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PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2004 10:49 pm 
Well, why not. I figure I'll post it here. What's the worst that can happen, eh?

(famous last words...)

Anyway... Here ya go. Formatted for the Greyarchive, but I'm sure y'all won't mind.

The New Age

Disclaimers: This is a work of fanfiction.
I do not own anything mentioned herein except the original characters.
This is a work of erotic fiction, if you are too young to see this, or
if you feel you are old enough but your local/state/federal/other governmental
lawmakers feel they know better than you what is acceptable for you to
read, you should not read this. Of course, since this is only going to be
posted on the Greyarchive, you should have already seen this statement.
This is a covering-my-ass statement. If you should see this on another webpage,
please tell me so that I might speak horrible curses at the owner of said
MechWarrior, BattleMech, ?Mech and AeroTech are registered trademarks
of WizKids, Inc. All Rights Reserved.<br>
All images are owned by WizKids, Inc. All rights reserved.<br>
All the Mech links link to For more Cover My Ass
reasons, I have chosen to not simply use image tags and link back to their
images, but to the entire Mech sheet.</font> This is a compromise between
the desire to not get in trouble and the desire to, like a good Btech
novel, have pictures in the back of the book of the Mechs mentioned.<br>
Following the unimaginable success of Task Force Serpant, and
with the FedCom Civil War finally over, tensions are starting to ease
throughout the Inner Sphere. Old hatreds were starting to thaw, and to
those who could read the writing on the wall, it looked like mankind was
finally ready for another Golden Age. Boy, are they wrong...<br>
But this story's not about that, now. This story's focused on
an ass-end-of-nowhere out of the way planet named McComb, on the Draconis
Combine/Fedcom border. Population: 91,934. An arctic planet of no real
import save it's status on the border, McComb is a nightmare for young
Mechwarriors who want to get out and do somthing, and a dream assignment
for the old Mechwarrior who's looking to live out the last of his days
doing nothing but peaceful 75-ton strolls in a winter wonderland.<br>
Current military might:<br>
Four divisions of standard infantry<br>
Two armored cavalry divisions (Light vehicles)<br>
One lance of Demolisher tanks<br>
One very bored lance of Wolf's Dragoons, currently pulling garrison
HPG station class: C, often called class S by the technicians.
S for "SNAFU." If the generator works one day a week, they consider themselves
It's a very boring assignment, especially for a hot-shot rising
star 18-year-old ace with a name to make for herself like Cpl. Sara
Ostych. (Ost-wich) Callsign: Princess.<br>
The most junior member of the Dragoon lance, Sara was the pilot
of a brand-spanking new Shadow Cat (Primary.) <br>
The other Mechwarriors in her lance are:<br>
Sgt. Maj. Jerome Scott, 36. Callsign: Paladin. Formerly of the
Northwind Highlanders, seperated during fighting in Clan space, rescued
by the Dragoons and taken in. Feeling he owed a debt of honor to the Dragoons,
and with the generally good relations between the Highlanders and Dragoons,
was permitted to join. Pilots a Highlander with the Northwind Highlander's
crest on the left breast, and the Dragoon's red wolf-head on the right.
Following the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar, requested demotion and
command of a nowhere lance. Command was granted, demotion denied.<br>
Lance Cpl. Evan Blair, 19. Callsign: Maverick. An orphan of the
Fedcom civil war and unwilling to join the AFFC after the civil war
was ended, he rashly stowed away on a comercial Dropship headed for Outreach,
where he signed up with the Dragoons with literally nothing but the clothes
on his back. Notorious card-shark and lech, he was handed every young Mechwarrior's
nightmare: Garrison duty. Pilots a Dragon Fire that he recieved due to
a hiccough in the paperwork.<br>
Cpl. Nathaniel "Yeee-HAW!" Freeman, 20. Callsign: Defiance. Somthing
of a rogue, Freeman was drummed out of Katrina Steiner's AFFC on charges
of "insubordination." Never having seen combat, Freeman was rather a rogue,
full of romantic notions of glory and honor. He also had two personality
quirks that rendered him persona non grata in the AFFC: He likes Quad
mechs, and he will not pilot any mech that does not feature at least one
large-bore Defiance Industries autocannon unless given a direct order
to get into the cockpit. Has somthing of a fetish for Defiance Industries
products, and rumor has it that he's blood related to a Defiance bigwig.
