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PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, 2004 3:48 pm 
[16:52:44] <trainee-rj> ain't is a word
[16:52:49] <trainee-rhia> i am going to have to look that up
[16:52:58] <trainee-rhia> not if you ask my momma
[16:53:06] <trainee-rj> i posted the link
[16:53:12] <trainee-rj> mr webster says it is
[16:53:19] <trainee-rhia> and if momma says it's not then it's not
[16:53:28] <trainee-rj> lol
[16:53:31] <trainee-brad> they add words all the time to the dictionary, and then
change the meanings of others over time.
[16:53:58] <trainee-brad> does your momma still tell you about the easter bunny?
[16:54:09] <trainee-rj> ROTFLMAO
[16:54:15] <trainee-rhia> yes yes she does
[16:54:23] <trainee-brad> there ya go.
[16:54:32] <trainee-rj> u tell ur kids that?
[16:55:17] <trainee-rhia> she says the easter bunny is a broke drunken bastard that
cant walk straight and thats why he looses his eggs every year
[16:55:27] <trainee-rhia> please
[16:55:49] <trainee-rhia> my kids are growing up in this century
[16:56:12] <trainee-rhia> they will tell you you r lying because you dont have
[16:56:16] * trainer-kreely coughs
[16:56:31] <trainee-rhia> kreely are you actually coughing
[16:56:48] <trainer-kreely> No, I'm just interrupting
[16:57:04] <trainee-rhia> yes maam
[16:57:13] <trainer-kreely> ack....not the dreaded m word!
[16:57:15] * trainer-kreely cringes
[16:57:31] <trainee-rhia> thats not because you are old its out of respect
[16:57:37] <trainee-rhia> stop cringing


a bit later:

[19:29:37] *** -Abuse-Jen is now known as -Abuse-Jen-brb
[19:29:38] *** Sup-Pat (Sup-Pat@random IP) Quit (Unknown)
[19:30:33] <trainee-brad> just checking...sometimes my humour goes over peoples heads
[19:31:12] *** trainer-kreely (trainer-kreely@random IP) Quit (QUIT: )
[19:31:27] <trainee-rj> there gone!!!!
[19:31:30] <trainee-rj> party!!
[19:32:36] <trainee-brad> (trainer-kreely) I may not be on, but there are computers near me that have irc up...
[19:34:15] <trainee-rj> umm
[19:34:25] <trainee-rj> i didnt say anything i swear

