right.
01[20:31] <Celizic> The bar has synthetic dark wood paneling, various hopi decorations and memorabilia line the walls.
06[20:31] * Morrigan eyes the others up and down cautiously, pulls a pair of sunglasses out of her pocket, and slips them on.
01[20:32] <Celizic> Several trideo sets show feeds from various sports channels and one shows a news broadcast from outside a building with a NuCom logo.
06[20:32] * Morrigan picks up the briefcase and enters the bar.
01[20:32] <Celizic> The bartender a midd aged woman in hopi garb gives Tsura the glare.
06[20:33] * Tsura flashes a smile at the bartender and flips it into a frown as soon as the woman looks away.
06[20:33] * Nevsangaion is 6' tall human. Long dirty blonde hair tied into a ponytail. He has a draconic tattoo around right eye trailing down right arm ending in symbols. He wears dark green trench coat most of the time. He has a distinguishing smile that makes him seem a bit crazy - Though he might be.
01[20:33] <Celizic> The woman asks Tsura, "What are you drinking. Mr. Johnson is waiting in the back room, drinks are on."
06[20:33] * Morrigan is an athletically built human woman, 5'10'', with black hair held back in a thick ponytail. She wears a black leather cycle jacket with two horizontal red pinstripes across the chest, a pair of dark jeans, and a set of impressive looking combat boots.
01[20:34] <Celizic> *drinks are on Mr. Johnson
01[20:34] <Celizic> Morrigan gets more of the same treatment from the bartender woman.
06[20:35] * Nevsangaion smiles at the bartender, mustering all the crazed glint that he can, "Table for Johnson?"
[20:35] <Tsura> "Juyondai sake, please."
01[20:36] <Celizic> "Johnson's waiting in the back room, Drinks are on him. What'll you have?"
[20:36] <Morrigan> "Vodka, double, on the rocks. Something good, not the well, if you please."
01[20:37] <Celizic> The bartender prepares Morrigan's drink and gives Tsura the stare before rummaging a good while before finding a bottle of Sake.
06[20:37] * Morrigan nods at the bartender, picks up her drink, and heads to the backroom, still cautiously eyeing the joint.
06[20:37] * Tsura whistles as she takes the bottle and nods respectfully at the bartender.
06[20:38] * Tsura mutters to herself, "Didn't think she'd have any."
01[20:38] <Celizic> The bottle is dusty.
[20:38] <Nevsangaion> "Beer."
01[20:38] <Celizic> Nev gets a glass of bud light.
01[20:39] <Celizic> She once agian directs you to the Johnson's Meeting room.
06[20:39] * Nevsangaion takes the glass and walks to where she's pointing
06[20:39] * Tsura wipes the bottle off with her shirt as she heads into the meeting room.
01[20:40] <Celizic> The back room is set up like a medicine lodge.
01[20:40] <Celizic> The floor is covered with what appears to be authentic skins.
01[20:40] <Celizic> Several cushions surround a firepit from which a smal lbrazier burns
01[20:41] <Celizic> The smoke is warm and aromatic smelling, a small metal chimney is funneling it out of the room.
06[20:41] * Morrigan wrinkles her nose.
06[20:41] * Tsura glances around the room and finds a seat.
01[20:41] <Celizic> Directly accross from the door behind the brazier is a man dressed in a grey business suit wearing a traditional Hopi raven shaman's mask.
01[20:42] <Celizic> He silently waves to those who enter motioning for them to sit.
06[20:42] * Tsura bows at the man before sitting.
06[20:42] * Morrigan quirks an eyebrow and finds a seat.
06[20:43] * Celizic he forrows a brow and puts a hand to an earbud.
01[20:44] <Celizic> "How unfortunate" he says in a slight southern twang, "Tabitha informs me that the fourth has been delayed. Time is criticial so I shall get to the point."
[20:44] <Morrigan> "Please do."
01[20:45] <Celizic> "My name is Mr. Johnson. This run shall be a short and hopefully easy Courier job."
06[20:45] * Nevsangaion scans the person as he comes in.
06[20:45] * Tsura twitches at the word 'easy'.
01[20:46] <Celizic> "I have a package that I need delivered to a 'friend'. This package must be delivered in strict confindence. I have reason to believe some people do not wish for the package to arrive and may try to stop delivery."
[20:46] <Morrigan> "Nothing is ever easy."
01[20:46] <Celizic> "The future's difficult the past was always easy."
01[20:46] <Celizic> he grins engnimatically.
06[20:47] * Morrigan snorts.
01[20:47] <Celizic> "The drop off point is in the FRFZ zone, you will have to cross through at least two borders going through Puelbo UCAS and CAS territory."
[20:47] <Morrigan> "We're bound to run into these people you speak of. Any details you have would help us get your package through."
01[20:48] <Celizic> "The package must arrive no later then 7pm tonight by my watch it is 4:30 so that gives you about 2 hours and a half."
03[20:48] * Dark is now known as Ghost
01[20:48] <Celizic> "To help with the border crossings I am willing to put you in contact with two Coyotes. I have letters that explain the situation for them and shall cover their smuggling expense."
06[20:49] * Tsura nods.
06[20:50] * Nevsangaion nods as well.
01[20:51] <Celizic> "I am willing to pay a fee of three thousand Nuyen."
[20:51] <Morrigan> "You still haven't told us anything about these people."
01[20:51] <Celizic> "Half of which is up front, the other half shall be paid by my 'friend' upon recieving the package."
[20:52] <Tsura> "Not much time to cross two borders, will they be providing the vehicles or will we?"
01[20:52] <Celizic> "Various people have interest in this package, I can give more details if you agree to the Task."
01[20:53] <Celizic> "The package is small, your vehicles should suffice."
[20:53] <Tsura> "I am willing."
01[20:53] <Celizic> "The law enforcement will take exception to the package. The other syndicates may take interest."
[20:54] <Ghost> "Sounds like fun."
[20:54] <Morrigan> "Short timeframes leaves us no time to scout. We will be taking this run blind."
06[20:54] * Tsura pours herself a cup of sake and takes a gulp.
