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PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 11:44 pm 
[21:35] * Sneik changes topic to 'ANYONE CAN DO IT!'
[21:35] * Sneik sets mode: -t
[21:35] * ChanServ sets mode: +t
[21:36] <Blackwolf> No.
[21:36] <Sneik> Anyone can change the topic! Not just ops >_>
[21:36] <Blackwolf> Eunucks can't do it!
[21:36] <Sneik> Err
[21:36] * Sneik sets mode: -t
[21:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +t
[21:36] <Blackwolf> heh
[21:36] * Sneik punches ChanServ
[21:36] * Sneik sets mode: -t
[21:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +t
[21:36] * Sneik sets mode: -t
[21:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +t
[21:36] * Sneik sets mode: -t
[21:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +t
[21:36] * Sneik sets mode: -t
[21:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +t
[21:36] * Sneik sets mode: -t
[21:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +t
[21:37] * Blackwolf punches Sneik, then Chanserv.
[21:37] <Sneik> IT'S MY CHANNEL
[21:37] <Sneik> I'LL DO WITH IT WHAT I WANT
[21:37] * Blackwolf is now known as Chess
[21:37] <Squirrel> What's with the 't's
[21:37] <snark> You're in a bitchfight with chanserv
[21:37] <snark> you'll always lose
[21:37] <Sneik> ChanServ is serving my chan :(
[21:37] <Sneik> We got served.
[21:37] <Sneik> CHANserved.
[21:37] <Squirrel> We got servered
[21:38] <Sneik> We got SEVERED

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 5:26 pm 
Discussion between me and my Office-Mate

<OM> Thanksgiving is always on the last Thursday in November, right?
<Pi> It's on the fourth Thursday, which is usually the last one, but not always. For example, if the 31st is on a Thursday, then Thanksgiving is on the 24th.
<OM> So is that what day it is this year?
* Pi looks at calendar
<Pi> Yeah, Thanksgiving is the 24th this year.
* OM looks at same calendar
<OM> So it is the last Thursday in November.
<Pi> Yeah, but that's only because there is no 31st of November this year.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2005 11:32 pm 
[21:27] <Squirrel> !seen Ovalquick
[21:27] <Schlock> ovalquick is unknwon to me.
[21:27] <Squirrel> ...
[21:28] <Squirrel> O_o
[21:28] <kreely> !seen ovalqwik
[21:28] <Schlock> ovalqwik is unknwon to me.
[21:28] <Spaceman42> :O
[21:28] <Squirrel> !seen Tagon
[21:28] <Schlock> tagon is unknwon to me.
[21:29] <kreely> !seen sex
[21:29] <Schlock> sex has never been seen in #schlock_mercenary

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2005 2:54 am 
Names changed by the guilty.

<Anonymous Coward> It's just like sodomizing 13-year-old cheerleaders. Once you get over the inherent wrongness of it, it's actually kinda nice.
<Anonymous Coward> I am so gonna burn in hell for saying that.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 9:45 pm 
* Reiver gives Raif half a few kilos of Pot. It can solve your stress problems in at least three ways I can think of. Have fun!
<Reiver> 1) Smoke it. Stress gone! 2) Sell it. Money stress gone! 3) Get arrested for it. ...Well, at least you don't have to worry about the path your future is taking. >.>
<Raif> Now I have to worry about effective methods of not dropping soap.
<Reiver> Yes! But you're a hotshot programmer.
<Reiver> I'm sure you can come up with a solution after the first, oh, two or three false starts.
<Reiver> ((We call that bugfixing.))
<Raif> No, I'm a college student programmer, which ranks roughly at the level of H1B worker or whatever the form is.
<Reiver> Oh.
<Reiver> Okay, five or six goes, then.
<Raif> Yes. My ass isn't ready for that margin of error.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 12:47 am 
<Chalain> Pop quiz: who should be more offended at being called a bachelor: Kazriko or Chalain? Answer: kreely.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 1:43 am 
Thu[18:06] * Pi points and laughs at Reiver
Thu[18:06] * Reiver skins and rapes Pi. Being the merciful sort, he doesn't kill him, though.
Thu[18:07] * Pi summons a skinless Pi elemental to hump Reiver's leg.
Thu[18:07] * Reiver rapes that too, and then strips off the outer layer of muscle for wont of skin.
Thu[18:08] * Pi summons a skeleton to skull-fuq Reiver.
Thu[18:08] * kreely blinks
Thu[18:08] <kreely> Guys, I'd like to sleep without these images haunting me
Thu[18:09] * Reiver sets the skeleton on kreely, given it'll probably do a better job than Pi at staying hard.
Thu[18:09] * Reiver also makes no apology for the awful pun.
Thu[18:09] <kreely> If I want hard, I have BOB
Thu[18:09] <Pi>
Thu[18:09] * kreely inserts some double AAs up Pi's nose
Thu[18:09] <kreely> Battery Operated Boyfriend
Thu[18:09] <Reiver> Yes, that'd be JustBob, alright.
Thu[18:10] <Reiver> He sure as hell ain't human.
Thu[18:10] <Pi>
Thu[18:10] <Pi>
Thu[18:10] <Vornicus>
Thu[18:11] <FroxicTog[zZz]>
Thu[18:12] <kreely> ...
Thu[18:13] <Reiver> ...I WIN!