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2004 2:30 pm 
Knight of Daisies, Tulip Slayer
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2004 1:11 pm 
[13:07] *** Smeggers has joined channel #itswalky!
[13:08] <Deathstalker> Heya Smeggers
[13:08] <Gerald> heyas
[13:08] <Jawsisstuck> It's Smeggers!
[13:08] * Smeggers waves
[13:09] <Arianell> Smeggs!
[13:09] <Smeggers> Arinanell!
[13:09] <Rakka> Smeggy!
[13:10] <Arianell> Smeggy-poo-er!
[13:10] <Arianell> (Alright. I couldn't resist.)
[13:10] * Rakka pictures starline being here calling people 'poo-face'.
[13:10] <Jawsisstuck> heh heh
[13:10] * Jawsisstuck enters feedy frenzy
[13:11] <Jawsisstuck> ...feeding
[13:11] * Arianell backs away from Jaws
[13:11] <Smeggers> RakkY!
[13:11] <Smeggers> Arianell --ee-- pooky-poo!
[13:11] <Deathstalker> o_O
[13:12] <Gerald> Smeggie-pookie-kins!
[13:12] <Jawsisstuck> FOOOOOODDDDD
[13:12] <Smeggers> GerrY--hunny--bunker-boo!
[13:12] <Jawsisstuck> O.o
[13:13] * Jawsisstuck notices the cute woodlen creatures comming in en masse
[13:13] <Arianell> sweetiepookerlubbie!
[13:13] <Smeggers> Anyone sick yet? No?
[13:14] * Gerald shakes head
[13:14] <Jawsisstuck> ...I think i just devloped diabities
[13:17] <Gerald> ...
[13:17] <packyAtWork> Wow. Sweetness abounds in here today.
[13:17] <Smeggers> Awwwwsoo cyuuuutiewootiebuggybumperbunnyboooo!
[13:18] * Smeggers explodes into a pile of plushies.
[13:18] * Arianell collects plushies for poor children
[13:19] <Jawsisstuck> RUN CHIBI CLOUD!
[13:19] <Gerald> Eeee!
[13:19] <Smeggers> *poof*
[13:19] *** Smeggers is now known as SmeggersChibi
[13:19] <Deathstalker> *poof*
[13:19] *** Deathstalker is now known as DS-chibi
[13:19] <SmeggersChibi> eeee! hee hee heee!
[13:19] * Rakka trumps the cuteness.
[13:19] *** Rakka is now known as Rakka-Chibi
[13:19] * DS-chibi takes out a ball, plays catch with Smeggers.
[13:20] * Gerald falls to peer pressure
[13:20] * Rakka-Chibi looks at everybody with huge gleaming anime eyes. Sparkles appear around her whole body as she clasps her hands together.
[13:20] *** Gerald is now known as GeraChibi
[13:20] <Rakka-Chibi> Smeggy-weggy-yeggy-beggy-buggy-bumpers!
[13:20] <SmeggersChibi> yeee!
[13:20] <DS-chibi> Yay!
[13:20] * DS-chibi flies up around the channel.
[13:20] <packyAtWork> Awww. Rakka-chan kawaii desu!
[13:20] * SmeggersChibi smiles so wide he blinds two whole counties. he does a happy little sailor dance.
[13:20] *** packyAtWork is now known as packyChibiAtWork
[13:21] * GeraChibi holds up a chibi puppy.
[13:21] * Jawsisstuck see Rakka-chibi...
[13:21] <Jawsisstuck> so...cute
[13:21] * DS-chibi sees packy working by tapdancing on the keyboard.
[13:21] * Rakka-Chibi climbs onto Ari's shoulder, still sparkling.
[13:21] *** Jawsisstuck is now known as guppy
[13:22] * guppy hops on his chibi cloud
[13:22] * SmeggersChibi jumps on his little sparkle thingie and flies around the room
[13:22] * GeraChibi sneaks up behind Smeggers. Jabs to fingers into him
[13:22] <SmeggersChibi> wheee! **********************#
[13:22] * Rakka-Chibi starts to attract fireflies from the sparkling. Tries to figure out how to turn the sparkles off.
[13:22] * GeraChibi infects Smeggers
[13:22] * Arianell lightly dusts sparkles off Rakka-Chibi
[13:22] <SmeggersChibi> Kawaiii*URK*
[13:23] *** SmeggersChibi is now known as GeraChibi1
[13:23] <GeraChibi1> nooooo
[13:23] <GeraChibi> Yeeees
[13:23] <DS-chibi> Can I have my wands back? *looks with cute eyes at Rakka & Ari*
[13:23] <guppy> yieks he'a making cpy of himself!
[13:23] * GeraChibi pounces DS, jabs fingers into DS and infects him.
[13:24] * Arianell runs to magic-proof space before Gerald can head her way
[13:24] * GeraChibi1 flies over to guppy. puts him in a fishbowl, complete with skull and wierd diving plastic thing.
[13:24] <guppy> YEEEEEEE my own diving man!
[13:24] * GeraChibi looks to GeraChibi1
[13:24] <GeraChibi> Infect the guppy!
[13:24] * GeraChibi1 stucks a loud, noisy air filter in the bowl.
[13:25] * GeraChibi1 puts a finger in the bowl. Jabs the guppy.
[13:26] * GeraChibi1 infects the guppy
[13:26] <Rakka-Chibi> No, DS.
[13:26] * Rakka-Chibi sits in the magic-proof space. Somehow still sparkles.
[13:27] <guppy> NNNOoooooooooooooooooooooo
[13:27] * GeraChibi1 drops guppy, flies over to rakka-chibi
[13:27] *** guppy is now known as GeraChibi2
[13:27] * Arianell makes circle guy-proof
[13:27] * GeraChibi1 BAFFS spread-eagled againt the barrier
[13:28] * GeraChibi waits for the DS-chibi to be infected, flies over to the circle.
[13:28] <GeraChibi1> heeeeelp meeeeeee. reeeeleassssse meeeeee.
[13:28] * GeraChibi crinks his neck
[13:29] * DS-chibi has learned much, and manages to fight off the infection.
[13:29] *** Arianell is now known as ChibiAri
[13:29] * Rakka-Chibi glomps ChibiAri.
[13:29] * DS-chibi creates a Gerald proof shield around himself!
[13:29] * GeraChibi2 thinks hard
[13:29] <GeraChibi2> POOF!!
[13:29] * ChibiAri tumbles backwards ^_^
[13:30] *** GeraChibi2 is now known as Guppy
[13:30] *** Guppy is now known as Jawsischibi
[13:30] * GeraChibi1 agonizes, caught between the clone mind and his own.
[13:30] <ChibiAri> Resistance is futile...
[13:30] <Jawsischibi> Fight it!!!!
[13:31] * DS-chibi casts dispel Gerald on GeraChibi1
[13:31] <GeraChibi1> Its too late for me, my son.
[13:31] * GeraChibi1 pulls out an adorably cute red lightsaber
[13:31] <GeraChibi> Sweet!
[13:31] <ChibiAri> Aw! I want one!
[13:31] * ChibiAri pulls out a cute silver lightsaber
[13:32] <ChibiAri> Woo! Lookit me!
[13:33] * GeraChibi puts on a black robe. Puts on scary but cute red make-up and horns.
[13:33] * GeraChibi puls out a cute double-bladed red lightsaber
[13:33] * Rakka-Chibi cuts two holes into the bottom of a trash can, climbs in, pokes her feet from the bottom. Walks around going 'beep beep boop'.
[13:33] * ChibiAri puts on mysterious shimmery silver robe with hood up
[13:33] <Rakka-Chibi> . o O ( If this isn't cute, nothing is. )
[13:34] <ChibiAri> Aw!!
[13:34] * DS-chibi adds lights & paints Rakka's trash can all up.
[13:34] <packyChibiAtWork> Aw....
[13:34] * Rakka-Chibi beeps and whistles.
[13:34] <GeraChibi> Awww...
[13:35] *** Jawsischibi is now known as JawsisChewie
[13:35] <JawsisChewie> GRRRROWWWLLLLlonk
[13:35] <ChibiAri> ChibiChewie!
[13:36] *** GeraChibi is now known as GeraMaul
[13:36] * GeraMaul acts cool. Then has 5 minutes of screen time and gets cut in half.
[13:36] *** GeraMaul is now known as GeraChibi
[13:37] * DS-chibi lifts Rakka up into the air along with several rocks.
[13:37] *** GeraChibi1 is now known as PadawhineAnakinChibi
[13:37] <ItsWalky> That is why you fail.