[20:54] <Morrigan> "And in strange company."
[20:55] <Tsura> "I can vouch for myself that I'm not that strange."
[20:55] <Nevsangaion> "Not as strange as you."
[20:56] <Morrigan> "I meant no insult, merely that I do not know your skills and abilities and how you react in a fight. I'd rather not go into something blind to the opponent, the field, and my friends."
[20:57] <Morrigan> "The risk, I think, demands greater compensation."
01[20:57] <Celizic> "Now now, I'm pretty sure you can handle this. But I do not wish to disclose more unless I'm sure you've agreed to this task otherwise what would keep you from running off and tattling?"
[20:58] <Ghost> "I'm in. Pays the rent."
06[20:58] * Ghost taps a gloved hand on his lap.
06[20:59] * Tsura pours herself another cup.
01[20:59] <Celizic> "Ok, I'll make it 3400"
01[20:59] <Celizic> "A head."
06[20:59] * Morrigan nods. "Done."
06[20:59] * Morrigan extends a hand.
[20:59] <Nevsangaion> "Fine, I'm in."
[20:59] <Tsura> "Shall we hear the details then?"
01[21:00] <Celizic> He fingers his commlink and wires 1700 to everyone's account.
01[21:00] <Celizic> He procures a brown manilla envelope.
01[21:00] <Celizic> "Rush hour should be starting soon. Those coyotes might help you skip the long lines at the chekcpoints."
01[21:01] <Celizic> he procures two more envelopes and forwards contact data for a 'Peaches' and a 'Stalker'.
06[21:01] * Morrigan takes the envelopes. "Anyone want these?"
01[21:01] <Celizic> "Present these letters to the Coytes and it should cover their expenses."
01[21:02] <Celizic> The manilla envelope is stamped with big red letters "CONFIDENTIAL" and has a tamper proof seal on it.
[21:02] <Tsura> "I can take care of them."
01[21:02] <Celizic> "This is hard copy letter from The Koshari Council."
06[21:02] * Tsura takes the envelopes and puts them on her lap.
[21:02] <Morrigan> "I don't think we need to know what the package is."
01[21:03] <Celizic> "It is to be delivered to 4923 Billings St. in the Montbello District of the UCAS."
06[21:05] * Ghost taps away on his lap.
06[21:06] * Nevsangaion begins running a data search on the address while tapping the Johnson's commlink for public info.
06[21:06] * Nevsangaion begins a data search on Longfeather
06[21:07] * Tsura glances at the others and mulls over her third cup of sake.
01[21:07] <Celizic> "Well now, aren't you going to get to trafficing?"
06[21:07] * Celizic he raies a brow from behind his shaman's mask.
06[21:08] * Morrigan finishes her drink and waits for the techies to finish. "Never rush into a situation without adequate intel."
[21:08] <Tsura> "Too many curious people."
[21:08] <Tsura> "I'll be waiting outside."
[21:08] <Ghost> "I'm going to need a ride..."
06[21:08] * Tsura rises, bows, and heads to her ATV.
[21:09] <Tsura> "You can come with me, no touching though."
06[21:09] * Ghost follows Tsura out, tapping queries to share Commlink addresses with the team.
06[21:09] * Nevsangaion stands up, "Thanks for the er, info." He begins linking up with everyone on the team.
06[21:10] * Tsura pulls a ratty suit of leather armor out of her ATV and begins to strap it on.
06[21:10] * Ghost eyes Tsura's ATV.
06[21:10] * Morrigan sets her glass down and follows Tsura and Ghost.
06[21:10] * Ghost eyes the leather curiously, then takes a seat.
01[21:11] <Celizic> "Good luck."
06[21:11] * Ghost brings the traffic map up and overlays it on his HUD.
[21:11] <Morrigan> "That is quite...interesting."
[21:11] <Ghost> "Traffic's fine right now. In half an hour people will start leaving work. We really need to move now."
06[21:11] * Tsura tucks the unfinished bottle of sake into storage and tops off her outfit with a pair of googles and headphones.
[21:12] <Tsura> "Anyone else need a ride? Got room for one more."
06[21:12] * Morrigan tugs the zipper on her jacket and throws a leg over her bike. "Lead on, I'll Follow."
06[21:12] * Ghost downloads a local map and looks up the destination address, marking down the address on his HUD.
06[21:12] * Nevsangaion hops on his bike, "If you wish, I'll have Stilkin cover our network security. Don't worry, he's friendly."
[21:13] <Nevsangaion> "Sort of."
06[21:13] * Tsura starts up and drives off toward the border.
[21:13] <Ghost> "Big lines at the checkpoints."
[21:14] <Tsura> "Guess we'll need that Coyote."
[21:14] <Morrigan> "Always big lines. Nothing new. Government is always a matter of hurry up and wait."
[21:15] <Morrigan> "I figure we ought to be safest around the checkpoints; at least from these people who might try to intercept us."
06[21:15] * Tsura follows Ghost's directions, reaching back every now and then to rummage through her gear.
06[21:15] * Ghost tosses Stalker a message. "Need your services, referred by Johnson."
06[21:16] * Nevsangaion tosses a message to Agatha, sending her a picture and asking if she knows anything about this Johnson.
01[21:17] <Celizic> Stalker answers with a message, "Meet me in Sloan Lake Park."
01[21:17] <Celizic> it looks like a 15 minute drive to the park.
06[21:17] * Tsura sends a message to Decker, "Know anything about a Koshari Council?"
06[21:17] * Ghost relays the instructions to Tsura.
01[21:17] <Celizic> He transmits coordinates.
06[21:18] * Tsura nods and drives toward the park instead.
06[21:18] * Nevsangaion follows.
06[21:19] * Morrigan follows on her bike, zipping in and out of what little traffic there is.
01[21:19] <Celizic> A balding man with a katana and an ares predator and a pair of shades is waiting at the meet.
01[21:20] <Celizic> And a cybernetic arm.
[21:20] <Tsura> "I like his style."
06[21:20] * Tsura pulls over and hops out.
[21:20] <Tsura> "Would you happen to be my stalker?"
06[21:20] * Ghost gets out, looking around.