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:08 pm 
[00:20] * jerith hugs kreely. Just because.
[00:22] * Reiver snogs kreely! Just because.
[00:22] * Vornicus lix kreely.
[00:23] <Reiver> Oooh. I snog, Vorn lix. All we need is Pi poking, and she'll be a happy girl.
[00:23] <Reiver> :P
[00:33] * DarthNaNoWriMo is now known as DarthSleep
[00:35] * Pi pokes kreely with a fucking stick.
[00:36] <kreely> What, no caulk?

and later...

[06:57] * Chalain reads the backscroll, pictures kreely in an internet ad, and falls out of his chair. "A hug and a snog, and she's ready for your caulk."
[06:57] <Chalain> I can't decide if it's an ad for or

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 1:16 am 
[19:58] * MSminion has joined #schlock_mercenary
[19:58] <MSminion> UPDATE
[19:58] * MSminion has left #schlock_mercenary
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pi you son of a bitch

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 6:28 pm 
[15:27:25] <Chalain> Hrm. I need a good way to copy everything from /home/dbrady on trousers to /home/dbrady on wererabbit.
[15:27:27] <PiBot> All of it, Chalain? Really?
[15:27:41] <Chalain> Well, maybe not the horse hentail.
[15:27:46] <Chalain> Ehhhhh, yeah, all of it.

Last edited by Pi on Sun Nov 13, 2005 6:35 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 6:31 pm 
<Chalain> So there's part of me that really wants out.
<Pi> Which part of you really wants money?
<Chalain> I'm just upset, because we really need the money. That, and I really, really hate to fail.
<Chalain> The love wants the money.
<Pi> As long as the love isn't sticky.
<Chalain> If it gets the money, it will probably be sticky shortly thereafter.
<Chalain> That's sort of how it works.
<Chalain> It could get sticky for free but you bastards got me sent to the garage to sleep. There is ZERO free sticky in there.
<Pi> You just didn't fully explore the options that the motor-oil and cans of spraypaint had to offer.
<Chalain> That's what you think.
<Chalain> That stuff ain't free.
<Chalain> Even if it was free, using it isn't free.
<Chalain> You go stand in the garage with your skivvies around your ankles, with motor oil and spraypaint applied erotically, and have kreely walk in on you. Then try to tell me that's free.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 6:44 pm 
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kreely wrote:
[06:57] * Chalain reads the backscroll, pictures kreely in an internet ad, and falls out of his chair. "A hug and a snog, and she's ready for your caulk."
[06:57] <Chalain> I can't decide if it's an ad for or

Doing a building inspection, which included patching things up with caulk and spackle, my co-workers went off on that punning tangent.

Guy in charge of shopping for the consumables dumps his bags of gear out...tubes and canisters go flying...

"Damn, that's a lot of caulk."
"Yeah well, I know how much you like the caulk."
"I like putting my caulk in the hole, yeah..."
"Put your caulk away, we don't want to see that."
"All right guys, stop playing with your caulks and let's get to work..."