When he wound up in the Dragoons, he bounced around from unit to unit where
his unusual quirks were unwelcome, until the right combination of commander
and paperwork landed him in the hotseat of a brand new captured Barghest.
All Defiance, Quad, Freeman was in Heaven. You could only make him happier
in the seat of a Fafnir. Pilots: Barghest.<br>
"YEEEEEE-HAAW!" The voice crackled over the comms, as a titanic
explosion thundered through the air, followed by the high pitched discharge
sound of two ER Large Lasers. Paint balls the size of basketballs splattered
over the broad back of the Highlander, and two beams of yellow lights hit
it. A buzzer sounded in everyone's ears. Kill.<br>
"You little bugger, you were back there the whole time!" Paladin
laughed over the comms, shutting down his weapons and guiding the Highlander
off the field. "You're damn straight I was, old man. That's what you get
when you turn your back on a Defiance Disintegrator!"<br>
"Can it Defiance. Or are you like, being paid by Defiance Industries
every time you make an open advertisment for their products?"<br>
"As far as you don't know about those three secret bank accounts,
no, I am not. Nyah." The two boys joked back and forth as their titanic
metal monsters circled each other. Maverick's Dragon Fire had the advantage
in manuverability and was five tons heavier than the Barghest, but had
been 'mauled' by the weapons fire from the Highlander. Simulated, of
course - paintball autocannon rounds, foam aluminum gauss slugs, laser
tag lasers and airburst paint missiles replacing the more lethal varieties.<br>
The pilots of Alpha Lance, garrison mercs of McComb were engaging
in a friendly game of warfare. Or rather, simlated warfare. Part battle,
part entertainment, when not sleeping, eating, cozying up at a bar or
walking patrols, this is what bored Mechwarriors do. Most Mechwarriors,
of course, use a simulator for this, but McComb is a backwater. Which
leaves training-fire excersizes in the real deal as the only recourse for
the bored Mechwarrior.<br>
<i>Come on, come on. That's right, be a good pair of hotheaded
testosterone-fueled idiots and maul each other... Then I pounce!</i><br>
An evil grin worked over the beautiful young Mechwarrior's face.
Hot-shutdown in a drainage ditch, the 45-ton Shadowcat was ready to leap
into action. It's pilot counted off seconds on her slender, gloved fingers
as she mentally envisioned the battle. The Dragon Fire would be trying
to get behind the Barghest, which would be manuvering wildly to prevent
this. They would be exchanging fire from their smaller weapons, while
trying to line up the big ones - for the Dragon Fire, the one-two punch
of the LBX/AC10 and it's Gauss Rifle, while the Barghest tried to bring
the gaping muzzle of it's LBX/AC20 to bear.<br>
<i>Okay. Maverick can't take a single shot from that LBX-20 unless
he gets really lucky, but Defiance can take a few shots from the gauss
and LBX-10. Defiance's mech is better suited for the upclose work here,
but not against somthing as fast as the Dragon Fire. He'll have to get lucky
in twenty seconds or less... Okay, NOW!</i><br>
Firing the Shadowcat's fusion engine from hot standby to full,
the Cat rose to it's legs, and with the throttle preset on full while
it was shutdown, leapt immideately into the action. It climbed from the
ditch, dashing towards the battle below. Princess's hopes for an amazing
2-kill finish looked to be dashing themselves as the LBX/AC20 fired again
- but somehow the Dragon Fire weathered the assualt. A glance at the sensors.
He was all in the red. A shot anywhere from just about anything would
finish him off now. The Barghest had fared even more poorly, though. It
was red all over, though not as devoid of protection as the Dragon Fire.