06[21:21] * Morrigan snorts.
01[21:21] <Celizic> "With a caravan like that you kids gotta be shadowrunners."
[21:21] <Morrigan> "Let's cut your arm off and then you can be his."
01[21:21] <Celizic> He raises a brow at the bikes and ATV.
06[21:22] * Ghost grins, "Maybe we're just going to the park to mess up the lawn."
[21:22] <Tsura> "We could be a go-gang too."
06[21:22] * Morrigan shrugs. "I travel in style. And speed."
[21:22] <Ghost> "Not enough studs and piercings, I think."
01[21:22] <Celizic> "Rather motley crew even for that."
06[21:22] * Ghost eyes the others. "You going to deliver the letter, or what? We're on a tight schedule here."
06[21:23] * Tsura takes out the letter for Stalker and hands it to him.
01[21:23] <Celizic> He frowns and opens the letter reading it.
01[21:23] <Celizic> "I see."
01[21:23] <Celizic> He sighs and shakes his head, "Very well kids, come on this way."
06[21:24] * Tsura nods and moves to follow the man.
01[21:24] <Celizic> He climbs into the back of Tsura's ATV and directs her through the park and down into some tunnels.
06[21:24] * Nevsangaion follows.
01[21:24] <Celizic> "YOu guys might wanna consider conventional vehicles. Back in my day, a street samurai riding a bike tended to attract the wrong attention at the wrong time."
06[21:24] * Tsura drives off, following Stalker's directions.
01[21:25] <Celizic> The tunnels are dark and dank obvious aztech style artwork decoares varius portions.
01[21:25] <Celizic> "This area was Aztlan sector at one point."
01[21:26] <Celizic> "They built these tunnels for god knows what."
[21:26] <Tsura> "I don't know about your day, but in my day, I had a budget of less than ten thousand nuyens for something with four wheels and enough room for a crate of alcohol."
[21:26] <Ghost> "Cars are expensive. I was thinking a scooter."
[21:27] <Ghost> "Nobody suspects the unarmed guy on a scooter."
01[21:27] <Celizic> "I suppose."
06[21:27] * Tsura adds after a moment, "I get a discount buying in bulk."
06[21:27] * Morrigan snorts.
[21:27] <Ghost> "A crate is kind of exessive. Unless you want to make a lot of molotov cocktails or something."
01[21:27] <Celizic> "I think there's some holdouts in here afrom after Ghostwalker kicked Azltan out of Denver, crazy fraggers all of them."
01[21:28] <Celizic> "I did some runs agianst Aztlan I saw drek that'd turn yer hair white."
06[21:28] * Ghost keeps an eye on the surroundings.
01[21:28] <Celizic> "Wha? Stop!"
06[21:28] * Tsura slams on the breaks.
01[21:28] <Celizic> He motions for the vehicles to stop.
06[21:28] * Nevsangaion stops, "What's up?"
01[21:28] <Celizic> He climbs out and starts scanning around.
06[21:28] * Tsura unbuckles her seatbelt and pulls an assault rifle out of the back of the ATV.
06[21:29] * Morrigan frowns and switches begins eyeing the surroundings.
01[21:29] <Celizic> He glances down some intersections of tunnels.
01[21:29] <Celizic> Walks about.
06[21:29] * Ghost gets out, looking around.
01[21:30] <Celizic> He climbs back in the ATV, "Nothing, I get to myself sometimes I tells ya."
[21:30] <Nevsangaion> "Don't scare us like that."
06[21:30] * Tsura climbs back into her ATV, dropping the rifle across Ghost's lap, and starts forward again.
06[21:30] * Ghost looks around suspisciously, and gets back into the car.
06[21:31] * Ghost eyes the rifle, and holds onto it.
01[21:31] <Celizic> "Procede."
01[21:32] <Celizic> The rest of othe ride through the tunnels was uneventful, soon you find yourself in Cheesman Park.
01[21:32] <Celizic> "Ok kids, that's as far as I go, you're in CAS sector now, good luck, you'll need it."
06[21:32] * Morrigan nods. "Thank you."
06[21:33] * Ghost tosses Peaches a message. "Need your services, referred by Johnson."
06[21:33] * Tsura stops the car and salutes Stalker.
06[21:33] * Nevsangaion nods to Stalker.
[21:33] <Tsura> "Thanks for the directions."
06[21:34] * Ghost checks the map, and directs Tsura onwards.
06[21:34] * Tsura starts toward Peaches' location once she receives the coordinates.
06[21:34] * Morrigan once again follows, scanning constantly for any threats.
01[21:34] <Celizic> "Sure thing sugar" Responds a voice speaking like a southern belle, "Meet me at the corner of of Havana and 6th"
06[21:35] * Ghost forwards the directions to the others.
06[21:35] * Tsura hums as she heads toward the next meeting point.
06[21:36] * Ghost stows the assault rifle away prior to leaving the park so as not to be seen carrying a rifle around.
01[21:36] <Celizic> The caravan drives on, and somehow, you find yourself in a traffic snarl glancing at the discrepencies in the traffic map and reality.
06[21:36] * Morrigan crouches over her crotchrocket and follows the others.
[21:37] <Morrigan> "You think this is genuine?"
06[21:37] * Morrigan scans for danger.
01[21:37] <Celizic> A nightsky slides in behind the car, 4 obviously asian men in tres chic suits pile out of the back.
06[21:38] * Ghost eyes the asian men. "Looks like trouble."
01[21:38] <Celizic> At almost the same time you notice 4 more asian men piling out of the mexican food joint accross the street, a troll 1 ork and two humans.
[21:38] <Ghost> "Lots of trouble."
01[21:38] <Celizic> They start closing in on the ATV.
[21:38] <Morrigan> "And I so wanted a taco too."
[21:38] <Tsura> "It's genuine enough for me. Like those four guys. Uh, eight."
[21:39] <Tsura> "I don't think they like each other."
[21:39] <Morrigan> "I don't think they like us."
01[21:40] <Celizic> The two groups of Asian men are converging on Tsura's buggy.
[21:40] <Morrigan> "Time to leave or tussle."