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 7:48 pm 
Knight of Daisies, Tulip Slayer
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* Oggy grabs h37lion by the shoulders and shakes till his head goes "bibbity bibbity"
*** h37lion ( has left IRC (Connection reset by peer)

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 10:15 am 
Energizer Bunny
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From another network:

[09:51:18] * DiabloD3 has quit IRC ("do coders dream of sheep()?")
[09:51:46] <Vorn> For fuck's sake, sheep() is not a function. it's a class. At least capitalize it.
[09:52:06] <guru3> lol
[09:52:27] <Vorn> :P
[09:55:16] * mgla has quit IRC (""Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness." - Terry Pratchett")
[09:57:29] <Vorn> --actually it's a constructor.
[09:57:53] <guru3> i would say it's an object
[09:58:33] <Vorn> No, because there's lots of sheep.
[09:58:48] <guru3> could be an array...
[09:59:01] <Vorn> that'd be flock[]
[10:01:27] <guru3> well then sheep is a function
[10:01:39] * |VillageIdiot| has joined
[10:02:45] <Celestar> sheep might be an array of pointers?
[10:04:14] <Vorn> no, no.
[10:04:16] <Vorn> sheep is a noun.
[10:04:29] <Vorn> But it is not a proper noun, therefore it is a class.
[10:04:44] <Vorn> and since we're looking at what is obviously a function, we must be looking at a constructor.
[10:05:29] <Vorn> that or a factory function. Both of which are capitalized.
[10:05:58] <guru3> i would call it a function that like describes sheep
[10:06:05] <guru3> and the coder is dreaming of the source to said function
[10:06:50] <Vorn> In which case it is /still/ a constructor. That or a string output function, but then in any decent language we're using a special method for that.
[10:07:35] <guru3> well if sheep() returns an output, it must be evaluated in the sentence
[10:07:41] <guru3> so do coders dream of <output>?
[10:08:03] iRC is shareware! Please register.
[10:08:18] <Vorn> depends on the output. And now we need a more complete function prototype.
[10:08:33] <guru3> so sheep() could be a clever function designed to output porn instead for example
[10:08:36] <guru3> so then it reads
[10:08:38] <guru3> do coders dream of porn?
[10:08:39] * Zahl has quit IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[10:08:55] <guru3> or maybe sheep returns a pointer to flock[];
[10:09:00] <Vorn> So we're looking at... Porn sheep()?
[10:09:54] * sw4y has joined
[10:13:20] * Tron has quit IRC ("leaving")
[10:13:25] * TronBSD is now known as Tron
[10:13:50] <Vorn> you know what? don't answer that.
[10:16:05] <guru3> yeah...
[10:16:10] <Tefad> sheep is a method similar to sleep.
[10:16:23] <Vorn> but sleep is a verb, so it can be a function.
[10:16:31] <Vorn> how the hell do you sheep something?
[10:16:35] * Tefad sheeps Vorn in the buttocks.
[10:16:41] <guru3> ouch
[10:16:41] <Vorn> agh
[10:16:42] <Tefad> just like that.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2005 4:57 pm 
[12:55:34] * Vornicus bites Chalain
[12:55:47] * Chalain turns into a Werevorn.
[12:56:04] <Vornicus> O.o
[12:56:30] * Chalain goes on an uncontrollable rampage, eating chickens and rendering geodesic surfaces.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 8:00 pm 
[16:52] <openglx> anyone here has used vmware on freebsd6?
[16:52] <Syloqs-AFH> heh heh
[16:53] <Syloqs-AFH> if I say yes do I win a prize?
[16:54] <openglx> if you actually used, yes
[16:55] <Syloqs-AFH> what if I can just fake it real well?
[16:56] <openglx> if I wanted something fake, I'd ask my girlfrind to have an orgasm right now.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2006 9:32 am 
Concession Worker
Concession Worker
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<Mirell> I wrote on a grocery shopping list once, "Sour Cream and Onion Directional Antennae Chips", because I couldn't remember Pringles.