Still, one more one-two would do it. And that almost happened - the Gauss
rifle on the Dragon Fire crackled, spewing a molten alluminum slug which
splattered on the side of the Barghest, forming a mess but not much else.
The LBX/AC 10 jammed as it fired, however.<br>
"See? I keep telling you, if it ain't Defiance, it ain't an Autocannon.
The Mydron Excel jams too much. You really, really should refit that
thing with a Defiance Liberator."<br>
"Will you stop yappin' about Defiance this, Defiance-AWW CRAP!"<br>
BUZZZZZ. Kill. The two ER Medium Lasers on the Shadowcat leapt
out, and 'tagged' the Dragon Fire for enough simulated damage to kill
it. Defiance looked over - damn. That WAS Princess. Her mech's torso was
rotating. Awww crap. He tried to pull his two ER Large Lasers over. They
swung out on the mount, but not fast enough. Fire anyway. Miss.<br>
The two yellow taglaser shots flew over her cockpit by a scant
meter. It woulden't distract her. She could and would win this. Bring
the crosshairs into alignment. Squeeze the trigger...<br>
Freeman squeeked over the comms and started cursing good naturedly
as the molten alluminum shot from the Shadowcat's gauss rifle splattered
all over his cockpit's windows. BUZZZZZZ. Kill. Had the shot been for-real,
he'd be on his expressway to wherever dead Mechwarriors go. As it was,
he was just blind and laughing. "Damnit, did you HAVE to show off with
a headshot?"<br>
Sara smirked, then started laughing. "Yes, yes I did. How's that
feel, mmmm?"<br>
"Game and match, Solaris fans! This is Paladin Scott, reporting
live from McComb Arena, where in an utterly amazing display of patience
and ambush tactics, Sara "Princess" Ostych has scored a perfect victory
against opponants that outweighed her by twenty five tons and more! Her
prize for this evenings' display of audacity and cleverness is a round
of drinks purchased by her opponants."<br>
The laughter of the four Mechwarriors and the assorted techs/base
personell listening in on the radio chatter echoed loud and long.<br>
"You think I could get work with the Solaris VII Gaming Commission
if I ever get tired of being a merc?"<br>
Sara smiled, listening to the continued laughted. "NOW who's the
audacious one, hmmmm?"<br>
The four mechwarriors chuckled, returning back to the hanger -
Defiance piloting his Barghest mostly from sensors and by looking out
the side windows.<br>
Unaware, of course, of the fact that in the heavens above, relatively
speaking, near, a small disaster was at this moment happening.<br>
A Scout-class Jumpship tore through space and time itself, Jumping
into the system, a single Union-class Dropship on it's back. The harbinger
of invasion it was not, however. The jumpship was aging, one of the very
first production run of Scouts, and due to be retired after it's last run
- this run. Ferrying a dropship - itself getting up in age - to Marduk
to cycle with four fresh DCMS Mechwarriors and six new mechs to replace those
lost in a small corporate mercenary raid against the factory, the Jumpship's
ailing computer had accidently selected the wrong jump from Tripoli. Arriving
in-system, the Dropship immideately began to suffer cascade malfunctions
the Kearny-Fuchida Stardrive and the secondary in-system drives. The engineering
section immideately flooded with hard rads and hydrogen gas. By itself,
this disaster could be recovered from - however, at that very moment a chance,
freak meteor struck from behind, directly over the engineering compartment.