[13:38] <DS-chibi> Rakka needs a more droidy name, like R4-C4
[13:38] * Rakka-Chibi extends a little electric cattle prod from a hole in the side of the trash can. Zaps DS.
[13:38] * PadawhineAnakinChibi angsts about damn near everything.
[13:38] * Rakka-Chibi takes a l33t spelling.
[13:38] *** Rakka-Chibi is now known as R4-K4
[13:38] * GeraChibi cuts off PadawhineAnakinChibi's amr
[13:38] <PadawhineAnakinChibi> eeeeee!
[13:38] * DS-chibi absorbs the energy, move R4-K4 away in the air.
[13:39] * R4-K4 ejects DS's extra lightsaber into the swamp somewhere.
[13:39] <GeraChibi> I want mah money back!
[13:39] * PadawhineAnakinChibi puts a sparkly robot arm on. Still cute.
[13:39] * DS-chibi sets R4-K4 back down.
[13:39] * ChibiAri pouts
[13:39] * GeraChibi shows Padawhine reviews for his movie.
[13:40] <PadawhineAnakinChibi> Noooooooo!
[13:40] * PadawhineAnakinChibi freaks out and goes dark.
[13:40] * packyChibiAtWork watches in amusement.
[13:40] *** PadawhineAnakinChibi is now known as DarthChibi
[13:40] * DS-chibi lifts the lightsaber out of the muck.
[13:40] * R4-K4 wanders around bumping into things. Mental note, make eye-holes in trash can.
[13:41] <DS-chibi> Great... where am I going to find enough paper towls to clean this up?
[13:42] <JawsisChewie> Grwwwoooollllll
[13:42] <JawsisChewie> *translation duck R4-K4
[13:42] * JawsisChewie takes out drill
[13:42] <DS-chibi> hehee
[13:42] * packyChibiAtWork glues a camera to R4-K4 and stuffs a monitor inside the can.
[13:42] <DS-chibi> o_O
[13:43] <packyChibiAtWork> A _small_ monitor.
[13:43] * DS-chibi had this image of the can looking like |P due to the monitor
[13:43] * GeraChibi starts building a Death Start. Looks at the plan.
[13:43] <GeraChibi> ...man, engineers.
[13:43] <GeraChibi> Always wanting to close off the shafts with grates and stuff.
[13:44] <GeraChibi> Like anyone would ever pilot a small-one man fighter down this thing.
[13:44] * packyChibiAtWork hands GeraChibi a NerfStar.
[13:44] * GeraChibi oooohs
[13:44] <packyChibiAtWork> Here. Nerf is always cute.
[13:45] * GeraChibi attaches a supersoaker to the NerfStar
[13:46] * DarthChibi kills off the jedi, betrays everyone he loves, and becomes the dark servant of Gerchibi. Somehow after siring two brats with ChibiAri.
[13:46] * DS-chibi gets into a WhyT-1300 piloted by Jaws & the other (psst! who's playing Han?) with R4-K4 trailing behind. R4-K4 can talk and is cute, so she makes up for both!
[13:47] *** GeraChibi is now known as GeraEmperor
[13:47] <GeraEmperor> later
[13:47] <DarthChibi> awwwwwww
[13:47] <DS-chibi> :( Later.
[13:47] * JawsisChewie goes into lightspeed
[13:47] <DarthChibi> I mean, *hhhoooooooo-khaaaaaa*
[13:47] *** Signoff: JawsisChewie (Quit: )
[13:48] * DarthChibi strides in and out of rooms, looking all menacing and evil.
[13:49] * ChibiAri dies
[13:49] *** ChibiAri is now known as GhostChibiAri
[13:50] * DarthChibi grows all darker still. mourns life he lost, but wasted by whining throughout.
[13:50] * GeraEmperor tries to strengthen his grasp of the galaxy with his NerfStar
[13:51] * packyChibiAtWork sits with his camera rolling...
[13:51] * DarthChibi is still the Emporor's cute little dark lackey.
[13:51] * R4-K4 wheels over to the death sphere thingy, plugs into it with a USB plug.
[13:51] * GhostChibiAri floats around, making scary noises at people. Occasionally appearing in Shakespeare plays
[13:51] <GhostChibiAri> Hamlet didn't see his father. That's where he got it allll wrong
[13:51] <packyChibiAtWork> NerfStar, R4-K4.
[13:51] * R4-K4 logs in to two neighboring capital ships, has them flip onto their sides. Starts a galaxy-wide game of Pong.
[13:52] * DS-chibi can't help but almost fall out of the chair!
[13:52] <GhostChibiAri> Dare I ask what the ball is?
[13:52] <DS-chibi> Fortunately I've got wings!
[13:52] <R4-K4> The Death Sphere, of course!
[13:52] * DarthChibi almost dies, laughing.
[13:52] * GeraEmperor peaks out of the window, takes a look at the capital ships... and he's in the ball... o_O
[13:52] <DS-chibi> The NerfStar!
[13:52] * GeraEmperor RUNS for the shuttle
[13:52] *** Agent_grey has joined channel #Itswalky!
[13:52] * GhostChibiAri looks at the NerfStar. Looks a bit green around the edges
[13:52] <DarthChibi> whooooooaaaaaaaaah *baff(clang)
[13:52] <R4-K4> *beep!* *boop!* *beep!* *boop!*
[13:53] <GhostChibiAri> What's the score?
[13:53] <Agent_grey> mwuahahaha! Official Univesity student be I! arrrr! and other pirate slang!
[13:53] * DarthChibi grabs Geraemporer and casually drops him down a power shaft.
[13:53] <GeraEmperor> EEeeeeee!
[13:53] * DarthChibi then hobbles for the shuttle
[13:53] <GhostChibiAri> 3 Points!
[13:53] * GeraEmperor shoots Darthchibi with some lightning bolts as he goes down
[13:54] * R4-K4 unplugs and rolls onto the shuttle.
[13:54] * DarthChibi feels weak, like he's dying.
[13:54] *** GeraEmperor is now known as GeraAshes
[13:54] <DarthChibi> *hoo--kkk*ack*
[13:54] <DarthChibi> *ack
[13:54] * DS-chibi pilots the WhyT with R4-K4 on it away from the NerfStar!
[13:54] <DarthChibi> *ack*
[13:54] * DarthChibi yanks off helmet.
[13:54] <DarthChibi> I can't breathe in this thing!
[13:54] <DarthChibi> *hoop*
[13:54] * R4-K4 plugs into the shuttle ship. Has the ships move around to start using the NerfSphere as a pinball, bouncing it off planets.
[13:55] <DarthChibi> I can't breathe without this thing!
[13:55] * GhostChibiAri hovers above DarthChibi
[13:55] * R4-K4 watches a constellation go TILT TILT TILT
[13:55] * DS-chibi does a U turn & comes back for DarthChibi
[13:55] * DarthChibi hits the deck and puts chibiangst on overdrive
[13:55] * GeraAshes comes back thanks to the cloning cylinders
[13:55] <DarthChibi> Son, tell your mother....
[13:55] *** GeraAshes is now known as GeraEmperor2
[13:56] * DS-chibi picks up DarthChibi as he dies, tosses him on the WhyT & speeds down to the moon where Rakka would feel at home... soo many cute things.
[13:56] * R4-K4 whistles innocently (easy to do as a droid) as she downloads the Empire's stock portfolio.
[13:56] <DarthChibi> ...she should have used protection, you little snot.
[13:56] <DS-chibi> Hee hee
[13:56] <DarthChibi> *dies*
[13:57] *** DarthChibi is now known as AnakinChibiGhost
[13:57] <DS-chibi> -_-; ... wrong placement.
[13:57] <Agent_grey> ....
[13:57] * GeraEmperor2 boards a chibi superstar destroyer. Approaches the shuttle with the other ships
[13:57] * AnakinChibiGhost stands there looking all sage or some junk while teddy bears play stormtrooper helmets like monchichis on crack.
[13:58] <Agent_grey> I think youve all ruined star wars for me :(