[21:40] <Ghost> "Take the package and go."
06[21:41] * Ghost passes it to Morrigan.
[21:41] <Tsura> "Whoever's better on the bike, come over to my side real quick."
[21:41] <Tsura> "Or Ghost's."
06[21:41] * Morrigan nods and takes the packages, guns the engine and gets out.
01[21:41] <Celizic> The asians eye you sharply but make no move.
01[21:41] <Celizic> They pull back to their respective places.
06[21:42] * Ghost looks amused.
06[21:42] * Ghost eyes the traffic report, and then attempts to get the REAL traffic report.
01[21:42] <Celizic> The traffic snarl breaks up.
06[21:42] * Tsura stands up and hollers at the four men from the food joint, "Hey, you know those guys with the car are probably going to catch up with her before you do. Might want to do something about that."
[21:42] <Ghost> "They're from the same people, you realize?"
06[21:42] * Nevsangaion hurries after Morrigan, to provide backup.
01[21:43] <Celizic> Morrigan leaves nev in the dust.
[21:43] <Ghost> "Although if anyone is likely to tell the difference between Triads and Yaks, it'd be you, I guess."
06[21:44] * Morrigan glances behind her to check for pursuit.
[21:44] <Nevsangaion> "Slow down a bit, Morrigan. Splitting up is bad."
06[21:45] * Morrigan hits her brake. "True. But better than being in the middle of an Asian turf war."
06[21:45] * Tsura turns to the Yakuza from the car and hollers in Japanese, "Hey, you guys going to let those foreigners get the package before you? Better do something about them!"
[21:45] <Nevsangaion> "They won't start a shootout in the middle of rush hour traffic."
01[21:46] <Celizic> Everyone manages to reassemble leaving the chinese and japanese glaring at each other sharply in their dust.
01[21:46] <Celizic> At the corner of 5th and havana is a dilapidated parking garage.
01[21:46] <Celizic> 6th
[21:46] <Morrigan> "They may do anything."
06[21:47] * Tsura drives off.
06[21:47] * Morrigan slows to a stop.
06[21:47] * Ghost gives up before causing anymore trouble.
[21:48] <Morrigan> "I should have brought Becky instead of Lucy. No planning involved today, which means Lucy doesn't get to dance."
01[21:48] <Celizic> Waiting at the corner is someone in a full cloak.
01[21:48] <Celizic> She waves down the group.
06[21:49] * Tsura looks over Morrigan before hopping out and striding over to the woman. "Hey, are you the one selling peaches?"
06[21:49] * Ghost runs Spoof to clean up his backtrail before leaving it be.
06[21:49] * Morrigan reaches for the butt of one of her guns.
01[21:49] <Celizic> The cloak changes color as she moves.
06[21:49] * Tsura holds out the letter.
01[21:50] <Celizic> She pulls her hood back revealing bright red hair on an orcish face, "That I am" She says with that southern bell accent, "How y'all doin'?"
01[21:50] <Celizic> She smiles a sweet yet tusky grin.
[21:50] <Nevsangaion> "We may have cranky asians after us. So the quicker the better."
[21:50] <Tsura> "Could be better, think that letter will explain the details."
01[21:50] <Celizic> "Well lets see here."
01[21:50] <Celizic> She opens the letter.
01[21:51] <Celizic> "My oh my."
[21:51] <Ghost> "Cranky asians are the worst kind of asians, really."
01[21:51] <Celizic> "Well then, allow me to show you."
06[21:51] * Ghost asides the others, "I'm kind of curious what those letters say, you know?"
01[21:51] <Celizic> "Mind if I get a lift miss?"
06[21:51] * Tsura looks at Ghost, "You've met my mom, have you?"
06[21:51] * Celizic she smiles at Tsura.
01[21:51] <Celizic> She smiles at Tsura.
[21:52] <Tsura> "No problem, hop on back. Hope you don't mind the view."
01[21:52] <Celizic> She climbs up on the back of the vehicle and directs the people into the parking garage.
06[21:52] * Tsura hops back into her ATV and starts up the engine again.
06[21:52] * Tsura drives off.
01[21:53] <Celizic> She gets everyone down to the lowest level of the garage and gets off the ATV briefly to open a rusty old cate.
01[21:53] <Celizic> gate
[21:53] <Ghost> "We're pretty obvious looking, aren't we? If ever we do this again, we need a rental van or something."
01[21:53] <Celizic> The entryway is large enough for a small van and looks like maintenance tunnels."
[21:53] <Ghost> "Maybe with Ruthenium polymer coating, so we can pretend to be mail."
[21:53] <Tsura> "It's discrimination. It wasn't my fault that this was the only car I could afford."
01[21:53] <Celizic> She climbs into the back of the ATV agian, "Right this way ladies and gentlemen."
[21:54] <Ghost> "I can't even get a car. Rent isn't cheap."
06[21:54] * Ghost eyes the tunnels.
06[21:54] * Morrigan quirks an eyebrow and guides her bike down behind everyone.
06[21:54] * Tsura follows along.
01[21:54] <Celizic> Flourscent lights flicker at irregular intervals.
01[21:55] <Celizic> "Now these tunnels they say are part of a sewer expansion project in the 20th century. Though there are others who claim it was part of a one of them nuclear fallout shelters during the cold war."
[21:55] <Morrigan> "I chose my bike. I like being able to get out when I need to."
01[21:55] <Celizic> The light going in is miserable occasional graffiti covers the walls.
01[21:56] <Celizic> Where there is light there's squatters living in piles of squalor in the tunnels.
01[21:56] <Celizic> The air is musty.
01[21:56] <Celizic> Oddly you start to hear the sound of country music wafting in from up ahead as she navigates the tunnels.
01[21:56] <Celizic> You drive by an open door into a room from which light and people can be seen.
01[21:57] <Celizic> "That there is the 5X5 it's a bar. Decent place for a quiet drink or to hire transportation."
01[21:57] <Celizic> "Smuggler hangout."
01[21:57] <Celizic> "Now lets see we take a left up here...."
06[21:58] * Nevsangaion notes the locations in his commlink.