The hydrogen ignited, setting off a huge fireball from the Scout's engineering
On the bridge of the Dropship Dragon's Scale the shock from the
explosion in the Jumpship below was felt. The captain immideately sat
bolt-upright in his chair. "What by the hells was that?! Report!"<br>
"Explosion on the Guiding Wind, sir! We don't know what's going
On the bridge of the Scout-class Jumpship Guiding Wind, all Hell
was breaking loose. Warning lights of all colors were going off, automated
damage reports were flooding in and outlining a nightmare.<br>
"Stardrive section is destroyed, Captain! We're venting atmosphere
and drive plasma!"<br>
"What happened?!" "I don't know sir! We're bleeding plasma inside
the ship!"<br>
"Damage report!"<br>
In the cargo bay of the tiny Jumpship, the chief bay officer had
been taking a nap when the explosion happened. This was fortunate for
him, because he was secured. The rest of the bay crew, not being so lucky,
had become paste on the fore wall. The bay chief was screaming a damage
report into his comm panel. "I don't know! My crew is dead and I can't
see anything! The lights are all out!"<br>
This was true - there were no lights left on in the bay, nevertheless
illumination began to grow - bright purple illumination. The crew chief
whirled around to see what was happening, and his breath caught in his
throat. Across the cargo bay, beyond tanks of spare fuel and containers
of food and water a plasma conduit had ruptured, and the high-energy gas was
spilling into the bay at an alarming rate. "Plasma leak! We've got a leak!"<br>
It was moving towards him at an amazing rate. The middle-aged
Asian man froze, running through his options in his head. The airlock
was next to him. Both doors being hard to the vaccuum of space, he would
be safe in it, though trapped. The compartment hatch was closed, and more
than forty feet away. No chance. Or die. He made his choice, and hammered
on the button to open the airlock inner door. He didn't even wait for
it to move half-way out of his way before starting to pull himself through.
In the glossy, mirrorlike airlock lockers he could see behind him. That
cloud was moving very fast. And there were... things... within it... twisting,
He slammed the airlock door's close button as he cleared the door.
Those doors closed fast. So fast his foot nearly got taken off. But
he made it. SLAM! The inner door nearly took off his foot, it was so
close. Then the windows to the interior were full of glowing purple plasma.
The bay chief shuddered softly. That was close.<br>
Back on the Scale, alarms were going off. The captain was watching
the captain of the Jumpship through the comm screen nervously, A small
fire had broken out on the Jumpship's bridge. "We're having cascade failures!
Casualties are mounting, and we've lost life support! You're going to
have to break free!"<br>
"We can't! We don't even know what system this is!" "You have no
choice! This ship's falling apart! The plasma ducts are rupturing systematically,
the ship's too old!"<br>
"Captain, I have the damage report feed from the Guiding wind!"
The dropship's chief of the watch turned around, tapping on his screen
behind him. The damage report came up on the captain's screen: the ship
was forty-five percent filled with plasma, and rising. Internal damage
was continuing - the ship was suffering cascading fatal failures of all
the safety systems.<br>
Alarms of all sorts were going off. Including...<br>
The captain of the Dragon's Scale peered at his screen for a second,
trying to comprehend. What in the world? Then his eyes went wide, "What's
going on? Now we have biohazard warnings going off! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"<br>
The cascading failures were going straight forward from the bottom
spine of the Scout, rapidly approaching the bridge. Guiding Wind's captain
started to sweat, looking around. "Get out of here, Scale! Fire the
Scale's captain shook his head. "What is going on?!" Then the screen
went blank. Communications cut?<br>
"CUT US LOOOOSEEEEEEE!!!" It was the Jumpship captain's voice,
and he sounded in horrible agony. The auido feed cut abruptly following
a horrible screech, then static. The Captain's asian skin went absoloutly
pale. "Fire the bolts! Drives to full!"<br>
At the base of the Jumpship, the connecting corridors were being
sealed, and explosive bolts being fired to free the dropship from the
stricken Jumpship below it. A crewman of the Scale watched, his eyes
wide with horror as the plasma breaches ran through the ship at him,
swirling masses of purple, glowing high-energy gas, swirling through and
through with debris and bodies. He hoped they were bodies, and not still
alive. His mouth was dry, as he watched through the airlock windows. Would
it hold against the plasma pressure? The ship was shaking as the bolts fired.