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2004 4:24 pm 
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<Ogredude> god I hate having to call the Tax Commission
<Ogredude> especially when they never said what they wanted me to call for
<Ogredude> I *think* it was a reminder for me to file my quarterly sales taxes
<Ogredude> well
<Ogredude> I called them, was unable to get through
<Ogredude> so I've done my duty
<Ogredude> if they want to talk to me further, they can just send a pair of jackbooted thugs.
* Vermilion can tell Oggy's not saving himself for marriage. <g>
<Ogredude> Nope. I own a business. I get anally raped by the government daily.
<Ogredude> I've learned to buy my Vaseline at CostCo

Fandemonium 2010 -- No Boundaries.
Friday - Sunday, August 6th - 8th, 2010
Nampa Civic Center - Nampa, Idaho (Only 20 minutes from the airport!)
(Idaho: It ain't just potatoes anymore.)

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 24, 2004 9:51 pm 
[22:31] <ItsWalky> So, hey, did we find out the title to Episode 3 at some point this weekend, or what?
[22:31] <gwalla> yup
[22:31] <ItsWalky> Oh, okay.
[22:31] <gwalla> "Revenge of the Sith"
[22:31] <ItsWalky> Well then.
[22:31] <ItsWalky> I guess this isn't news, then. http://www.starwars.com/community/featu ... p12_1.html
[22:32] <Gerald> ...that's not a bad title
[22:32] <Liamslider> Even makes sense
[22:33] <ItsWalky> It's not bad enough.
[22:33] <ItsWalky> It needs to be more campy.
[22:33] <ItsWalky> It should be more like "Star Wars: Boo! It's the Bad Guys!"
[22:33] <Entrophy> Like "Slashing Action"!
[22:33] <Entrophy> ha
[22:35] <Liamslider> Star Wars: Attack of the Chins
[22:37] <Entrophy> Star Wars: Screw It, It's All FIght Scenes This Time
[22:37] <Arianell> 'Oh man! This is gonna be the best Star Wars movie EVER!!!!'
[22:38] <MrsKeradon> LOL
[22:39] <gwalla> "So anyone looking for a cure for AIDS or abortion, please, take a second to research morning wood and destroy it, like the Hawaiians destroyed Pearl Harbor during the Gulf War."
[22:39] <Entrophy> Really, what dissapontes me at the moment is that knowledge that Hayden Christensen doesn't actually *die* in the film.
[22:40] <Gerald> For some reason, Vader's badassness hasn't been affected by how much of a whiner he was
[22:40] <Liamslider> Star Wars: It's ALL CGI this time!
[22:41] <Entrophy> Star Wars: Intergalactic Cararet
[22:41] <Entrophy> Cabaret
[22:41] <Gerald> Star Wars: "Wesa gonna kill Jedi?"
[22:41] <Entrophy> Star Wars: Somehow, Mace Bites It
[22:42] <gwalla> Gerald: you put together a kissing quiz?
[22:42] <Gerald> o_O
[22:42] <Arianell> Your quiz doesn't load from here, either
[22:42] <Arianell> just an ad thing for a kissing quiz
[22:42] *** Unnamed is now known as Schneider
[22:43] <Gerald> huh
[22:43] <Gerald> ...loads fine for me
[22:44] <gwalla> hm, it'sa loading. The ad just loads first
[22:44] <gwalla> GOD DAMN I've been infected by gungan dialect!
[22:44] * Gerald cackles
[22:44] <Liamslider> KILL the GUNGAN!
[22:45] <gwalla> cuuuuurse yoooouuu
[22:45] <Gerald> hmmm
[22:45] <Gerald> altavista needs a gungan translator
[22:46] <Liamslider> Gwalla = #Itswalky's Jar Jar Binks :-P
[22:46] * gwalla destroys Liamslider
[22:46] <Gerald> <gwalla> Esquse me, but mesa not spek like Gungan!

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, 2004 12:27 am 
[01:02] * Gerald goes jackalope hunting
[01:03] *** Dei has joined channel #ItsWalky!
[01:03] <Lokitsu> Hi Dei
[01:03] <Dei> The Giant Mutant Honey Bun's... grown.
[01:03] <Dei> hello.
[01:04] <Smeggers> Hello, Dei.
[01:04] * Gerald gives up jackalope hunting. Puts the shotgun away
[01:05] <gwalla> hei Dei
[01:05] <Dei> hi gwalla.
[01:06] *** Jackalope has joined channel #itswalky!
[01:06] <Jackalope> *blinks*
[01:06] * Gerald YAYS! and grabs his shotgun
[01:06] * Jackalope bolts
[01:07] * Gerald aims, fires at the Jackalope!
[01:07] <Jackalope> *bound bound bound bound*
[01:07] <Gerald> Fast as fast can be, can't catch me my ass!
[01:07] * Gerald chases!
[01:07] * Jackalope runs down hole
[01:07] <packy> Damn.
[01:07] *** Jackalope has left #itswalky!
[01:07] <packy> I haven't seen a jackalope in AGES.
[01:07] * Gerald chases after the jackalope down the hole
[01:07] *** Gerald has left #itswalky!
[01:08] * Gerald has joined channel #itswalky!
[01:08] * Gerald is dragging something behind him
[01:08] *** Jackalope has joined channel #itswalky!
[01:09] * Gerald drags it along by the foot.
[01:09] * Jackalope bites the hand thatholds it
[01:09] * Gerald HOWLS!
[01:09] * Jackalope bolts
[01:09] * Gerald chases!
[01:09] <Jackalope> *boing boing boing boing*
[01:09] * Jackalope hides behind Loki.
[01:10] * Lokitsu shifts to foxform and chases!
[01:10] <Jackalope> Squeek!
[01:10] * Jackalope flees
[01:10] <Lokitsu> Yip yip yip!!
[01:10] * Jackalope hides behind dei
[01:10] * Gerald makes a phonecall
[01:10] * Dei bursts into flames.
[01:10] * Gerald takes out a credit card
[01:11] <Lokitsu> . o 0 (There goes dinner!)
[01:11] * Jackalope runs back. Rams Loki with his little horns.
[01:11] <Jackalope> *KRAK*
[01:11] * Jackalope bounds away
[01:12] <Lokitsu> ^@.@^ (^)
[01:12] * Gerald reads off the number, continues to nod
[01:12] * Jackalope leaps at Gerald
[01:12] * Lokitsu sits on ground dazed
[01:12] * Gerald Eeeks!
[01:12] * Jackalope feignts to the left and bites through phone cord.
[01:13] <Jackalope> *chomp*
[01:13] * Jackalope boings away
[01:13] * Gerald attempts to use the phone card as a garrote
[01:13] *** Ms_Jackalope has joined channel #itswalky!
[01:13] * Jackalope stops dead in tracks!
[01:13] * Ms_Jackalope boings in, swaying her hips
[01:13] * Jackalope slicks back hair. checks breath.
[01:13] * Jackalope moves in.
[01:14] * Ms_Jackalope prisses across the channel, drops a hankerchief
[01:14] <Jackalope> <3 <3
[01:14] * Ms_Jackalope blows a kiss
[01:14] * Jackalope picks up hankerchief, gives chase
[01:14] * Ms_Jackalope boings away seductively
[01:15] * Jackalope follows, lustlight glowing
[01:15] * Gerald hides in the bushes
[01:15] *** Signoff: Walkaputski (Connection reset by peer)
[01:15] * Jackalope catches up.
[01:15] * Ms_Jackalope stumbles, turns at the others and makes a, "oh me, oh my!" face
[01:15] * Dei explodes, showering the room with venom and tainted meat.
[01:16] * Jackalope hold an umbrella over Ms_Jackalope
[01:16] * Jackalope snuggles up close <3 <3
[01:16] * Lokitsu hums "It's Raining Men"
[01:16] * Ms_Jackalope snuggles back to Jackalope, twirling its fur in its paw.
[01:17] * Jackalope goes all Thumper in the hind leg
[01:17] <Jackalope> pattapattapattapatta
[01:17] * Ms_Jackalope smiles sweetly, cooing softly
[01:17] * Jackalope puts its paw around her, whispering in her ear.
[01:17] <Smeggers> Its like a damn furrycon in here.
[01:18] * Ms_Jackalope smiles, then grins evily. She pulls out a kinfe and sticks it into Jackalope's ribs
[01:18] <Gerald> Aye.
[01:18] <Gerald> Who let all the weirdos in?
[01:18] * Rakka sits asleep at the gate.
[01:18] <Gerald> Nightie
[01:18] <Jackalope> (GuuuurhtK*)
[01:18] * Ms_Jackalope stands up, pulls off a mask.
[01:18] * Jackalope keels over, stone dead.
[01:19] *** Signoff: Jackalope (Quit: Bde-Bde-Bde-thats all, folks!)
[01:19] *** Signoff: Rakka (Quit: )
[01:19] *** Ms_Jackalope is now known as Lee_Trevino
[01:19] * Lee_Trevino walks over to Gerald
[01:19] * Gerald hands Lee_Trevino a $50. Walks over to the Jackalope's corpse
[01:19] * Lee_Trevino takes his money and leaves
[01:19] *** Lee_Trevino has left #itswalky!
[01:20] * Smeggers looks down at Jackalope.
[01:20] * Gerald takes the Jackalope and starts to skin it.
[01:20] * Smeggers gags. he is a city boy, at heart.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 2:01 pm 
<MSmercenary> Oh, fuck me in the DVD hole with a rusty program manager.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:11 pm 
[19:07:38] <Raif> Vorn's problem is his super-sensitive sense of smell.
[19:08:30] <Chalain> I keep telling him he should make a costume and fight crime, but so far the best name we've thought up for him is The Nostril.
[19:08:38] <Vornicus>
[19:08:53] <Chalain> Granted, Coke dealers would be afraid of him, but not for the reason Vorn wants.
[19:09:06] <Raif> They'd get stuck inside?
[19:09:08] <Vornicus>
[19:10:08] <Raif> You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick vorn's nose with anything less than a pickaxe and a shovel.
[19:10:47] <Vornicus> That's it. You all die.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2004 1:34 am 
Energizer Bunny
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[02:30:28] <Vornicus> Someone please inform the planet that this network allows 30-character names?
[02:32:37] * Broden is now known as ThisNameIs30CharactersLongOkay