01[21:58] <Celizic> The network is patchy at best down here
01[21:58] <Celizic> The silence that the country music left in its wake is suddenly broken by a scream.
06[21:58] * Morrigan frowns.
[21:58] <Tsura> "Oh, dammit."
06[21:59] * Ghost looks for the source.
06[21:59] * Tsura reaches back for her assault rifle again.
01[21:59] <Celizic> Five pale figures are menacing a squater.
01[21:59] <Celizic> They turn and see the caravan.
06[21:59] * Ghost checks the time.
01[21:59] <Celizic> Peaches says "Aw shucks! Feral ghouls!"
06[21:59] * Nevsangaion eyes the figures, "Looks like they want some of us."
06[22:00] * Morrigan snaps a hand to her gun.
01[22:01] <Celizic> Their flesh is mottled and sickly looking their bodies are hairless with eyes whited out with cataracts.
[22:02] <Morrigan> "Cao!"
[22:03] <Tsura> "Uwa..."
06[22:04] * Ghost gets out of the car and stretches.
06[22:09] * Tsura sets the hand brakes, stands up, and fires a shot at the nearest ghoul.
06[22:09] * Morrigan pulls a pair of handguns free and fires them both at the ghouls.
01[22:09] <Celizic> Morrigan fails to peg anything
06[22:09] * Morrigan repeats her curse. "Cao!"
01[22:10] <Celizic> "I don't see no cow!"
01[22:10] <Celizic> Says peaches.
01[22:12] <Celizic> One ghoul recoils in pain taking a shot to the chest, he manages to surge forward with his companions.
06[22:12] * Morrigan snorts.
06[22:13] * Ghost easily dodges the Ghouls.
[22:14] <Ghost> "Unskilled and undisciplined..."
06[22:14] * Tsura rolls around in her ATV as she tries to avoid the ghouls.
06[22:18] * Morrigan dodges the ghouls as well.
06[22:18] * Nevsangaion oofs.
01[22:18] <Celizic> One ghoul manages to strike Nevsangaion hard, knocking the wind out of him.
[22:20] <Morrigan> "The point is to dodge."
[22:20] <Morrigan> "Not let them hit you."
06[22:20] * Nevsangaion dodges behind Ghost and begins channeling mana at the ghoul that struck him, "Drek off!"
06[22:20] * Morrigan smirks.
01[22:22] <Celizic> The ghoul winces slightly but seems unshaken in the end.
06[22:24] * Morrigan lifts her right arm and squeezes off a shot at the closest ghoul.
01[22:27] <Celizic> Morrigan plugs the ghoul twice.
01[22:27] <Celizic> It snarls revealing bits of deceyed flesh stuck in its pointy teeth.
06[22:29] * Tsura rolls out of the ATV, letting her rifle drop inside the seat, and slides her katana. "Chanbara time, eh?"
[22:30] <Morrigan> "That's sexy. I recommend flossing."
06[22:32] * Ghost delivers a perfect elbow strike to the ghoul on Nevsangaion.
01[22:32] <Celizic> Ghost literally knocks its block off.
[22:32] <Ghost> "Weak."
[22:32] <Ghost> "Look, his head barely stays on."
[22:32] <Nevsangaion> "Aparently."
06[22:33] * Tsura raises her katana high and slashes diagonally at the ghoul's torso, shouting "KA!" as she does so.
[22:33] <Ghost> "Elbow under the chin, and off it goes."
06[22:33] * Morrigan raises her left arm this time and squeezes off two shots.
01[22:35] <Celizic> A ghoul staggers back with a gash.
06[22:37] * Tsura takes a step back and slashes at the ghoul's waist.
01[22:39] <Celizic> Tsura hits that sweet spot that causes the ghouls guts to come spilling out it collapses in a heap.
[22:39] <Tsura> "Dirty!"
06[22:40] * Ghost hops off the nearby ATV to deliver a knee strike to a nearby ghoul.
06[22:40] * Morrigan switches back to the right arm and pulls the trigger once more.
01[22:41] <Celizic> Ghost demolishes it.
01[22:43] <Celizic> Morrigan perforates her ghoul.
06[22:43] * Morrigan fires a second shot.
01[22:43] <Celizic> It collapses to the ground.
[22:43] <Morrigan> "Stay dead."
01[22:43] <Celizic> The remaining one darts away.
06[22:44] * Nevsangaion tries taking it out before it gets away with another bolt.
01[22:45] <Celizic> It screaches as raw mana burns its form.
06[22:46] * Tsura quickly rotates her blade to position it for another downward strike and charges the fleeing ghoul.
01[22:48] <Celizic> Tsura gashes its neck open it falls to the ground bleeding.
01[22:48] <Celizic> "holy drek! I hate ghouls!" Says peaches who appears to have lost her southern accent somewhere in the confusion.
06[22:48] * Ghost brushes himself off. "Nobody bitten, nobody infected? What about the squatter?"
06[22:48] * Tsura flicks the blood off the blade and sheathes it before hopping back into the ATV.
01[22:49] <Celizic> A ratty smelly man gets on his knees before Tsura, "Thank you! Thank you!"
06[22:49] * Morrigan slides the clips on her guns out to check them, reloads the guns and holsters them.
06[22:49] * Tsura looks a bit lost and pulls Ghost over. "No, no, thank him. He's the one who bravely fought them with nothing but his fists."
[22:49] <Morrigan> "We don't have time for this."
[22:50] <Morrigan> "The clock is ticking."
[22:50] <Tsura> "And we really need to get you a gun."
01[22:50] <Celizic> "Thanks!"
01[22:50] <Celizic> "Let's get goin' y'all."
01[22:50] <Celizic> says peaches.
06[22:51] * Ghost gets back in. "Let's slot and run."
06[22:51] * Tsura releases the handbreak and slowly starts off again.
[22:51] <Ghost> "Clock's ticking."
06[22:51] * Morrigan nods. "Indeed. Everyone should have a piece."
06[22:52] * Morrigan starts her bike again. "Let's move."
01[22:52] <Celizic> The rest of the ride out is uneventful.