Then he was accelerated against the floor of the corridor, as the Dropship's
primary drives fired, lifting it clear of the Jumpship. Plasma vented into
space where the Dropship had been mere seconds ago...<br>
Back on McComb, a small party was going down in the 'spaceport
cantine.' The euphemistically named bar that was at the outskirts of the
McComb spaceport - a wide tarmac. Sara laughed, giggling slightly drunkenly
as she was hauled shoulder-high by her fellow Mechwarriors in celebration
of her victory. They were singing some drunken drinking song, and she giggled.
She - fortunately - haden't had much, maybe a glass of wine - was it
wine? She looked at what was in her hand - it was empty, at any rate.
She giggled, putting the empty glass on a table as she was paraded past
it, the reveling Mechwarriors good-naturedly singing the tale of her singlehanded
victory. Of course, the way they made it sound, far from a skilled ambush
of two mechs which were beating each other up, she'd single-handedly fought
and beaten back an entire Clan invasion force.<br>
Still, they made her laugh. They were her friends, really. She
finally wiggled free and sat down, sighing softly. She was bored.<br>
Thinking this as Paladin laughed again. "Okay, okay. I'm going
to the barracks. The rest of you lot outta do the same - we may have
to fight off angry technicians tomorrow, because of all the aluminium
they're gonna be scraping off our mechs tonight!" The other two boys laughed,
and the three warriors strolled out into the waning light. Paladin went
straight back to the barracks, as he'd said, though Nathan (as he preferred
his first name,) and Blair (as he preferred his last name,) took a turn
down an alley towards the 'red light district,' which was really not much
more than four competing brothels.<br>
Sara sighed, leaning on her hands. All alone again. Nothing but
the aged bartender who handed her a glass of water, and his daughter the
barmaid. The Mechwarrior sighed, rubbing her thighs together.<br>
<i>Damnit. No, I don't need to get all horny. Damnit... None of
the girls around here are like me... Stupid sexual preferences. Stupid
female bias. I hardly ever want a boy, and when I do they're a taken boy...
But I want every girl I see... Oh no, not here. I can't get wet here...</i><br>
She rubbed her thighs together again. Yep, she was starting to
get horny. The barmaid's jiggling breasts didn't help - firm C cups, bouncing
like little bowls of jelly. Sara wanted to squeeze them so bad, she had
to bite her lip to prevent herself from doing it. She stood, shakily, and
turned, dashing out the door of the bar.<br>
<i>Oh my goodness... So wet... Mmmmmm, I need a girl! Arrrgh!</i><br>
Biting her lip, Sara dashed back to the barracks, diving into her
bunk without greeting anyone, struggling to get her clothes off as fast
as possible. Fingers clawing under her pillow, she pulled out her friend.<br>
<i>Oh, sweet. I need you now...</i><br>
The eighteen-year-old Mechwarrioress moaned, as with trembling
hands she touched the long dildo to her dripping slit - the bulbous head
slightly parting her petals, pushing in just a bit.<br>
"Ynnnnnnn! yes!"<br>
Her breathing was coming hot and heavy, as her trembling hands slowly
forced the object inside her hot, velvety tunnel. A moan. A very LOUD moan,
as she felt it slowly violating her, stretching her tight muscles as she
forced it into herself. Then it bottomed out, as her palm pressed up against
her swolen and stretched mound.<br>
"NNNNnngh! YES!"<br>
Her eyes closed, as she started fantasising.<br>
Selene Redriech. 19, technician assigned to the Lance. A nice match
for Sara - both women were slender, but very toned, and both had small
breasts. However, where Sara was five-six and had nice, firm just-barely
C cups, the slender tech was four-ten and her breasts were barely Bs. Nickname
"The Mouse," she was easily the bech tech for five Jumps in any direction.