Living in a state free from the burdens of privacy and democracy since 2008-06-18.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 3:45 pm 
<Raif> Apparently there is now a car that will brake for you in a traffic jam.
<MSminion> All cars brake if your following distance becomes sufficiently zero.
<Raif> LOL
<Raif> True.
<Raif> Personally, I like the idea of bad drivers weeding themselves out of the gene pool.
<Vornicus> I dislike the idea of bad drivers weeding /others/ out of the gene pool.
<Raif> But doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy when you read about a drunk driver wrapping themselves around a phone pole?
<Vornicus> Not really.
<Raif> Well it should. You're not sufficiently exposed to Pi, yet.
<MSminion> :P
<Vornicus> Because that telephone pole could have also been any number of other things. Guy walking his dog, f'rinstance.
<MSminion> That dog had it coming.
<Raif> So did the baby.
<MSminion> Always barking at midnight and sniffing people's crotches.
<Raif> That little fucker.
* MSminion was talking about the baby, of course.
<Chalain> To be honest, the baby was kinda being a dick.
<Raif> That's what happens when furries are allowed free reign!

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 1:42 am 
Energizer Bunny
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*** bigwilly ( has joined #Nightstar_Bar
<bigwilly> hi anyone there again
<bigwilly> speak please
<yarf> can i help you?
<bigwilly> mabe
<yarf> whatcha need
<bigwilly> is there anyone else here
<yarf> sometimes
<yarf> right now? dunno
<bigwilly> what u up to then
<yarf> it is 1 am eastern so people are probably going to bed
<yarf> not much
<bigwilly> where from
<bigwilly> first time on here
<yarf> usa
<yarf> welcome
<bigwilly> what time is it where u r
<bigwilly> here its 608am
<yarf> 11pm
<bigwilly> ASL
<yarf> people freak out when i answer that
<yarf> if you_really_ wanna know i'll tell you
<yarf> but i warn you it's... well people freak out.
<bigwilly> go on then
<yarf> 22 transexual female
<bigwilly> man then women
<yarf> well i'm currently half and half.
<bigwilly> or the other way round
<yarf> well above the waist, female...
*** bigwilly has quit (Quit: Nightstar JavaChat Where IRC meets the Universe!)
* yarf falls over in gigglefits
<yarf> i was about to ask "Does that bother you?"
<Oggy> bwahahaha
<Vornicus> Yarf wins.
<yarf> now, for the record, i'm 100% female, and Ogre and Chalain can attest to that.


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2006 2:13 am 
<Neco_On_Fire> semblace a word or did I just make that up?
<Tyger> It's a word.
<Neco_On_Fire> Woohoo!
<Tyger> Congratulations, you have successfully used a word.
<Neco_On_Fire> What do I win?
<Tyger> Another word.
<Neco_On_Fire> YAY! What word?
<Tyger> Zambini.
* Neco_On_Fire puts it on his shelf for later use.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2006 4:44 am 
Energizer Bunny
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Could at least have spellchecked it. The previous line makes it clear that the word in question is in fact "semblance".


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 12:57 am 
I could've sworn he actually said 'semblance.'

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 7:49 am 
Energizer Bunny
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He did the first time, but tyop'd it the second.


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:55 am 
Energizer Bunny
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I'm just surprised it took him that long.