01[22:52] <Celizic> 15 minutes elapsed in the tunnel.
06[22:53] * Ghost spoofs his comm signal along the ride.
01[22:54] <Celizic> The group exits the tunnel into another parking garage in UCAS territory.
06[22:54] * Ghost checks the public traffic report.
06[22:55] * Morrigan checks the area for threats. "I hate this. Something feels wrong."
[22:55] <Tsura> "Thanks for the directions, Peaches!"
06[22:55] * Tsura salutes the orc as she lets her off.
[22:55] <Morrigan> "Thank you."
06[22:55] * Nevsangaion nods to Peaches.
[22:55] <Morrigan> "This has been too easy."
01[22:56] <Celizic> "Thanks sugar, anytime now if you need help smuggling stuff accross the CAS:UCAS border feel free to call."
[22:56] <Ghost> "Will do."
01[22:57] <Celizic> The travel is clean through the streets of the UCAS sector the traffic is slightly slow even on the best streets but within 20 minutes you make it to the address.
06[22:57] * Tsura drives off once again, staying just slightly over the speed limit.
06[22:57] * Ghost checks over the building.
01[22:58] <Celizic> The drop of is just past a wrought iron gate and a driveway the mountain air is fresh.
06[22:58] * Morrigan stays a couple car lengths back of Tsura.
01[22:58] <Celizic> The neighborhood is rather posh, there's a buzzer at the gate.
06[22:59] * Morrigan pulls to a stop. "Think they'll let us in?"
[22:59] <Nevsangaion> "Let me take a look at the area before we drop."
06[22:59] * Morrigan looks amused.
06[23:00] * Ghost gets out and hits tbe buzzer.
[23:00] <Tsura> "I feel underdressed."
01[23:00] <Celizic> An AR window pops up an a hispanic man in a poorly tailor suit appears in it.
01[23:00] <Celizic> "May I help you?"
06[23:00] * Nevsangaion mumbles, "Or not."
[23:01] <Ghost> "Hello, we have a delivery, some paperwork from a Mr. Johnson?"
01[23:01] <Celizic> "Ah, I see. Very well, come inside."
06[23:02] * Ghost gets back into the atv.
06[23:02] * Tsura slowly drives through as the gates open.
06[23:02] * Morrigan follows along slowly, resisting the urge to gun the engine.
01[23:03] <Celizic> The driveway is long and winding with several stands of densely packed pines.
[23:04] <Tsura> "Nice security. Cameras in the trees."
[23:04] <Ghost> "Not surprised, rich place."
[23:04] <Tsura> "Wouldn't want to be caught changing out here."
[23:04] <Ghost> "Probably have gun turrets hidden somewhere too."
[23:04] <Nevsangaion> "Lucky us."
01[23:05] <Celizic> The driveway leads to a mansion where four businessmen dressed in ill fitting off-the rack suits greet you.
06[23:05] * Tsura stows away her katana before climbing out and bowing to the men.
01[23:05] <Celizic> they all look hispanic
06[23:05] * Ghost gets out once the atv stops.
01[23:06] <Celizic> The leader greets the group, "I am Micheal, the sottocapo is currently busy in a meeting in the shooting range downstairs he would like for you to meet him there."
06[23:06] * Tsura looks at Morrigan, "You should still have the package."
[23:06] <Tsura> "Of course, we wouldn't want to be rude."
[23:06] <Ghost> "Alright."
01[23:06] <Celizic> "Very well, this way please."
01[23:06] <Celizic> The four men lead the group into the mansion.
06[23:06] * Tsura follows the men.
06[23:06] * Ghost follows along, looking about the mansion.
06[23:07] * Morrigan nods.
01[23:07] <Celizic> You pass through a formal sitting room, the place is decorated luxuriously.
06[23:07] * Nevsangaion dismounts his bike and follows the group in.
06[23:07] * Morrigan follows the men, idly noticing the furnishings.
01[23:07] <Celizic> You are lead around a grand staircase before descending into the basement.
01[23:08] <Celizic> You are lead through a short hallway and through a soundproof door.
01[23:09] <Celizic> Micheal looks at the group, "You are to speak only when spoken to by the Sottocapo. Wait patiently for him to address you before handing over the article."
06[23:10] * Ghost nods.
06[23:10] * Morrigan raises an eyebrow.
01[23:10] <Celizic> You step into the shooting range.
01[23:10] <Celizic> An old man leaning heavily on a cane is inspecting a target.
01[23:11] <Celizic> Standing next to him is a skinny elf sweating heavily in a turn shirt.
[23:11] <Tsura> me folds her hands and waits patiently.
06[23:11] * Tsura folds her hands and waits patiently.
06[23:11] * Nevsangaion assenses both people.
01[23:11] <Celizic> He hands the target to the elf, "WOuld you be so kind as to set this target up down there?"
01[23:11] <Celizic> he points down range.
06[23:12] * Morrigan private messages the others: Security here is very tight. Not somewhere we want to offend people or break in later.
06[23:12] * Morrigan eyes the target.
01[23:12] <Celizic> He glances briefly at the others and then back to the elf as he's walking down the range.
06[23:12] * Ghost watches curiously.
01[23:12] <Celizic> He draws a gun from his coat in his shriveled old hands it looks like a cannon almost and draws a bead on the back of the elves head.
06[23:13] * Morrigan eyes the gun.
01[23:13] <Celizic> The elf sets the target up.
06[23:13] * Tsura sniffs her collar a bit.
01[23:13] <Celizic> *BLAM BLAM BLAM* He shoots the target several times, the elf cringes with each shot but is not hit.
01[23:14] <Celizic> "Ah yes."
01[23:14] <Celizic> He turns and faces the others, "As I understand it you have a package for me."
06[23:14] * Morrigan raises an eyebrow at the gun. "Yes. Nice gun."
01[23:15] <Celizic> He laughs coldly, "Thank you, the letter please."
06[23:15] * Ghost nods respectfully and glances at Morrigan.
06[23:15] * Morrigan extracts the envelope from inside her coat and extends it to him. "Ruger Super Warhawk."
