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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 5:05 am 
So name because that's what my mother called it when I explained what the heck I was eating for dinner one night.

<b> The Recipie: </b>
Baked Beans or Spagetti can
Grated Cheese
Sausages, Bacon, Ham, $Other_Appropriate_Meat
Onion, chopped
Mixed Vegitables or $Other_Appropriate_Vegitables, preferably leftovers
for 4 mins wrapped in a paper towel)
Buttered Toast.

Cook the sausages/bacon/MEAT & onion in a frypan, grill, or whatever.
Chop up everything bigger than a small cube <i>into</i> a small cube, throw it all in a bowl and mix it up and microwave it until it's hot.

Serve on toast, for a More Interesting And Nutrious Than Baked Beans On Toast meal. It's actually surprisingly tasty, and depending on how much meat you used and how finely you chopped it, can be a good way of stretching even half a sausage to something that feels like a proper meal.
Or, well, a <i>bachelor</i> meal, but a meal anyway, right?

However, there is more to this than meets the eye...

<b>The Trick:</b>

You can cook a medium sized potato in a microwave in about 3-4 minutes on high. Wash it, quarter it, then wrap it in a paper towel, still 'intact' before cooking. Then nuke the little bugger.

Mixed vegitables, peas, and other such frozen veg can be cooked quickly if you forgot to have any ready sooner via cheating: Take a bowl or cup, put your desired vegitables in it. Then pour hot water from the tap over them, swirl them round, drain. Repeat until the water, after swirling, has no longer cooled. Stick it in the microwave with the hot water, and nuke them (Usually with a little salt added).
You've heated your vegitables from 'frozen' to 'hot' in less than a minute, thus meaning the microwave will cook them the rest of the way in a quarter of the time. Conductivity > Radiation, folks!

I can cook a potato and mixed vegitables in about the time it takes me to cook chopped onion, and brown a pre-cooked sausage. The entire thing can be ready to eat, from uncooked vegitables, in about ten minutes, with precisely one bowl and one pan dirty.

It's nothing flash, but it's fast, easy, relatively cheap and requires no special preperation of inventories to pull off. >.>

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