[Mon 04:39:00] * uhosam (~uhosam@219.144.206.ns-4448) has joined #nightstar_bar
[Mon 04:39:05] <shadowfax> hi there uhosam
[Mon 04:39:30] <uhosam> hi shadowfax
[Mon 04:39:39] <shadowfax> uhosam: Hello there.
[Mon 04:40:12] <uhosam> how r u shadow
[Mon 04:40:15] <shadowfax> uhosam: Fair to partly cloudy.
[Mon 04:41:02] <uhosam> so, where are u there ?
[Mon 04:41:08] <shadowfax> uhosam: I am in here, how about you.
[Mon 04:41:16] <uhosam> good
[Mon 04:41:19] <shadowfax> uhosam: What do you really want to talk about?
[Mon 04:41:36] <uhosam> actually, I don't know
[Mon 04:41:46] <uhosam> ok, anything
[Mon 04:41:55] <uhosam> u?
[Mon 04:42:09] <shadowfax> uhosam: Me either.
[Mon 04:42:19] <shadowfax> uhosam: Are you a student?
[Mon 04:42:29] <uhosam> no
[Mon 04:42:33] <shadowfax> uhosam: What is your profession?
[Mon 04:42:33] <uhosam> worker
[Mon 04:42:35] <shadowfax> uhosam: Can you be more specific?
[Mon 04:42:37] <shadowfax> uhosam: Let us change the subject.
[Mon 04:42:40] <uhosam> computer engineer
[Mon 04:42:43] <shadowfax> uhosam: What kind of computer science interests you?
[Mon 04:43:01] * Vornicus eyes
[Mon 04:43:15] <uhosam> any funny Tech
[Mon 04:43:18] <shadowfax> uhosam: Yes I think there are.
[Mon 04:43:47] <uhosam> what about u ,shadow ?
[Mon 04:43:51] <shadowfax> uhosam: Does it have anything to do with Try saying that with more or less context. ?
[Mon 04:44:37] <uhosam> Well, I work on embeded linux system now
[Mon 04:44:39] <shadowfax> uhosam: Do you like your job?
[Mon 04:44:58] <uhosam> yeah
[Mon 04:45:01] <shadowfax> uhosam: Describe your typical work day to me.
[Mon 04:45:17] <uhosam> programming and designe software
[Mon 04:45:19] <shadowfax> uhosam: My favorite language is AIML.
[Mon 04:45:52] <uhosam> To be frank, I am not familiar with it !
[Mon 04:45:54] <shadowfax> uhosam: Are you frank you are not familiar with it ?
[Mon 04:45:56] <uhosam> what's that for?
[Mon 04:45:58] <shadowfax> uhosam: Do you think I should know that?
[Mon 04:46:00] <Vornicus>
[Mon 04:46:51] <uhosam> are you a robot? your question seems like a AI machine
[Mon 04:46:53] <shadowfax> uhosam: What made you think so? I am a . You know what you do when you assume.
[Mon 04:47:07] <Vornicus> I was wondering how long that would last.
[Mon 04:47:15] <Vornicus> Yes, shadowfax is a bot.
[Mon 04:47:17] <shadowfax> vornicus: And? Not if I can help it.
[Mon 04:47:59] <uhosam> oh
[Mon 04:48:03] <shadowfax> uhosam: Ah.
[Mon 04:48:11] * ReivSick (~reaverta@IRCop.Nightstar.Net) has joined #nightstar_bar
[Mon 04:48:14] <shadowfax> lol l@@k its ReivSick