[23:16] <Morrigan> "Not terribly discrete.'
01[23:16] <Celizic> "My firearms are my own business madam. Though I see you are punctual on the delivery."
01[23:17] <Celizic> He opens the package.
01[23:17] <Celizic> He reads through the papers carefully.
01[23:17] <Celizic> He frowns, nods.
01[23:17] <Celizic> "Very well."
01[23:17] <Celizic> "I see you have performed satisfactory. YOu might have a future in Denver."
06[23:17] * Morrigan nods. "We are. I meant no disrespect. Just a connoisseur
01[23:18] <Celizic> He nods to Morrigan.
01[23:18] <Celizic> "Ok, our business is complete, Micheal, please forward 1700 nuyen to the accounts of these individuals here and show them the way out."
01[23:18] <Celizic> "The chavez family thanks you for assistance."
06[23:19] * Morrigan nods. "You're welcome."
06[23:19] * Tsura bows fully to the old man and follows Michael out.
06[23:19] * Morrigan spins on heel and follows the rest.
06[23:20] * Ghost nods politely and follows.
06[23:20] * Nevsangaion follows out.
01[23:22] <Celizic> And the caravan is now outside of the gates agian and now off duty.
[23:22] <Tsura> "Okay, I think I could go for a drink. Who's with me?"
[23:23] <Ghost> "Sure, why not. Need to make sure no one tries to jump us for a little bit now anyways."
[23:23] <Nevsangaion> "Those asians might like that."
[23:23] <Morrigan> "Anyone thought of how we're getting back to our territory?"
[23:24] <Morrigan> "Preferably without paying the coyotes?"
[23:25] <Ghost> "Just... cross? Heh."
[23:26] <Tsura> "Don't have anything illegal on us, might as well just cross the borders normally."
06[23:26] * Morrigan shrugs. "You assume we're all carrying legal firearms."
[23:27] <Ghost> "I'm not, but I don't think they'll find it without being overly frisky."
06[23:27] * Tsura taps her chin. "Oh, right, I remember something about my rifle being not really legal. My sub too."
06[23:27] * Morrigan grins. "Indeed."
[23:28] <Tsura> "I'll talk our way through, I'm sure it'll work out."
06[23:28] * Morrigan quirks an eyebrow. "You'd better hope they don't take Lucy."
[23:30] <Ghost> "If it doesn't, it's cheaper to hire the Coyotes then bribe the guards."
[23:30] <Ghost> "Plus, it never hurts to get in regular touch with the Coyotes."
[23:30] <Nevsangaion> "I'm spending the night in this sector. I'll deal with it in the morning."
[23:31] <Tsura> "Let's spend it in the bars then! Let's go!"
06[23:31] * Morrigan frowns.
06[23:31] * Tsura points at Ghost, "You have no choice, unless you want to walk back home."
06[23:31] * Nevsangaion sends a message to Agatha that he won't be back that night.
06[23:32] * Morrigan frowns.
06[23:33] * Nevsangaion also sets Stilkin, his IC agent, to run through each of the team's commlinks to provide matrix security.
[23:33] <Ghost> "That Omar Chavez is the Sottocapo of the Chavez crime syndicate, by the way."
[23:33] <Nevsangaion> "I could've guessed."
[23:34] <Ghost> "Wonder who this Koshari Council is."
[23:34] <Morrigan> "Something highly hazardous to our health I suspect."
[23:35] <Nevsangaion> "They payed this month's rent. I'm happy."
06[23:35] * Ghost checks his comm. "Say, mind sharing that agent?"
[23:35] <Tsura> "He's a scary old guy with a lot of money and power, a good aim, and a big gun. Me? I'm not going to get on his bad side even if he was the president of the Good Samaritans."
[23:36] <Morrigan> "I worry about them coming back to hire me again and getting caught up in what looks like something quite serious."
[23:36] <Tsura> "You got a lot of guns, just shoot your way out. So, how about those bars?"
[23:38] <Nevsangaion> "After the way you punched out that ghoul? Certainly a little payment is neccesary."
06[23:39] * Nevsangaion transfers his agent program to Ghost, "You'll have to mod the icons, but it works."
06[23:39] * Ghost fiddles with his comm.
[23:40] <Ghost> "Hah, about the only program he runs better with is Analyze. I'll need to start upgrading my other stuff."
06[23:40] * Morrigan snorts. "I'd rather not if I didn't have to. Discretion is almost always the better part of valor. As for bars, well, the only bar I know over here isn't exactly the type of place you want to hang out at, unless you bat for the other team."
[23:41] <Tsura> "A baseball bar?"
[23:42] <Morrigan> "No. A gay bar."
06[23:42] * Morrigan coughs. "Just a metaphor I picked up from my mom years ago."
06[23:42] * Nevsangaion smirks.
[23:42] <Tsura> "Oh. Well, do they at least serve decent drinks?"
06[23:43] * Ghost finishes playing with his comm. "Alright, next time you need a bodyguard, just pay me in programs, hah."
[23:43] <Ghost> "Or if you need backup in the Matrix."
06[23:43] * Morrigan smirks. "No, not particularly."
[23:44] <Tsura> "Somewhere else then."
06[23:45] * Morrigan shrugs. "There's a place called Marcel's. Decent but a bit overpriced."
[23:47] <Morrigan> "If I recall, they've great fries too."
[23:47] <Ghost> "Sounds good."
[23:47] <Nevsangaion> "Great."
06[23:48] * Morrigan starts her bike. "This way then."
01[23:48] <Celizic> Marcels is starting to get into full swing when you arrive.
06[23:48] * Tsura follows along in her ATV.
01[23:49] <Celizic> There's no man at the door, but the woman behind the counter is just getting done showing of the tatoo on her back that seems to crawl up and down her spine at its own volition.
01[23:49] <Celizic> Most of the staff are dressed in revealing attire and all of them are heavily modified by either the grace of the comet of more then a fair share o cyber/bio surgery.
01[23:49] <Celizic> A catgirl walks right past you with a tray of spicey fries.
06[23:50] * Ghost eyes the fries.
06[23:50] * Nevsangaion eyes the service, "Awesome."