[02:33:20] * ThisNameIs30CharactersLongOkay is now known as ThisNameIs31CharactersLongOkay
[02:33:32] * ThisNameIs31CharactersLongOkay is now known as ThatNameIsADamnDirtyLiar


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2004 10:49 pm 
[01:14] * Raif hugs pronto longer than is comfortable for either party involved.
[01:14] <Raif> How 'bout now? :P
[01:14] * Pronto is comfortable with it. :)
[01:14] <Pronto> No tongue, tho.
[01:15] * Raif nuzzles pronto.
[01:15] * Gerald glomps them both.
[01:15] <Raif> How 'bout now?
[01:15] * Pronto is glomped!
[01:15] <Gerald> *glomp glomp*
[01:15] <Pronto> Still ok with it.
[01:15] * Gerald sticks his tongue in Raif's ear. Winks at Pronto.
[01:15] * Raif dresses in a miniskirt and gives pronto a lapdance.
[01:15] <Pronto> You do realize that this is a destruction test, don't you.
[01:15] <Raif> Dammit, you're making me encroach on gerald's territory!
[01:16] <Pronto> lol
[01:16] <Raif> How about now, you bastard? :)
[01:16] <Pronto> When you hit my limit, you die.
[01:16] <Raif> That'll suit. :)
[01:16] <Raif> I'll die amused.
[01:17] <Pronto> It's something like quantum physics. You can know when you haven't found my limit, but you can't know when you've exceeded it.
[01:17] * Pronto dries his ear.
[01:17] * Gerald hrmms. Sticks his tongue in Pronto's year.
[01:17] <Pronto> lol
[01:17] <Pronto> Thats a long tongue.
[01:17] <Raif> Sure I can. It's that moment where I get to view the cross section of my neck from a curiously detached position.
[01:18] <Pronto> I think you'll be too busy for any 'eureka' moments.
[01:18] * Raif strips naked and hides the bath towels in order to have the eureka moment now.
[01:18] <hurin> Every time Iook at the speedometer I get lost. -Heisenberg's Traffic lament
[01:18] <Pronto> lol
[01:19] <Raif> There. Now I only have to remember it.
[01:19] <Pronto> Gerald, do you mind Raif encroaching on your territory?
[01:20] <Pronto> Gak. I just had an image of how you would mark that kind of territory.
[01:21] <Raif> Eww.
[01:21] <Pronto> Yeah.
[01:21] <Raif> Well, my work here is done.
[01:21] <Gerald> No it ain't!
[01:21] <Gerald> I wanna see lip locking!
[01:21] <Raif> you do it. I'm busy trying to find one of those damn towels.
[01:22] <Pronto> Yer 'sposed to busy writing me a program, you damned intelectual waif!
[01:23] * Gerald kisses Pronto full on the lips.
[01:24] * Pronto takes off, desposes of and replaces his mask.
[01:24] <Raif> Hey, I started it!
[01:24] * Gerald kisses Raif full on lips
[01:24] <Raif> It just doesn't do anything but crash right now. :P
[01:24] <kreely> dude
[01:24] <kreely> that's just...wrong.
[01:24] * Raif beats gerald to a pulp.
[01:24] <Pronto> Thats more'n it did yesterday. :)
[01:24] <kreely> More proof that raif is less than innocent
[01:24] * Gerald owieowieowieowies
[01:24] <Raif> What proof?
[01:24] * Raif hides it.
[01:25] <kreely> I have pics of you and spaz
[01:25] * Pronto has pix.
[01:25] * Pronto ^5s kreely.
[01:25] <kreely> gmta =)
[01:25] <Raif> Hey, he took advantage of poor innocent raif.
[01:25] <kreely> Spaz is a STUFFED ANIMAL!
[01:26] <kreely> how the *bucketybuckbuck* could a stuffed animal take advantage of anything????
[01:26] <kreely> even with the fuzzy handcuffs?
[01:26] <Raif> Well, you see... I fell asleep, and then he was there, sitting on me.
[01:26] <kreely> uhhhh huh
[01:26] <kreely> and next you'll say that Pi did it?
[01:26] <Raif> And he was all like "It's SUNNY, bitch!"
[01:27] * Pi pokes kreely with a long pointy stick.
[01:27] <Pronto> lol
[01:27] * kreely rotflhaoirl
[01:27] <Pronto> Uhm... I can see a stuffy taking advantage of Raif....
[01:27] <Pronto> He's not all that smart, ya know.
[01:28] * Raif nodsnods.
[01:28] <Raif> The man has a point.
[01:28] <kreely> Spaz is smarter than your average stuffed puffin
[01:28] <Gerald> Raif's a plushie?
[01:28] <Raif> He's a dirty rotten bastard, but he has a point! :)
[01:29] <Pronto> Raif the plushie. I like it. It answers so many questions.
[01:30] <Pronto> Not bad, Raifter, 8.9
[01:30] <Pronto> http://www.hotornot.com/?11a4d=72269
[01:30] <Pronto> The car accounts for at least 4 of that, tho.
[01:30] <Pronto> 59 votes?!! Wow.
[01:31] <Pronto> You have 59 friends?
[01:31] <Raif> No, random people.
[01:31] <Raif> It's public. :P
[01:31] <Raif> (hard to believe, no?)
[01:31] <Raif> That girl's kinna cute.
[01:32] <Pronto> I just know you ain't looking at the same one I am.
[01:33] <Raif> Nope.
[01:33] <Raif> You posted a link to the randomizer.
[01:33] <Raif> You have to cut and paste the one that says ?key=...
[01:33] <Pronto> Ahyep. :)
[01:33] <Pronto> http://www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=OEBRGEK&key=TYG Thats the one I got.
[01:35] <Bookworm> night
[01:35] *** Signoff: Bookworm (Quit: Leaving)
[01:35] <Gerald> night
[01:35] <kreely> nini dear
[01:35] <kreely> heh...missed
[01:35] <Gerald> bah!
[01:35] <Pronto> G'night Ger.
[01:35] <Gerald> >_<
[01:35] <kreely> need more guyver!
[01:35] <Pronto> lol
[01:35] * Gerald tacks on Bookworm to his night
[01:35] <Pronto> heheheheheh
[01:38] <Raif> You're out doing book now?
[01:38] <Raif> You're a lecher.
[01:38] * Gerald shakes his fist at kreely
[01:40] <Pronto> lol
[01:40] <kreely> Gerrie loves raify, gerrie loves raify
[01:40] <Gerald> I do not! I do not!
[01:40] <kreely> gerald and raify sitting in a tree
[01:41] <kreely> k i s s i n g
[01:41] <kreely> first comes love...well, in this case some tonsil hockey
[01:41] <kreely> how does the rest go?
[01:41] <Gerald> I hate you.
[01:42] * kreely puckers up and blows a kiss
[01:42] <libwolf> fighting, divorce, alimony
[01:42] <kreely> I love you too hon =)
[01:42] <kreely> ummm, no incest or kids, right?
[01:43] <Pronto> "What's more, an oil pipeline went through Chechnya, and a small amount of oil was produced in the republic itself, so losing Chechnya could have meant significant financial loss for Russia."
[01:43] <Gerald> Raif...I was just using you to werid out Pronto.
[01:43] <Pronto> Why does terrorisma nd oil always go together?
[01:43] <Gerald> You mean nothing to me.
[01:43] <libwolf> Money
[01:43] <Pronto> Thats wierd, Gerald.
[01:44] <Pronto> Wrong, libwolf. Power.
[01:44] <libwolf> Golden Rule - he who has the gold, makes the rules
[01:44] <Raif> I don't?
[01:44] <Raif> You BITCH!
[01:44] * Pronto dresses Raif up in a very nice little red dress.
[01:44] * Raif stabbies.
[01:44] <Pronto> But Chani is till cuter.
[01:45] <Raif> 'course she is. :)
[01:45] <Pronto> So what use are you?
[01:45] <Pronto> Ne'mind.
[01:45] <kreely> Umm, Raif. Maybe you need a CFM dress?
[01:45] <Pronto> And get back to proggying.
[01:45] * Raif doesn't knwo what that is.
[01:46] <Raif> In an alternate timeline it's done.
[01:46] <Pronto> lol
[01:46] <Raif> I don't really see the whole point of redoing all that work.
[01:46] <Raif> :)
[01:46] <Pronto> Nice, Raif. :) You should have been at supper.
[01:47] * Schlock eats it.
[01:47] <Gerald> And Raif... I've had better.
[01:47] <Gerald> Much better.
[01:47] <Gerald> You kinda sucked.
[01:47] * kreely blinks
[01:47] <Raif> That's because you were kissing the damn tree!
[01:47] <kreely> Hey now...
[01:47] * kreely facepalms
[01:47] <Raif> It's not my fault you don't know your way around a man.
[01:47] <Pronto> lol
[01:47] <kreely> #SM...who needs soap operas anymore?
[01:47] <Gerald> A man, I know.
[01:48] <Gerald> A cold fish, I don't.
[01:48] * Gerald eyes Raif
[01:48] <Ogredude> God, I love free shipping supplies.