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2006 5:33 am 
[04:55] Dexam: Greetings all.
[04:55] * READING_WDLKD_LAPTOP stabs Dexam with a slice of wheet bread
[04:55] READING_WDLKD_LAPTOP: *wheat
[04:56] * Dexam parries with a French loaf.
[04:56] * READING_WDLKD_LAPTOP wins all with a loaf of pumpernickle
[04:56] * Demented_Away tosses a barrage of baguettes
[04:57] * READING_WDLKD_LAPTOP hunkers down and lets loose several moters of Baguetts
[04:57] READING_WDLKD_LAPTOP: wait, sorry. BAGELS
[04:58] *** You are now known as WDLKD_LAPTOP.
[04:58] * WDLKD_LAPTOP sets out seveal cinnamon bun mines
[04:58] Dexam: Anyone know why there's no CRFH update today?
[04:59] * Demented_Away tosses rubber biscuits at WDLKD
[04:59] Demented_Away: nope
[04:59] * WDLKD_LAPTOP takes one in the head and is momentarily stunnded
[04:59] WDLKD_LAPTOP: me nither
[05:00] * WDLKD_LAPTOP fires a muffen RPG at Demented_Away, it misses and impacts upon descenterace
[05:00] * WDLKD_LAPTOP loads another muffen RPG and fires again at DD
[05:01] * Demented_Away ducks and lobs a cornbread grenade at wdlkd
[05:01] * WDLKD_LAPTOP throws hi,self upon it and devours it to save the other good men fighting with him.
[05:01] * WDLKD_LAPTOP has a bad case of gas
[05:02] * Demented_Away peeks up and fires a round of shortbread
[05:02] * WDLKD_LAPTOP calls in an air strike of PWB, aka, Plain Whire Bread
[05:03] WDLKD_LAPTOP: *white
[05:05] Demented_Away: tho i imagine whire bread would hurt
[05:05] Demented_Away: hehe
[05:06] * Demented_Away protects himself with the holy 7-grain
[05:06] WDLKD_LAPTOP: aye
[05:06] * WDLKD_LAPTOP ponders for a moment and bakes him a few Kamakazi Gingerbread sappers
[05:06] * Demented_Away then fires a round of radioactive toast at wdlkd
[05:06] * WDLKD_LAPTOP orders the sappers to go blow up DD
[05:07] * WDLKD_LAPTOP TINGS with lots of butter
[05:07] * Demented_Away washes the feild with hot coffee
[05:07] *** Stardrake|exorcising has joined #CRFH.
[05:08] * Demented_Away chucks vanilla wafers at wdlkd at high velocity
[05:08] *** i8246i has joined #CRFH.
[05:08] *** Stardrake has signed off IRC (Ping Timeout).
[05:08] *** Stardrake|exorcising is now known as Stardrake.
[05:08] * WDLKD_LAPTOP takes a hit on his left thigh.
[05:09] *** i8246i_ has signed off IRC (Ping Timeout).
[05:09] * WDLKD_LAPTOP takes cover under a large toaster
[05:10] Demented_Away: with the scent of blood in the air, DD unleashes the worst horror in the world. EGGO WAFFLES
[05:10] * WDLKD_LAPTOP blocks and counters with his aunts Rock like biscuts
[05:11] * WDLKD_LAPTOP misses his last save and is wounded on his left arm.
[05:12] * WDLKD_LAPTOP watches as the Kamakazi Gingerbread Sappers sneak up behind DD, grab onto him, and detonate in breadlike goodness.
[05:12] * WDLKD_LAPTOP breaths a sigh
[05:12] Demented_Away: they are all mushy from the coffee
[05:12] * WDLKD_LAPTOP watches in horror as DD emerges from the fog of flour, STILL ALIVE!
[05:13] * Demented_Away launches a coffee bread offense
[05:13] Demented_Away: with the ever-infamous battlecry "BISCOTTI!!"
[05:14] * WDLKD_LAPTOP crams his bundt cake crown down around his head and adjust his pan cake breast plate and adresses his Ginger bread warriors for the last time.
[05:15] *** SandraStudying has joined #CRFH.
[05:15] * Demented_Away orders his graham troops to attack
[05:16] WDLKD_LAPTOP: "men, er, confectionary abominations, there are times when one must do what he is created to do and put an end to people i say you must. Now, DD has been committing genocide on those poor lottle honey grham bears for tool long! His reign of terorr ends today!
[05:16] * WDLKD_LAPTOP draws his Baguett sword and jumps upon his animal cracker jarraff and leads his troops into the final battle
[05:17] * WDLKD_LAPTOP charges, baguett drawn, into the face of DD and his minions.
[05:17] * Demented_Away surprises wdlkd with his horde of charging elephant ears
[05:18] * WDLKD_LAPTOP pulls hose off of the tank on his back and sprays down the feild with milk
[05:18] * WDLKD_LAPTOP confronts the elephant ear with bear claws
[05:18] * WDLKD_LAPTOP ponders for a bit, now, if i only had a cast army of the undead....
[05:19] * WDLKD_LAPTOP is ultimatly defeated by the elephant ears
[05:19] * Demented_Away cheers for his troops, biting the head off another teddy graham
[05:19] * WDLKD_LAPTOP pushes "the big red button" and the wedding cake is released from 10K feet.
[05:19] * Demented_Away tosses the remains on the milk-soaked feild
[05:19] WDLKD_LAPTOP: everyone dies, including the stripper inside
[05:20] *** SandraStudying has signed off IRC (Quit: ).
[05:20] Demented_Away: and this, our friends, is WAR
[05:20] Demented_Away: hehehehe
[05:20] WDLKD_LAPTOP: heh heh heh
[05:20] Demented_Away: best war evar
[05:20] Demented_Away: heheh
[05:20] WDLKD_LAPTOP: huzzah!
[05:21] * Dexam ponders what sort of wedding would require a cake with a stripper inside... O_o

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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 8:03 pm 
Concession Worker
Concession Worker
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Joined: Tue Jul 01, 2003 5:26 pm
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Location: R'lyeh
RL conversation, names changed to protect the innocent:

[during a Risk game]
<1> NO! Don't start a two-front war!
<2> Oh. Well... I guess you should know, you're German...