[23:50] <Ghost> "She looks delicious."
[23:50] <Ghost> "Err, they."
06[23:50] * Morrigan smirks.
06[23:50] * Tsura ignores the service and pours over the drinks menu.
01[23:51] <Celizic> A grou of sararimen sit at one table their foot untouched as they take photographs with their cameras.
06[23:52] * Morrigan eyes the menu as well, then puts it down and eyes the rest. "I was surprisingly satisfied working with you today. It's been awhile since I've had people at my back in a fight. People who didn't run at the first sign of trouble."
06[23:52] * Ghost checks their PANs curiously.
[23:53] <Tsura> "Fight?"
[23:53] <Ghost> "There wasn't really any trouble. The whole thing went pretty smoothly."
01[23:53] <Celizic> A blue skinned woman with alien-like attenea grafted on to her head and more chest then pirate booty stops at the table "Hey there, how you doing are you ready to order?"
[23:53] <Tsura> "Sake."
[23:53] <Nevsangaion> "I try to avoid direct conflict to begin with. Unless it involves virtual entities inside my head."
[23:53] <Ghost> "Nice shooting when being swarmed, though. Good game."
06[23:53] * Nevsangaion nods and smirks.
[23:54] <Tsura> "And fries."
06[23:54] * Ghost eyes the server. "Spicey fries please, alien lady."
[23:54] <Morrigan> "I like your definition of smooth."
[23:54] <Morrigan> "Fries and a Fat Tire please."
01[23:54] <Celizic> She smiles to Ghost.
01[23:55] <Celizic> She takes the order's down. "Comin' right up!"
[23:55] <Ghost> "Looks like... dang, I can't remember... there was this movie, something about aliens from Andromeda... hm."
[23:56] <Tsura> "Andromeda Tentacle Invasion? Classic back home."
[23:56] <Ghost> "You've interesting viewing material."
[23:57] <Tsura> "Everything's fun to watch when drinking."
06[23:57] * Ghost waits for the waitress to leave before commenting, "My fixer usually does corporate jobs. Don't know why she sent me on this one."
06[23:57] * Morrigan chuckles.
06[23:57] * Nevsangaion sets up an agent program to scan the net for any hints that their exploits brought any sort of heat down on the team.
Session Time: Mon Mar 31 00:00:00 2008
[00:00] <Tsura> "Really? You're kinda high class then. I usually get delivery stuff like this, sometimes bodyguarding, sometimes having to talk some ganger out of bashing in a bartender's face."
[00:01] <Ghost> "Ah well, I tend to do research. Not as well as Nev there, but most small time wageslaves are just looking for dirt on rivals. Nothing big."
[00:02] <Ghost> "Crossing corps... well, they've more toys, but criminals are more willing to use what they've got, you know?"
[00:02] <Tsura> "What I really want is to cross blades with someone really skilled though! And get enough to pay for rent and beer."
01[00:03] <Celizic> The waitress returns with drinks.
06[00:03] * Ghost chuckles. "I know a few martial arts, but all I know about swords is which end to hold them."
[00:03] <Ghost> "The non-pointy end."
[00:03] <Morrigan> "I've done my best to stay off the grid. Too many years following Mom's orders to never draw attention to myself. Did just what was needed to pay the bills. Nothing more. It's why this shit makes me nervous."
01[00:04] <Celizic> "Ellen has reactractable blades in her arms but she she's not in today."
06[00:04] * Tsura starts to sip her drink, for once.
[00:04] <Ghost> "Neat. I just use my elbows."
01[00:04] <Celizic> She chuckles and heads off.
[00:04] <Ghost> "Better in crowded subway cars too."
[00:05] <Ghost> "As far as my parents know, I'm a private investigator in Denvor."
[00:05] <Ghost> "It's fun, but doesn't really pay the bills."
[00:06] <Morrigan> "I'd imagine it gets tired following cheating husbands around for desperate housewives."
[00:06] <Nevsangaion> "As far as my parent knows, I'm not worth the effort of finding. Hopefully for a long while."
[00:07] <Tsura> "What was it my parents think I'm supposed to be...?"
06[00:07] * Tsura scratches her head and screws up her face in concentration.
06[00:09] * Morrigan looks wistful.
[00:09] <Tsura> "Oh, right, I'm a traveling ronin."
06[00:09] * Ghost says quietly, "I've heard this place is run by the Mafia. Hope it's only the Triads and Yaks that are miffed at us."
06[00:10] * Ghost scans the crowds. "Where are those fries? Busy kitchen..."
[00:10] <Nevsangaion> "I've got a search going for our names around various databases around Denver. Something's bound to leak if we miffed someone real bad."
[00:10] <Ghost> "We were just delivery, I doubt anyone cared too much."
[00:11] <Tsura> "Not like we shot or cut anyone. So it's no problem, no problem."
[00:11] <Nevsangaion> "Always good to check if someone wants to kill you."
06[00:11] * Nevsangaion smirks.
[00:11] <Ghost> "'There is no knowledge that is not power.'"
01[00:12] <Celizic> The waitress returns with heaping platters of spicey fries.
[00:12] <Tsura> "Whoever said that never dregged the Matrix communities."
[00:12] <Ghost> "Ah, you're my hero. Er, heroine."
06[00:12] * Ghost munches on fries.
[00:13] <Ghost> "Say, if it's not too personal, do those antenna do anything? Improve signal strength, maybe?"
03[00:13] * Retrieving #darkic modes...
06[00:14] * Morrigan munches on her fries and sips her beer.
06[00:14] * Tsura passes the night munching on fries, sipping her sake, and chatting away.
01[00:20] <Celizic> *end session*
03[00:20] * Ghost is now known as Dark
03[00:21] * Morrigan has left #darkic
03[00:21] * Tsura is now known as Bishop
03[00:21] * Bishop has left #DarkIC
03[00:22] * Nevsangaion is now known as Kaioso
02[00:43] * Kaioso has quit IRC (Quit: <Miel> (Dragons - color coded for your convenience))
02[00:47] * Dark has quit IRC (Quit: Sleep!)

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