[01:48] <Raif> Cold fish?
[01:48] <kreely> Let me guess, Gerald. You did it for the Halibut?
[01:48] <Raif> THAT'S not what you said the other night!
[01:48] * Raif groans.
[01:48] <Gerald> Raif: Guess what? I FAKED IT.
[01:49] * kreely smirx
[01:49] <Raif> You don't have the ABILITY!
[01:49] <Pronto> rofl
[01:49] <Pronto> Fish? I like fish.
[01:49] <Raif> So does gerald.
[01:49] * Pronto fillets and cooks Raif.
[01:49] <Raif> You should see what he can do with one.
[01:50] <Pronto> Anyone got any lemon?
[01:50] <kreely> got some cherry lime ade with pina colada sherbert
[01:50] <Raif> Ooh! Pronto knwos how to cook fislh.
[01:50] <Pronto> Ewww.
[01:50] <Pronto> Well, hell! I'm not eating Raif with out lemon.
[01:50] * Pronto gives Raif to the kittens.
[01:51] * Pronto watches the kittens have their way with Raif.
[01:51] <kreely> This
[01:51] <kreely> whole
[01:51] <kreely> conversation
[01:51] <kreely> is
[01:51] <kreely> farked
[01:51] <libwolf> Satan Kittens?
[01:51] <Pronto> Eww. Thats an evil image.
[01:52] <Pronto> Keep going, guys. We're wierding out kreely.
[01:52] <kreely> No, you're not wierding me out...I'm trying to think of how to capitalize on this
[01:52] * Raif shuts up. Promptly.
[01:52] <Ogredude> hey, they're writing their own slashfic!
[01:53] <kreely> Oh hell
[01:53] <Raif> Damn you, og! DAMN YOU!
[01:53] <kreely> It's a 4-way...Pronto/gerald/raif/kittens
[01:53] <kreely> YES!
[01:53] <Gerald> All I know is that Raif was complaing about not being able to walk for a week.
[01:53] <Gerald> I offered the vasoline, but nooooooo.
[01:53] <Pronto> lol
[01:54] <Pronto> Oggy's justed bitched 'cause we didn't invite him.
[01:54] <Raif> Ger, I can't accept when you drug me to hell with rohypnol.
[01:54] <Raif> Bastard.
[01:54] <Gerald> It wasn't rohypnol, man.
[01:54] <Gerald> It was chloroform.
[01:54] <Raif> Not that I'd be seen with you otherwise, mind.
[01:54] <Pronto> lol
[01:54] <kreely> Wait, you raised my stash, Gerald?
[01:54] <kreely> I'm the only druggie in here, damnit
[01:54] <Gerald> You know you can't help but make regular withdrawls from Gerry's Bank O' Love
[01:54] <Pronto> She thinks.
[01:55] <Gerald> 0% interest for one year!
[01:55] <Pronto> Ger, I prefer to make deposits.
[01:55] <Raif> Withdrawals? If you mean cutting off your jibblies, then yes!
[01:55] <Gerald> Pronto: Then you need to go to Raif's Savings and Loans.
[01:55] <Pronto> I do.
[01:55] <Gerald> Emphasis on Savings.
[01:55] <Pronto> lol
[01:56] <Gerald> It's a blast proof vault.
[01:56] <Gerald> You gotta get a drill to penetrate that thing.
[01:56] * kreely rolls her eyes
[01:56] * Raif thinks ger would have sex with a knot on that tree again if he could chloroform it.
[01:56] <Raif> Alright. 'nuff o' that. :P
[01:57] * Schlock eats it.
[01:57] <Raif> Oh, great. Now schlock wants in.
[01:57] <Pronto> rofl
[01:57] <Pronto> No Amorphs!
[01:57] <Pronto> Too kinky for me.
[01:57] <Gerald> Kinky
[01:57] <Pronto> lol
[01:57] * Schlock does a good impression of the tree.
[01:57] <Raif> But ger likes alien sexings.
[01:57] <Raif> LOL
[01:58] <Gerald> Well, we can';t all be into popciciles, Raif.
[01:58] <Pronto> He's on his own then.
[02:00] * Pronto rolls over and lights a smoke.
[02:00] <Pronto> You'all can sleep in the wet spot.
[02:00] * Schlock adds plasma to the wet spot.
[02:00] <Gerald> I'll roll Raif in flour so I can find it.
[02:00] <Pronto> lol
[02:01] * Raif stabs gerald in the eye, twice. :)
[02:01] <Gerald> Oooh.
[02:01] <Gerald> You know I like it when you get that fire in your eye
[02:01] <kreely> so you rolled him up in flour and aimed it for the wet spot?
[02:01] <kreely> thought that was for frying fish?
[02:01] <Gerald> ...we experimented.
[02:01] <Gerald> heavily.
[02:02] <Gerald> I had to. He was pretty frigid so I had to make it interesting SOMEHOW.
[02:03] <Pronto> lol
[02:03] * kreely sings ~you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel~
[02:03] * Pronto stores samples on Raif to keep 'em frozen.
[02:04] * Raif gives pronto the cold shoulder.
[02:05] <kreely> Well Raif, there's always the dog house for one of them...
[02:05] <Raif> Kinky!
[02:05] * Pronto keeps the shoulder.
[02:05] * Raif chains ger to the doghouse and makes him swallow the key.
[02:05] <Pronto> Ger swallows?
[02:05] <Raif> Yes he does.
[02:05] * Schlock eats the doghouse.
[02:06] <Raif> Sometimes it doesn't stay down.
[02:06] <Pronto> lol
[02:06] <Gerald> I get full.
[02:06] <kreely> small stomach?
[02:06] <kreely> afk for a few
[02:06] <Gerald> My eyes are bigger than my stomach sometimes.
[02:06] <kreely> and no orgies without me.
[02:07] <Raif> Yeah, especially when you beg.
[02:08] <Gerald> Mmmmmmh, mmmmmmmh, good.
[02:08] <Raif> eww.
[02:09] <Pronto> You know, sometimes i feel guilty about the things i start on here.
[02:09] <Pronto> But not this one. :>
[02:10] *** Signoff: Doc (Ping Timeout)
[02:10] <Gerald> I feel guilty about the things I've started with Raif.
[02:10] <Gerald> I... I think I've lost myself in the all night coke drags and cheap motels...
[02:11] * Gerald lets a single tear roll down his cheek.
[02:11] <Raif> Uh... that wasn't me.
[02:11] <Raif> That was my dog.
[02:11] <Raif> I dressed him up like me so you'd bugger off.
[02:11] <Gerald> Close enough.
[02:11] <Gerald> I just want to feel loved.
[02:11] <Gerald> Is that so wrong? THAT SO WRONG?!?
[02:11] * Gerald cries
[02:12] <Raif> As I recall he came home and questioned your proficiency with a garden hose.
[02:12] <Pronto> lol
[02:12] * Pronto likes Ger.
[02:12] <Pronto> Is that good enough?
[02:12] * Gerald sniffles
[02:12] * Gerald hugs himself
[02:12] <Raif> I could pretend to love you if you like.
[02:12] <Gerald> ...yes.
[02:12] <Pronto> And don't even think about asking for respect.
[02:13] <Gerald> Cause you don't?
[02:13] * Gerald can live with that.
[02:13] <Pronto> Hell, I don't even respect myself after being with you.
[02:14] <Raif> We're in the same boat.
[02:14] * Raif patpats pronto.
[02:14] * Pronto puches Raif overboard and drinks his pop.
[02:14] * Gerald gets on a piano, closes his eyes.
[02:14] <Pronto> pushes... Wah, I want my mommy!
[02:15] <Raif> Gah!
[02:15] <Raif> Oedipal issues!
[02:15] <Gerald> o/~ When I was young... I never needed anyone... and making love was just for fun... those days are gone... Living alone... I think of all the friends I've known... but when I dial the telephone... nobody'shome.... o/~
[02:15] <Pronto> Not that way, you pervert!
[02:15] * Gerald hits a few more keys.
[02:16] <Gerald> o/~ All by myself... don't want to be.... all by myself.... anymore.... o/~
[02:16] *** JoseB has joined channel #schlock_mercenary
[02:16] *** Mode change "+o JoseB" for channel #schlock_mercenary by ChanServ
[02:16] <Raif> That's only because you call 48 times a day, ger.
[02:16] *** Doc has joined channel #schlock_mercenary
[02:16] *** Mode change "+o Doc" for channel #schlock_mercenary by ChanServ
[02:16] <JoseB> Hallo peoples!
[02:16] <JoseB> Just checking my email before going to work.
[02:16] <Raif> Hello.
[02:16] * Pronto sends a kitten to keep Ger company.... and in line.
[02:16] * Raif heads off to sleep.
[02:16] <Raif> Cheers guys.
[02:16] <Gerald> Night Raif.
[02:16] <Pronto> Hi, Jose. You picked a bad time to come in.
[02:17] *** Signoff: Raif (Quit: Wars end, but hostilities endure forever.)
[02:17] <Pronto> G'night Raif. :)
[02:17] <Pronto> He always was too quick for me.
[02:17] <Gerald> You can say that again.