Or at least, she could make her Mechwarriors believe it.<br>
Her nickname had other reasons, too. She was just so damn cute, so
very cute and spicy. Sara thought back to the last time she'd seen the
tech in the shower. Four foot ten of perfect little woman. It'd taken a
herculean excersize of will not to rape the hapless woman then and there.<br>
But she was so damned heterosexual! ARRGH! The Mouse was legandary
for flirting with all the boys and leaving them high and dry.<br>
Sara started moaning, pumping the dildo in and out of her like the
piston on an ICE engine, as she started to moan. "Gods, yesssss.... Yeees!
Selene, yes, put it there! Yes, YES!" Writing back and forth on her bed,
in her mind's eye the Mouse herself was manipulating the dildo.<br>
"You like this, huh Sara? You want me to put it in deeper?"<br>
Sara moaned as she thought it. So sexy, so warm, the voice so
full of spice and sulty sex. She could almost hear it, the Mouse's voice
so perfect...<br>
Sara's eyes snapped open. The Mouse was kneeling at Sara's feet,
naked and driving two fingers into her cute, bare-shaven pussy, her eyes
locked onto Sara's. A grin broke the Mouse's face. "I needed to talk
to you about your Cat, but when I walk in here. Well, let's say I've
had less welcome receptions."<br>
She winked. Sara's blood ran cold. Was she hallucinating? Still imagining?
No... That hand that grasped her foot was too real. Her heart pounded
- sure, she'd fantasized about girls her whole life, and had a titanic
collection of lesbian porn on her computer, but... She was a virgin, still.
Then the hand squeezed, and the Mouse giggled. "Shush, Mechwarrior. It's
obvious you're into me.... Ever since that night in the showers."<br>
Sara's heart was racing like a machine. She stared into the Mouse's
eyes. A trick? A dare? No... The mouse pushed forward, settling herself
between the taller girl's thighs, and leaning forward - those hands. Those
small, oh-so-deft hands running over her body. Sara gasped as they caressed
her breasts. She could feel her pussy pulsing with honey. Gods, this was
really happening... Those hands, they squeezed. It felt so new... "Aaa-ahhhhhh!"<br>
A sultry look came over the Mouse's face, as she leant down, taking
a nipple into her mouth. Slowwwwwly sucking it to a rock-hard peak, then
kissing the other. Then forward she crept...<br>
Sara was half-aware of her beating chest, rising and falling with
the seconds, as the Mouse's body slid across hers. The tech's face so close...
so close... She reached out, and pulled the small woman into a kiss -
she'd only been kissed six times before in her life, but... damn... The
woman's lips were like fire, her small breasts pressing against Sara's
breasts, as they wrapped their arms around each other.<br>
The kiss broke, after a blissful eternity. And Mouse giggled softly.
"Silly woman, why didn't you jump me before? I knew you wanted me - hell,
I arranged that shower incident just so you could!"<br>
Sara blushed, and knew it was making her totally red. "I..." Her
voice felt foreign, as she tried to make it function. "I always thought
you were straight."<br>
The Mouse licked her lips, then Sara's lips. "Nope. Bi, but there's
no worthwhile boys here. Except Blair and Nathan, but there's that stupid
rule that says no male mechwarriors may have sex with a female mechwarrior
or technician. Nothing about girls and girls, though..."<br>
Then the mouse was all over her, squeezing her nipples and rolling
them, her legs straddling the taller Mechwarrior's waist, grinding her
pussy into the firm flesh above Sara's waist. The juices running were
so hot, they dripped down, mingled with Sara's own honey as it stained
the bed. Sara reached up, and moaned as she felt her first double-handful
of breast, squeezing softly. So new, so soft... The Mouse's eyes closed
as a beautiful moan of pleasure erupted from her lips.<br>
Then it was Sara's turn to moan, as the Mouse turned around, leaning
down - lips touched her clit, gently sucking it. It was like fire. She
spread the legs of her sweet Tech, and slowly ran her tounge across the
slit, parted slightly. The taste was incredibly, incredibly sweet, with
just a bit of bitter... Greedily she thrust her tounge into her new lovers'
vaginal lips, lapping deep and hard, inexperianced but oh-so-enthuestiac.<br>