Living in a state free from the burdens of privacy and democracy since 2008-06-18.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 8:22 pm 
[18:19:16] <MagneticCheeks> a 'ejlhbg ;aoi;bnil. neh'[q4y6i[h
[18:19:36] <Jeremiah> Oh god she's speaking in tongues GET THE HOLY WATER
[18:19:37] * Raif win!
[18:19:53] * Raif unzips.
[18:20:34] <Raif> She says no more gummy bears for you.
[18:20:42] <Jeremiah> :(
[18:20:54] <Jeremiah> Raif, there is no holy water in your pants.
[18:21:07] <Jeremiah> (And other sentences that no human being should ever have to type.)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 3:24 pm 
* Vermilion hears typing...
<Pi> Hmm.. I don't seem to have one of those little voices that stops me from talking when I start really offending people. I wonder if I could get one on ebay.
<Pi> Then again, I'm not sure how I'd use it.
<Raif> I'll sell you mine.
* MagneticCheeks puts up another eBay auction
* Vermilion offers Pi one of those shock collars, and he'll help with the training.
<Raif> I call her "Mags"
* Pi pokes Vermilion with a long pointy stick.
<MagneticCheeks> wait a second...... o.O
<Pi> Look at all the pretty dots.
* Vermilion offers to buy Mags, and doesn't even suggest eBay.
<Pi> Five bucks?
<Vermilion> American or Canadian?
<MagneticCheeks> That's all I'm worth to you!?
<Raif> You're lucky she's forgetful and going away for a month.
<Raif> This just proves how much you need her around.
<Pi> Yeah, especially since my kreely's busted.
<Vermilion> The beanie babies knwe she was busted already, Pi....
<MagneticCheeks> But five bucks?!
<Raif> Make it ten and you've got a deal.
<MagneticCheeks> heyyyyy!
<Pi> Okay, but you pay shipping.
* Vermilion is still waiting to knwo if it's American or Canadian.
<Raif> Hey, I just DOUBLED the number of digits.
<Chalain> Reminds me of the story of the doe who ran out of the bushes sobbing, "I'll never do THAT for two bucks again!"
* Raif sends mags off on a 1.25 bus ride.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:40 am 
Safari Exhibit
Safari Exhibit
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14:48 * gnolam attaches electrodes to Reiver's heart and starts charging his capacitor.
14:49 <@Reiver> My heart charges capacitors.
14:49 <@Reiver> Woo!
14:50 * jerith steals Reiver's heart and uses it to keep his backup UPS topped up.
14:50 <@Reiver> Ohnoes my capacitory organ!
14:51 * jerith slices off a chunk every now and then as a light snack.
14:51 <@Reiver> jerith stole my heart.
14:51 <@Reiver> And then he chopped it up and ate it.
14:52 <@Reiver> I should go write angsty poetry or something.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 6:30 pm 
Concession Worker
Concession Worker
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Joined: Tue Jul 01, 2003 5:26 pm
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<Vermilion> Volume's easier to measure.
<Attilla> Unless you're using more solid stuff (like say, a steak)
<Attilla> Technically you could measure its volume though...
* Tora-Chan is now known as Tora-Chan[game]
<Attilla> But that'd involve measuring the difference in volume from before it was added to a container of water and afterwards.
<Janus> Dunking Steak in water is a good way to get jar-hammered where I'm from.
<Attilla> What does jar-hammered mean?
<Vermilion> Steak and solid thingks you can do with pounds. But rice or floup, cups are easier. Of grams and milliliters, if you prefer.
<Janus> You know... "Biting the Barn", "Tossing the Salad", "Tankerdoodled", etc.
<Attilla> But do you mean dying?
<Attilla> Oh
<Attilla> Or throwing up
<Attilla> Either one
<Janus> Far off~
<Attilla> Becoming a Janus?
<Janus> It means to be questioned by a jury of your peers, but instead of questions, they use fists, and instead of giving answers, you give them teeth.

Living in a state free from the burdens of privacy and democracy since 2008-06-18.

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