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[19:03] <Chanilye> back
[19:03] <Chanilye> and why wouldn't I eat Raif?

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 5:25 pm 
[15:22] * Gerald treks out for awhile in search of vestial virgins
[15:22] * Gerald is now known as GeraAway
[15:23] <Pronto> If ya find any ya gots to share.
[15:23] * Joins: Jeremiah
[15:24] <Raif> He found one!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 7:36 pm 

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 11:08 pm 
[17:10:13] <Vornicus> okay. what the hell is my nightstar FTP pass?
[17:10:27] <MSmercenary> Ask your admin.
[17:10:35] <Vornicus>
[17:10:39] <Vermilion> I think it's a pass/fail. You've got no pass, so you fail.
[17:10:44] <Vornicus> okay. who is my admin.
[17:10:52] <MSmercenary> Vorn
[17:11:10] <Vermilion> Yup, definitely pass/fail.
[17:11:21] <MSmercenary> He failed the Jeremiah test. This is not a good sign.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:19 am 
<ToxicFrog[AFK]> Dammit, Raif, you broke the newbie.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 2:09 am 
[00:03:17] * Pronto wanders around the channel stenciling signs ( Image ) on the walls.
[00:04:17] <Raif> Mine do.
[00:04:29] <Raif> I dunno if your parents know I'm here though.
[00:04:29] <Pronto> And they let you?
[00:04:56] <Pronto> Mine don't care about you. Other than that you are a bad influence on me.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 4:07 pm 
[13:46:32] * Vermilion would go fuck himself, but that might violate the Roommate Agreement.
[13:46:49] <MSmercenary> Just keep it on your side of the apartment.
[13:47:10] <Vermilion> What's 'my side'?
[13:47:26] <Raif> The outside.
[13:47:31] <MSmercenary> hehe
[13:47:40] <MSmercenary> desk, bathroom, bedroom. The places I don't go. :P
[13:49:09] <Vermilion> Well, that leaves out the television porn. Too bad...
[13:49:55] <MSmercenary> Put down a tarp.
[13:50:09] <Raif> He requires a *TARP*?
[13:52:01] <MSmercenary> No, I do. He would've been fine with the carpet.
[13:52:46] <Vermilion> All I get is complaints....

