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Damn, you're good. Right on all counts. (Except the Bread and Circuses thing- I had to look up the term, and insofar as that situation occurs in just about any society, it isn't especially strong in this one, or at least that wasn't my intention.)

This wasn't meant to be the beginning of a story. Technically, it's a very small slice taken out of the middle of a very, very long story. I wouldn't even know where to begin telling the whole thing. I wrote this primarily out of boredom, never with the intent of publishing it or even polishing it up at all, and I only posted it to see what people would think.

Yes, there are psionics. Pretty standard use of those as far as I know.

As for the Onnist church, that's brand new. Vintage 2040s, I believe (the story takes place in the 2260s, just FYI). It's a very libertarian religion, with a Christian-esque structure (a la, churches, priests, etc.) but its authority has almost no power at all. Here's where I go into my own biased view of the world and how it works: such a religion may have died quickly in real life, for all I know.
Onnism gained strength in the world because of its very empyrical, even secular, manner. For instance, the first Law of Onnism (akin to the Ten Commandments, except they're mostly guidelines) is "Don't take anything for granted. Only believe completely in something that can be proven." This teaching flies in the face of traditional religious principle, which teaches blind faith on the basis of preachings alone. In a highly scientific world where the supernatural is viewed dubiously at best, Onnism quickly caught on, especially after some of its first priests managed to develop powerful psychic powers through its teachings, thereby giving what many saw as actual proof of their validity.
As for the teachings, as I said the main tenets are independence and reasoning. It's like Neo-paganism in that way; you can do things pretty much however you want, with some helpful guidelines and a few restrictions. The dogma sets down some traditions, such as wedding and funeral arrangements, but constantly points out that these are only placed for the sake of convenience and are by no means the only or even the best ways of doing things. Now on to the books themselves: the Onnist holy text, Biblicia, is broken up into 8 books: Beginning, Good, Evil, Life, Love, War, Death, and End; these are named after the aspects that they primarily concern. Each is filled with stories (with disclaimers that these are largely fictional, and intended as fables for examplar or moral purposes and not to be taken literally), as well as essays on the nature of the world, all of which are meant to help people reach an understanding of themselves and their universe so that they can better live their lives.
Onnism does have a mythology, much of which is made up, and the primary figure in it is the being Onni, also known informally as the "half-god." Onni (who should never be referred to by any pronoun), supposedly, is the soul, more or less, of the sun, and is considered to be spiritually above mortals yet below gods, thus the "half-god" notation. Onnists pray primarily to either Onni or themselves (to their soul, which is believed to exist in the spiritual plane and exert only a minimal presence within the actual body).

As you can see, I could go on about this all day and night, but I think I'll stop now.

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