Then the feelings were reciprocated, as the Mouse's tounge started
to gently probe her pussy, slathering across the walls, licking up the
juices. Heavenly... "Yess, that's right Sara... Just do what I do..." Fingers
parted Sara's cunt, as the tounge went back in - her arms wrapped up around
the slender thighs of the mouse-like tech, parting the beautiful flower
- it was so hot and pink inside her, Sara could SEE the heat, and the juices
filling the cute cunt. She pressed her face in, as the tounge in her cunt
started to explore the top of her pussy, finding her G-spot... It was like
electricity, and she thrust her own tounge into the Mouse's pussy, reveling,
glorying in the taste and the feel as she started to tounge-fuck her new
All too soon it was over, yet it seemed to stretch an eternity, with
the Mouse's lips and tounge expertly wrapped around her clit, sucking
her and finger-fucking her sweet pussy, while she returned the favor,
clumisily but happily. They came at the same time, both women instinctivly
pushing their vaginas into the other's face - lips to cunny lips, they
orgasmed madly, spraying their juices...<br>
A minute, then two minutes passed by, with nothing happening but
companionable licking, slowly cleaning each other's sexes of the hot
honey. Then Mouse turned around, and giggled softly. She was still sitting
on Sara's belly, leaning down. She hugged Sara, and pulled the taller
Mechwarrior onto her side. "Mmmmm. Damn you're good, girl."<br>
Sara laughed softly at this, and squoze the Mouse to her - a soft
squeek was her answer, followed by an even tighter embrace and a warm liplock.
Then a finger touched her lips, and the Mouse winked softly. "Don't think.
Don't have doubts, don't think about what's different, what's the same,
or where anything's going. Just live for the now, squeeze me and enjoy me.
Okay?" Another kiss. This was going to be a long night, they both thought,
as they started to caress and softly squeeze each other's bodies.<br>
Notes to the readers:<br>
For all you Btech purists: I do not appologize for AUing so much.
I truely do not know the status of McComb, but it seemed relatively
out of the way enough that I could use it. And no, the Word of Blake
Jihad never took place. In this plotline, the Wobblies made Comstar
so mad that they launched a preemptive strike. The Com Guard was amazingly
victorious, and the WoB rebellion was squished. If this upsets you, go
back to playing your strictly Wizkids sanctioned pre-made scenario sets.<br>
For the rest:<br>
Cudos and points for getting the following references.<br>
10 points: If you got the Wing Commander reference in Sgt. Major
Scott's callsign.<br>
5 points: If you thought Sgt. Major Scott's callsign Paladin was
a reference to Crimson Skies' Paladin Blake, as opposed to the Paladin
from Wing Commander.<br>
10 points: If you got Blair's callsign reference, also a Wing
Commander reference.<br>
20 points: If you got the Half Life reference in Nathaniel Freeman's
name. (Obviously a reference to Gordon Freeman.)<br>
40 points: "What's going on? Now we have biohazard warnings going
from Homeworld: Cataclysm.<br>
100 points: If you recognized my own MW4:Mercs multiplayer penchant
for using large-bore autocannons and spouting a line off about Defiance
Industries when I do in Nathaniel Freeman.<br>
All points are redeemable for absoloutly nothing. :)<br>
Please send feedback. Please. Nothing kills a good story more
than a lack of feedback, and I'm a feedback junkie. It feels like you're
screaming into the vaccuum of space when you write somthing and show it
to all of your friends and nobody can be bothered to write more than two
lines of thought about the story.<br>
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2004 8:02 pm 
Nothing? Nobody?


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2004 1:23 pm 
This should keep me busy...

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2004 3:50 pm 
errr, whaa?

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 24, 2004 10:56 pm 
Side note, most of the purists are a tad more upset over the credibility of the Wobblie build up. :P

So what's the deal with the incoming dropship??
I mean, the sex scene was ok, though we seem to have lost a dildo somewhere. :P

I'm just curious how you're going to work the Dracs into this.

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