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2004 8:00 pm 
Energizer Bunny
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[17:47:30] * qcfdj has joined #linux
[17:47:32] <qcfdj>
[17:47:35] * qcfdj has left the channel

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2004 8:21 pm 

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 3:45 pm 
[15:25] <bbe_tech> if anyone has any old magazines that they dont want i will gladly take them :)
[15:25] <bbe_tech> i need more stuff to cut up!
[15:26] <Sup-E> ahhh.
[15:31] <ev1-kreely> ummm, I can look around at home...I think the stack of mags over here belong to tim...not too sure, they've been here for quite a while
[15:33] <bbe_tech> ok, thanks!
[15:33] <Sup-E> i still say you should cut JDs hair..
[15:33] <Chu-Tech> lol
[15:34] <Chu-Tech> that would be something to see
[15:34] <J-tech> while he's sleeping. and we'll put "0wnz0r3d" on his forehead.. and take pics
[15:34] <J-tech> hehe
[15:34] <Chu-Tech> hehe
[15:36] <S-EV1> All your hair follicles are belong to us

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 10:12 pm 
[20:10] * Jeremiah takes off Mags' B.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2004 2:21 pm 
[15:04] <Deathstalker> You just want the mindwiper to use on yourslf, when Ger's on his game.
[15:07] * Gerald cackles
[15:08] <Deathstalker> Give him something to work with Chio! I mean he can't scare you with nothing... can he?
[15:09] * Gerald runs to the back
[15:10] * Gerald comes back out in his new costume...
[15:10] *** Gerald is now known as Hello_Gerald
[15:10] * Hello_Gerald walks around putting cute wittle ribbons on stuff
[15:10] *** Mythos has joined channel #ItsWalky!
[15:10] <Nick101-laundry> o_O
[15:10] <Hello_Gerald> Hello Mythos to the Magical Land of Enchantment!
[15:10] <Deathstalker> Heeheeheehee
[15:10] <TheChio> Hey, Mythos.
[15:10] * Mythos shoots Ger in the head.
[15:11] <Mythos> Hey Chi...
[15:11] * Hello_Gerald decorates the place in bright rainbows
[15:11] <Hello_Gerald> Awww. Why did Mythos-wythos put a big wole in Gerry-werry's wittle head?
[15:11] <Mythos> Don't make me abuse you like a Japanese school girl.
[15:12] <Nick101-laundry> Hee.
[15:13] * Hello_Gerald hops around jumping rope, enjoying the pretty flowers, green grass, and clear blue sky ^_^
[15:13] <Hello_Gerald> ^_^ I have nothing but love in my heart!! ^_^
[15:15] <TheChio> For some reason, I'm not even slightly worried by this.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2004 1:16 pm 
[11:13:21] <Raif> Ger!
[11:13:26] <Gerald> Raif!
[11:13:46] <Deathstalker> ... this doesn't bode well.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2004 12:22 am 
[01:17] <Coren> Gerald, it's somewhat like a tentacle..you know what a tentacle is, right?
[01:18] <Gerald> Those are things that go into the goodness!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 3:39 pm 
[16:31] * Gerald hides his collection of souls in the pickle jars.
[16:31] * Gerald whistles.
[16:31] *** NrgSpoon has joined channel #itswalky!
[16:31] <wingsover> If you're using picklejars, where are all the pickles?
[16:32] <Gerald> I used them to make a golem.
[16:32] <Gerald> But it was too cucumbersome.
[16:33] * Liamslider groans
[16:33] * TheChio doesn't.
[16:33] <Liamslider> hey Spoon, hello wingsover
[16:34] <TheChio> Okay, I really SHOULD at least try to maybe think about sketching up the next AvG.
[16:34] <wingsover> but i like pickles.
[16:34] <Gerald> Yes you should.
[16:34] <Gerald> OR I KEEL YOU.
[16:34] <TheChio> ...In a minute.
[16:34] <wingsover> be nice to the guy who decides if you get a woOt-worthy move, Master.
[16:34] * TheChio relaxifies.
[16:35] <Gerald> I have been nice to him and I've been getting me ass whooped.
[16:35] <wingsover> give him the left-over pickles.
[16:35] <Gerald> That's not much of a Dill.
[16:36] <wingsover> badum-dshhh!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2004 5:20 pm 
Vorpal Bunny Slipper
Vorpal Bunny Slipper

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Scharr, scharr, verscharr das Gebein, grab es tief unten im Keller ein.
Später dann graben es andere aus, und nennen dein Haus das Knochenhaus.
Scharr, scharr, verscharr das Gebein, leg auch ihre weißen Schädel hinein.
Mit Beton gießt du es aus, das Fundament vom Knochenhaus.
Scharr, scharr, verscharr das Gebein, da ist noch Platz, da paßt noch wer rein.
Hier tobte sich der Teufel aus, unten im Keller im Knochenhaus.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 7:39 am 
Concession Worker
Concession Worker
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"Ugh! This tastes like ass!"
"Oh, so you've taken a management course?"

Names withheld to protect the guilty. I wasn't one of them, no siree. Definitely not.

Living in a state free from the burdens of privacy and democracy since 2008-06-18.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 6:49 pm 
19:44] *** Gerald is now known as Satan
[19:45] *** NickGXZ is now known as Jesus
[19:45] *** Tyger (~nogonnate@Nightstar-7186.austin.rr.com) has joined channel #itswalky!
[19:45] <Jesus> :)
[19:45] * Arianell looks up to Satan with big adoring eyes
[19:45] <Satan> Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste.
[19:45] <Jesus> I uh...offer sex?
[19:45] <Akilika> Good to meet you, sirs.
[19:45] <Tyger> Welll...
[19:45] <Jesus> >_>
[19:45] <Loki> o_0
[19:45] * Turbostraw has sympathy for Satan.
[19:45] *** Jesus has been kicked off channel #itswalky! by Satan (GET BACK ON THE DAMN CROSS)

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2004 2:45 pm 
[15:45] <ItsWalky> Gerald's pretty fucked up.

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